Season 35

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Season 35

1028 :35x01 - Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking

Masterpiece Theatre

In the Premiere Episode of Season 35, Masterpiece Theatre presents a new incarnation of an old fan favorite. When the body of a young girl is discovered, police assume she's a prostitute. However, the silk stocking wedged in her throat suggests otherwise. Sherlock Holmes deduces that the body is actually that of the missing debutante, Lady Alice Pentney. Oddly, she is dressed in shabby clothes, and her garments from the night she disappeared are gone. These later turn up on the body of another debutante, Lady Georgiana, who has been killed in the same manner. The game is afoot and Holmes begins searching for answers. Will Lady Georgiana's missing clothes appear on the next victim? And what about the shabby outfit discovered on Lady Alice? Did it belong to an as-yet-unknown first victim? "The first victim always tells the detective more than any other," says Holmes, who sends Dr. Watson to the graveyard to disinter a promising candidate. Meanwhile, Watson's fiancee, the American psychoanalyst Mrs. Vandeleur, steers Holmes to a plausible motive for the slayer. Armed with this psychological insight, Holmes baits a clever trap. But the killer outwits him and seizes yet another victim, who is doomed unless Holmes and Watson can track him to his lair.
Guest Stars: Tamsin Egerton as Miranda Helhoughton | Perdita Weeks as Roberta Massingham | Jennifer Moule as Georgina Massingham | Rupert Everett as Sherlock Holmes | Nicholas Palliser as Dr Dunwoody | Neil Dudgeon as Lestrade | Ian Hart as Dr John Watson | Anne Carroll (2) as Mrs Hudson | Eleanor David (1) as Mary Pentney | John Cunningham as Bates | Michael Fassbender as Charles Allen | Jonathan Hyde as George Pentney | Helen McCrory as Mrs Vandeleur | Julian Wadham as Hugo Massingham | Penny Downie as Judith Massingham | Stewart Bevan as Proprietor | Gina Beck as Maid | Andrew Wisher as Constable | Rachel Hurd-Wood as Imogen Helhoughton | Anthony Cozens as Young Police Constable | Guy Henry as Bilney | Christine Kavanagh as Lady Helhoughton | Max Harvey as Master of Ceremonies | Jonathan Emmett as Policeman | Roger Monk as Workman
Story: Arthur Conan Doyle | Screenplay: Allan Cubitt

1031 :35x04 - The Virgin Queen (1)

The first part of this two-part mini-series is about the early life of Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of King Henry VIII and later Queen of England in her own right.
Guest Stars: Dexter Fletcher as Sir Thomas Radcliffe, Earl of Sussex | Ian Hart as William Cecil, Lord Burghley | Joanne Whalley as Queen Mary I | Robert Pugh as Lord Gardiner, Lord Chancellor of England | Sienna Guillory as Lettice Knollys | Anne-Marie Duff as Queen Elizabeth I | Michael Feast as Cardinal Pole | Tony Guilfoyle as Sir John Brydges | Stanley Townsend as King Philip of Spain | Tom Hardy as Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester | Kevin McKidd as Duke of Norfolk | Hans Matheson as Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex | Derek Riddell as Sir Walter Raleigh | Tara Fitzgerald as Kat Ashley | Stella Maris as Valencia | Enzo Cilenti as Jean de Simier
Director: Coky Giedroyc
Screenplay: Paula Milne

1032 :35x05 - The Virgin Queen (2)

Concluding the story of Queen Elizabeth I of England.
Guest Stars: Anne-Marie Duff as Queen Elizabeth I | Tara Fitzgerald as Kat Ashley | Sienna Guillory as Lettice Knollys | Ian Hart as William Cecil, Lord Burghley | Tom Hardy as Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester | Hans Matheson as Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex
Director: Coky Giedroyc
Screenplay: Paula Milne

1033 :35x06 - Bleak House: (Episode 1)

Masterpiece Theatre

Charles Dickens' complex tale of young love, murder, and the quest for a mystery man's identity begins as the wards of the notorious lawsuit Jarndyce and Jarndyce, together with orphan Esther Summerson, come to Bleak House to live with John Jarndyce. Nemo, a destitute copyist in the case, dies — but not before attracting the intense interest of Lady Dedlock and her husband's malevolent lawyer, Tulkinghorn.

1034 :35x07 - Bleak House: (Episode 2)

Masterpiece Theatre

Ada and Richard fall in love but can't marry yet because Richard is having trouble finding a career. Lady Dedlock hears of Nemo's death and visits his pauper's grave in disguise; It seems that he was someone who once meant much to her.

1035 :35x08 - Bleak House: (Episode 3)

Masterpiece Theatre

Pursuing a cache of love letters purloined by Krook, an alcoholic junk dealer, Tulkinghorn closes in on the true identity of Nemo and his mysterious relationship to Lady Dedlock. Meanwhile, a new mystery emerges in relation to Esther's identity: Is she really an orphan, or is one of her parents still alive?

1036 :35x09 - Bleak House: (Episode 4)

Masterpiece Theatre

Disaster strikes in several forms as Esther contracts smallpox, one of the characters bursts into flames, and moneylender Smallweed acquires the love letters once owned by Nemo. As Richard becomes dangerously obsessed with the Jarndyce case, Esther has a fateful meeting with Lady Dedlock.

1037 :35x10 - Bleak House: (Episode 5)

Masterpiece Theatre

Having acquired the incriminating love letters from Smallweed, Tulkinghorn tells Lady Dedlock that he knows all about her relationship to Nemo. Recovered from smallpox, though disfigured, Esther is spurned by one suitor but then receives a new and unexpected proposal of marriage.

1038 :35x11 - Bleak House: (Episode 6)

Masterpiece Theatre

An old flame reappears in Esther's life. As the seemingly interminable lawsuit finally grinds to a conclusion, changes are in store for the evil Tulkinghorn, for Lady Dedlock, and for the wretched Richard and his secret wife, Ada.

1039 :35x12 - My Family and Other Animals

Masterpiece Theatre

Escaping the dreary wet weather of 1930s England, the eccentric and bohemian Durrell family uproot and ship themselves off to the sun-drenched Greek island of Corfu. The ragtag Durrell family - consisting of 12 year old budding naturalist and intrepid biologist Gerald; acne-infested Margo; gun-loving Leslie; overbearing intellectual Larry; and their sympathetic widowed mother - experience the joys of living a life of freedom and adventure. With the help of larger-than-life taxi driver Spiro, who has something of a soft spot for Mother, the family moves to a succession of different, fantastically colored villas across Corfu. While Gerald explores the glorious landscape, the wildlife it has to offer and befriends the local population; Mother has other ideas. Fearing her son is growing too wild, she is determined that he receive an education. Gerald's moral as well as more conventional education is put in the hands of three very different young men, two of whom are more distracted by Margo's flirtatiousness than by Gerald's zoological enthusiasm.

First of all there's George who loses out to Margot's Turkish boyfriend; and then Peter, a caddish young man who is happy to leave Gerald writing by himself while he pursues Margo at any cost. Of more lasting emotional importance for Gerald, though, is Theodore Stephanides, a biologist and witty raconteur who is young Gerald's link not only to the marine and insect life that Corfu has to offer, but also to its rich cultural beauty. Spending so much time in the garden and fields watching one branch of the animal kingdom in its natural habitat allows Gerald to learn more incisively about the habits of an altogether different species: his family.

1040 :35x13 - Carrie's War

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: PBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 10, 1971
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