Top 5 Compete - Recap

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Now that David is gone out of the competition, it is a race to finish as the Top 5: Becky (27), Frank (28), Monti (36), Christine (32) and Josh (24) have their work cut out for them as they reach the end. The home cooks get into the kitchen and Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay are there waiting. They reveal their mystery box challenge and it is empty. They are going create their own dishes. They can choose up to 15 ingredients. With 60 minutes, they are told to put the ingredients to the cook in front of them. They are confused when they get the ingredients.

They go to work and Joe asks if Becky can make it into the Top 3 dishes and she says that she is. Frank says that he isn’t worried about this. Monti channels Christine by closing her eyes and tasting everything. Graham says that all the dishes seem like it is going to be interesting. The cooks get their dishes but Becky for the crispy chicken skin is still in the oven.

The first top dish is Josh’s Savory Bread Pudding with Pork, Onion Rings and Mozzarella. Graham says that it is so flavorful and says that he could eat forever. Gordon says that it is delicious . Joe says that it tastes like there was no curveball at all. The second in the Top 3 is Monti’s Tom Kha Gai Chicken, Coconut Milk and Lemongrass. She says that she never made this before. Graham says that it is delicious and extremely flavorful. Gordon says that it is delicious and says that he loves it. The last home cook’s dish is Christine’s Pan-Seared Chicken with Beet and Goat Cheese Salad. Joe says that her pallet is amazing and could lead her to a good place. Gordon says that it is like a symphony. The winner of the mystery box challenge is Josh.

They go back into the pantry and he gets to choose from Graham’s dishes that were ordered by famous people. The choices are Sweet Corn Bits from Oprah, Alaskan King Crab from Jay-Z and White Tuna from Barack Obama. Josh decides to go with Obama’s dish. He tastes it and Gordon gives him the ingredients to prepare it. He decides to add Mango. Joe says that Josh is bold to try to improve on Graham’s dish. The chefs race to get everything right and they are clearly nervous. Becky says that Frank is her biggest competition. They all have issues cutting the fish. Josh and Monti are in the danger zone. However, they rush and start plating.

Afterward, the cooks finish the dishes and Josh isn’t confident that much. Christine comes up with her Sashimi. Gordon says that it is amazingly plated. Graham says that it is beautiful and delicious. Joe says that he doubted her and says that it is a great dish. Gordon asks if he’s being Punk’ed and she says that he isn’t. Monti presents her Sashimi and Graham says that the fish seems larger and the crème washes away the flavor. Gordon says that there is no seasoning and says that the white tuna is out of her league. Joe shakes his head and says that she missed the whole spirit of the dish. Frank presents his Sashimi and Graham loves it.

Becky brings her dish and Gordon says that the delivery is poor and says that she is heading downwards. She tries to explain herself and can’t believe that she is getting railroaded. Josh goes up with his Sashimi and Graham says that it is not what he wanted and says that he doesn’t like the mango. Joe says that it was not good to try to improve and it was a bad move. Gordon says that he shouldn’t have tried to improve on it. The judges go back in the pantry and talk about what they are going to do. They come back and say that Christine’s dish was amazing. The three dishes that are the worst are Monti, Josh and Becky. They have Becky go back to the station. The cook going home and losing their chance to win is Monti. They ask her who is going to win and she says that Christine is going to win it all.