The Winning Chef is Chosen - Recap

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The Finals of Masterchef Season 3 are underway and Josh (24) and Christine (32) are the only ones left. With $250,000 on the line and their very own cookbook, it is going to be a tough battle. Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay wait as Josh and Christine come in. They take a look at their journey so far. Gordon says that their friends and family are there. Josh’s family tells Josh to follow the dreams and says that he has the strength and toughness. Christine’s husband and family come up and say that they are so proud of her. They get to watch their family member compete. They have two hours to cook a 3-course meal.

They take their spots in the kitchen and go to the pantry. Josh is going the Southern route and Christine is going the Asian route. They come out with their ingredients and they get cooking. Josh is confident in his skills as a cook and the friends and family are cheering them on. The judges talk to each other and then Gordon talks to Josh. He says that he is going down South with some things but going European to others. Joe talks to Christine and she says that in the end, it is all down to who is the better cook. The cooks continue to push and their dishes turn out great. However, when Josh blends the lobster, Joe fears that he just ruined his appetizer. They get to the end of the challenge and they plate their dishes nicely.

First are the appetizers. Josh brings his Butter Poached Lobster with Grits and Sweet Potato Puree. Gordon says that the sauce worked and says that it was a great crispness, but the lobster is undercooked. Graham says that it is ambitious, but the lobster is not cooked right. Joe says that the dish is good, but the lobster is undercooked and it was a bad choice. Christine serves her Thai Papaya Salad with Crab and Mixed Vegetables. Joe says that the dressing is amazing. Graham says that he would have liked more crab, but says that it is balanced. Gordon says that it is good and refreshing, but wanted more of an enjoyment from it.

Next are the entrées. Josh serves his Rack of Lamb with Green Curry Sauce, Spring Peas and Carrots. Gordon says that it has a great flavor, but the presentation is a little confusing. Graham says that the lamb is delicious and the Curry adds to it. Joe says that he captured all seasons in one dish and says that it is excellent. Christine brings her Braised Pork Belly with Rice, Crispy Kale and Maitake Mushrooms. Gordon says that it has a rustic Vietnamese look, but they are in the Final of Masterchef. He says that it is delicious and says that it is perfect. Graham says that it lacks in appearance, but the taste makes up for it. Joe says that the dish is slightly sweet, but loves the interpretation.

Lastly are the deserts. Josh serves his Bacon Crusted Pecan Pie with Vanilla Cinnamon Ice Cream. Graham says that the crust is a little oily, but loves the ice-cream. Joe says that the ice-cream is great. Gordon says that the desert was good, but couldn’t taste the bacon. Christine serves her Coconut Lime Sorbet with Ginger Tuile. Graham says that it is beautiful, but was expecting the lime to come out, but it is more of a coconut. Joe says that is good in texture. Gordon says that it was tasty.

After an intense cooking test, Josh and Christine wait for the judges to make their decision. Gordon tells the others that this was interesting and that they both have an interesting talent. They come down to a decision. The judges walk back into the kitchen and the contestants are waiting. Gordon tells them that they earned the right to call themselves Chefs. He has them stand where they are. Gordon says that the winner of Masterchef Season 3 is…Christine Ha!! They celebrate their win and the season ends.