Top 3 Compete - Recap

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It is down to the Final Three! Josh (24), Becky (27) and Christine (32) are going to have to compete for a quarter of a million dollars. They take a look at what the remaining home cooks have done and what they are all about. Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay have the cooks open their final Mystery Box. It is a cookbook with their cover. Christine says that she would dedicate her cookbook to her mom because she died when she was just 14 and Christine has been trying to recreate her dishes. Becky says that it would be to her parents because they have been a strength to her. Josh says that it would be his mom because she is a wonderful woman. Joe says that they are going to be making their own dishes.

The home cooks race to gather up ingredients and Josh says that it is going to be him and Christine in the final because Becky doesn’t cook from the heart. Joe goes up to Becky and she says that she is doing something with fish. Christine is doing a Stir Fry. Josh says that he is making a Curry Blend. Becky runs into a little trouble when she tries to say that she is going to serve to small fish filets. She decides to scrap it and make a soup. The other cooks are doing an alright job with their time and they race to make their dish stand out to be the best.

Josh brings up his Curried Cornish Hen with Basmati Rice. Gordon tries it and says that it is delicious and says that it has everything that is needed. Graham gives him a high-five. He says that it is smart cooking. Joe says that this shows his talent. Christine comes up with her Vermicelli Stir Fry with Seared Scallops. Joe says that it is a complete sensation and says that it is great. Graham says that it tastes incredible. Gordon says that this is a true testament of how she came along. Becky serves her Loup De Mer Soup with Sunchoke Puree. Joe says that it is pretty small to be an entrée. Joe says that the fish is a little dry and slightly overcooked. Graham says that it is seasoned well, but doesn’t scream who she is. Gordon says that she is not a front runner with a dish like that.

The judges talk and the 3rd place goes to Becky. The person who cooked the best dish was Christine. They all go into the pantry and Christine gets to pick which she will cook with. The judges tell Becky that she is not going to get a choice. They have to choose from Leg of Lamb, Chicken Legs and Frog Legs. With these choices Christine goes with the Chicken Legs, Josh picks the Leg of Lamb and Becky gets Frogs Legs. They get to the kitchen and everyone in the competition is there. They are going to root on their favorite cooks. The cooks get cooking and they are struggling to see what they are going to do with this. Christine says that she feels that Becky will go home. Josh is planning to do near to the impossible with pressure cooking the Lamb. However, he manages to cook it. The cooks manage to do a great job finishing their dishes.

Christine serves her Southern Fried Chicken with Creamed Kale. Gordon tries the dish and says that it is delicious and says that it is perfectly cooked and seasoned. The Kale needs a little work. Graham says that it is cooked perfectly and says that it is great. The only change would be in the cream of the Kale. Joe says that the fried chicken is quite good. Josh comes up with his Lamb Carimanolas with Mango Salsa, Tomato Sa and Tomatillo Salsa. Joe says that this is risky and says that it is interesting and says that it is quite delicious. Graham says that visually, it is beautiful. He says that it is consistent and the sauces are amazing. Gordon says that this is rather clever and says that his father would be proud.

Becky serves her Garlic Frog Legs with Potatoes, Mushrooms and Bitter Greens Salad. Joe says that it is good and has good color. However, the potatoes are not good. Gordon says that it is a tough call never cooking the dish. However, she nailed it and says that he loved it. However, the potatoes are not that good. Graham says that what she was given, it turned out good. The judges convene and talk about what dish was the best. Gordon says that the first person through to the Final is Josh. The final spot in the Final goes to Christine. Gordon tells Becky that she is welcome to work at any of his restaurants. Next week is the Finals!