Top 6 Compete, Part 3 - Recap

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With Felix out of the competition last week, it is down to Becky (27), Frank (28), Monti (36), David (32), Christine (32) and Josh (24) to try to win it all. Judging them are Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay. With the remaining six still in the game, they go to Hatfield’s, a fancy restaurant. They are going to be expected to take over a professional kitchen and serve 22 guests. Becky and Frank pick their teams. Becky chooses: Christine and Monti and Frank chooses: David and Josh. It is the girls verses the boys in this challenge. Ramsay is going to be running orders for them.

The cooks meet the owners, Karen and Quinn. They are taught on how they are going to be cooking the Croque Madame and House Made Ricotta for Appetizers and Prairie Farms Rack of Venison or Pan Roasted Branzino Red Onion Soubise for the Entrées. They have an hour of prep time and Frank’s Blue Team is communicating well, while Becky’s Red Team has some issues, but they quickly clear it up. They work on their prep and the Red Team has some issues when Monti is moving slowly prepping the pasta, but the Blue Team has some issue getting everything ready.

Dinner service begins and they are off to a head start. The Red Team is making it work and Joe says that Christine is a liability on their team. With 20 minutes into service, the Red Team is moving and Josh keeps messing up on the appetizer and cannot get their fried bread right. After an hour, they manage to get food out there and they get their food out to the hungry diners. They rush through the other orders as one table after another compliment the Red Team while some are complimenting the Blue Team. However, the Blue Team isn’t scoring too many points because of the main reason of making the food take so long.

The restaurant owners plates are called up and the Red and Blue Teams have to work together to make sure that the timing is right so that they can go out together. Becky asks if Frank is getting them done and he is hardly talking to her. She manages to get other plates out and Frank puts up his plate. Becky hates that Frank didn’t tell her that he was going up and rushes to get her plates up for the owners. They taste the food and it is mostly evenly matched except the Blue Team manages to win over the owners. However, this is not the same on the Blue Team dinning room.

Dinner service is now over and Ramsay says that they are going to have to go and review who the winner is. They get back to the kitchen the next day. Becky, Monti, Christine, Josh, Frank and David come forward and Ramsay says that the winner of the challenge is the Red Team. This means that Frank, David and Josh for the Pressure Test. However, the judges say that Frank can save someone. He decides to save himself.

The judges tell David and Josh that they are going to make Filet Minion Steak three different ways. They are going to have to cook three different cooking temperatures. Josh and David feel confident for the challenge and they rush to make them in the time limite. Josh feels that he is going to win the challenge because he is the better cook. Josh doesn’t like Frank saved himself and is coming for him next. They rush to make sure that their steaks are going to be perfect. The cooks finish up and present their steaks.

David’s steak is a little too much garlic. However, Josh’s rare scores points. David’s medium rare is seared unbalanced wise. The taste is amazing. Josh’s is seared beautifully, but inside it is medium and tastes not as good as David’s steak. For the last steak, David’s well done is not well done, but the sear is lovely. Josh’s steak is seasoned nicely. The judges are torn. They go in the back and talk and come up with their choice. The loser of the challenge is David and he is going home. Graham says that he is going to have a job at any of his restaurants. The episode ends.