Top 4 Compete - Recap

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With Monti out of the running for the prize at the end, they are down to Becky (27), Frank (28), Christine (32) and Josh (24). Tonight the home cooks are going to have to compete for a spot in the Semi-Finals. The cooks get in to find judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay waiting. They say that 3 more chefs are going to be here. Chef Guy Savoy, Chef Daniel Boulud and Chef Alain Ducasse are going to taste their food. They are going to be split into two and Christine gets to pick her teammate. She chooses Becky. It is the girls versus the boys.

Becky and Christine are for the Red Team and Frank and Josh are for the Blue Team. They are excited to be able to cook for such famous chefs. The challenge begins and they are going to have to cook a 3-course meal. Becky says that they are going the Asian side and Josh says that that they are doing a vegetable gelatin and Lamb. The judges walk around the tables and talk to them. They each have their own way of doing things and Josh and Frank argue a little. They finish just as the chefs come in.

The Appetizers are up and the Red Team has Thai Seafood Soup with Daikon and Micro Herbs. The chefs talk and Alain says that he would have preferred a little bit more seasoning and Daniel says that he liked it. The Blue Team has Spring Vegetable Terrine with Spot Prawn Mousse and Pea Puree. Alain says that it is too little and Daniel says that it is nice. Guy says that it is too much sauce. The Entrées are brought out and the Red Team has Duck Breast with Crispy Bamboo Rice, Chinese Broccoli and Daikon. Becky couldn’t get the rice cakes on all the plates. Guy says that the skin on the duck is not crispy enough and the rice is cake is too sweet. The Blue Team has Stuffed Lamb Saddle with Couscous and Roasted Vegetables. Daniel says that the lamb is perfect. Alain says that it is superb.

The Deserts are up and the Red Team has Coconut Verrine with Coconut Cake, Tropical Fruit and Guava Coulis. Daniel says that he can see everything and likes that. The Blue Team has White Chocolate Mousse with Roasted Strawberries and Rhubarb. They see that the plates are inconsistent. Alain doesn’t like it. Joe says that it is tart and it pushes the limits. The Red Team meets the chefs and Alain asks why they forgot the seasoning. Christine says that she felt that it was there. Daniel says that his was perfect. The Blue Team get told that their dishes were good and bad. All together the chefs decide that the winner of the challenge is Becky and Christine.

Frank and Josh are going head to head in the Pressure Test and Ramsay says that they are going to have to make a Soufflé. Josh and Frank feel that they can do it. Joe says that they are going to actually make a Cheese, Raspberry and Chocolate Soufflé. They have an hour to make them. They rush and cook. Gordon says that this is going to be near to impossible. Frank writes down the times. Gordon talks to the cooks and Josh says that he can beat Frank. They both feel that they can do this. They get to the end of the challenge and Josh hasn’t’ got them into the oven. They finish and are ready to serve. The judges try each of the Soufflés and don’t say a word. They step back and call both cooks to the front. They go back in the back room and start to talk. They come back and they say that the chef through to the Final Three is Josh.