Top 6 Compete, Part 2 - Recap

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With Josh back in the game from last time, it is down to Becky (27), Frank (28), Monti (36), Felix (24), David (32), Christine (32) and Josh (24) to prove that they are worthy enough for the title. The home cooks come into the kitchen. Josh is pumped. The chefs are going to have to cook Spot Prawns. Joe says that Prawns are used a lot in cooking. They have access to the pantry. The cooks race to get their ingredients and Felix says that she has to bring out the freshness. The cooks get the vibrant prawns and Christine screams at the fact that she can’t see it. Ramsay goes up to Josh and he says that he is mixing it up and is going to bring it. Joe asks David how he feels with Josh being there. He says that he is going to have to step up his game. Monti has issues getting her Prawns out and splashes Ramsay with water. She is disgusted with them and regains her composure.

The time comes to an end and the judges sample everything. The first standout dish belongs to Becky. She serves her Grilled Prawns with Salsa Verde and Saffron Rice. Ramsay says that it is a smart technique and says that it is well done. Graham says that it smells delicious as well as tastes great. Joe says that this dish respects the foundations. The next dish belongs to Christine. She serves her Spot Prawns with Pineapple Broth. Graham says that it is wildly flavorful with blocking your pallet. Ramsay says that it is delicious. The last dish belongs to David Martinez. He serves his Spot Prawn Ceviche. Joe says that this dish represents a sensibility of balance. Ramsay says that it is unique and refreshing. The winner of the mystery box challenge is David. He is happy and walks back to the pantry.

The judges tell David that he and the other cooks are going to cook with Bacon, Corn or Beats. They are going to cook a desert with it. David decides on Corn. The judges show David three possibilities to cook a desert with corn and show him Corn Pancetta, Strawberry Shortcake with Cornbread and Rice pudding. He has five minutes to get his ingredients. As they are leaving, David realizes that he forgot his rice and that he can’t go back and get some. He goes to his station and the judges tell the others that they are going to have to cook a desert with corn. The home cooks race to get their ingredients. David asks around for rice and Becky gives him some. Josh calls it weakness to give anything to anyone. The cooks finish and David is asks to bring his dish forward first. Joe asks the other cooks if they would have given David rice. Everyone raises their hand besides Josh.

David brings up his Corn and Rice Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce. Joe says that it is really inediblely disgusting. Graham says that it needs sugar and says that it is the worst dish that he has cooked. Ramsay says that he expected something so much better. Becky brings up her “Classy & Trashy” Popcorn and Panna Cotta. Joe says that it is very creative. He says that it has a nice acidity. Graham says that it is delicious and it works. Ramsay says that she is getting stronger and stronger. Christine comes up with her Corn & Coconut Pudding. Joe says that it is good and says that a lot is going on.

Monti serves her Corn Souffle. Ramsay says that it is delicious and says that it is well done. Felix brings up her Corn Profiteroles and says that she wanted to show more. Graham says that it looks like cat poop and says that it is so dense. Ramsay says that there is no texture there. Joe says that it looks by and says that it tastes raw and not sweet. Frank serves his Corn Budino with Chocolate Ganache. Ramsay says that it is delicious and says that it was a smart move. Graham says that it is a solid dish. Lastly, Josh comes up with his Corn Crème Brulee with Corn Caramel. Joe says that it doesn’t look that good. He says that it is way too sweet and not executed properly. Graham says that the flavors make sense, but doesn’t look appetizing.

The judges go in the back and talk about what they need to do. Ramsay says that David had such an advantage. In the kitchen, Felix feels bad for messing up and David says that he could go home. Becky says that David and Josh were really bad. The judges say that the two dishes that were great belong to Frank and Becky. They will be Team Captains. Ramsay calls down David, Felix and Josh. The judges tell the home cooks that the person leaving the competition is Felix. They ask her who is going to win and she says that Becky is going to win. The episode ends.