Season 9

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Season 9

326 :09x01 - Kean: (Episode 1)

Masterpiece Theatre

Flamboyant actor Edmund Kean plans a furtive meeting with Elena, Countess of Koefeld; but Anna Danby, an aspiring young actress, complicates his elaborate romantic schemes.

327 :09x02 - Kean: (Episode 2)

Masterpiece Theatre

Kean allows Anna to play opposite him in a disastrous performance of "Otello", but in the end it is Anna who saves Kean from an even greater personal tragedy.

328 :09x03 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 1)

Masterpiece Theatre

Reporter Edward Richardson, assigned to a story on the eccentric Aspen family, meets and falls in love with the shy and awkward Lydia Aspen.

329 :09x04 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 2)

Masterpiece Theatre

Edward and Lydia are separated by the spring thaw. Although each is too uncertain to pursue the other, they fall completely in love when reunited through the efforts of their friend Alex Sanderson.

330 :09x05 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 3)

Masterpiece Theatre

Edward, Lydia and a group of their friends have an uproarious evening at the charity ball despite car problems and Lydia's shyness.

331 :09x06 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 4)

Masterpiece Theatre

Lydia loves her new life of dances and parties but her flirtatious ways make Edward jealous.

332 :09x07 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 5)

Masterpiece Theatre

Lydia causes a public stir when she attends a village dance with Edward. Later, Edward meets a mysterious woman wandering near the village.

333 :09x08 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 6)

Masterpiece Theatre

For Lydia's 21st birthday, her aunts throw a party the likes of which Evensford has never seen.

334 :09x09 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 7)

Masterpiece Theatre

Life at Aspen House is darkened by a death in the family.

335 :09x10 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 8)

Masterpiece Theatre

Remorseful after Alex's death, Richardson finds consolation in hard work at Tom's new farm.

336 :09x11 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 9)

Masterpiece Theatre

Richardson moves to London and Tom is overcome with guilt after the disappearance of a neighboring farmer's daughter.

337 :09x12 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 10)

Masterpiece Theatre

Old friends bring news of Lydia's increasingly reckless life to London; Richardson returns to
Evensford to write about what he knows best.

338 :09x13 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 11)

Masterpiece Theatre

Richardson returns to Evensford to find Blackie Johnson devotedly keeping watch over Lydia who is seriously ill.

339 :09x14 - Love for Lydia: (Episode 12)

Masterpiece Theatre

Lydia comes to a new understanding of her past and her relationship with Richardson.

340 :09x15 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (1) Family Matters

Masterpiece Theatre

The Bentinck Hotel employs Louisa Trotter's ne'er-do-well brother, much to the dismay of the staff who are brought to the brink of rebellion by the overbearing Arthur.

341 :09x16 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (2) Poor Catullus

Masterpiece Theatre

Louisa discovers that the love poems she has been receiving from an Oxford professor are really the work of pranksters.

342 :09x17 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (3) A Lesson in Manners

Masterpiece Theatre

When an impoverished chauffeur inherits 30,000 pounds from his mistress, her disinherited nephew takes on the task of turning the young man into a proper gentleman.

343 :09x18 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (4) Winter Lament

Masterpiece Theatre

While vacationing at Lord Haslemere's estate, Louisa finds Charlie's marriage far from blissful.

344 :09x19 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (5) The Passing Show

Masterpiece Theatre

Bentinck Hotel maid Violet finds herself on the streets after she's discovered in a compromising situation with a famous actor.

345 :09x20 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (6) Your Country Needs You

Masterpiece Theatre

A Belgian war refugee whom Louisa employs turns out to have a number of surprising talents. Meanwhile, Charlie announces that he has enlisted, leaving a worried Louisa behind as he departs for France.

346 :09x21 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (7) The Patriots

Masterpiece Theatre

There is a spy in the Bentinck. Is it the blatantly unpatriotic Mr. Appleby, or could it be Louisa's favorite new staff member?

347 :09x22 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (8) The Reluctant Warrior

Masterpiece Theatre

A bomb grazes the Bentinck and the hotel sustains some damage. Nobody is injured in the blast, however Starr sadly loses his beloved pooch. Meanwhile, Ethel takes a shine to a conscientious objector who is on assignment to ferret out a potential UXB.

348 :09x23 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (9) Tea and a Wad

Masterpiece Theatre

When the war-ravaged Charlie (Lord Haslemere) turns up as a customer at Louisa's front-line canteen, they find they can no longer deny their love for each other.

349 :09x24 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (10) Shadows

Masterpiece Theatre

The Hotel Bentinck is turned into a home for recuperating officers, and to the delight of Louisa and the entire staff, Charlie returns. Although he puts on a cheerful and brave face, Louisa and the Major fear Charlie's situation is far more serious than he lets on.

350 :09x25 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (11) Where There's A Will

Masterpiece Theatre

Even with the war at an end, Louisa finds herself mired in despair and on the verge of an emotional collapse, fueling her desire to give up the hotel and all that it has meant to her.

351 :09x26 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (12) The Legion of the Living

Masterpiece Theatre

Louisa attends Charlie's memorial service and is brought face to face with a problem which could have a major impact on her future, and that of her daughter, Lottie.

352 :09x27 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (13) Lottie

Masterpiece Theatre

There is much conjecture among the staff when Louisa and the Major return to the Bentinck, bringing young Lottie with them. While a few of the staff know of Lottie's origins, others have set their tongues wagging about just why this young girls seems to be staying at the Bentinck. Louisa won't put up with the gossip, and eventually decides that the time has come to send Lottie to finishing school and make a lady of her.

353 :09x28 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (14) Blossom Time

Masterpiece Theatre

Taking a bit of a break from finishing school, Lottie returns to the Bentinck along with her art teacher, Miss Olive Bradford. Despite Louisa's warnings, the Major takes quite an interest in Miss Bradford. Lottie also finds a love interest in hotel guest, Howard Blenkiron. She may have erred in judgement however, when she tells Howard of her parentage.

354 :09x29 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (15) Poor Little Rich Girl

Masterpiece Theatre

Louisa and Lottie are at odds concerning the future. Louisa wants her daughter to be a proper lady, however Lottie has designs of parlaying her looks and talent into stardom on the London stage.

355 :09x30 - The Duchess of Duke Street, II: (16) Ain't We Got Fun

Masterpiece Theatre

Louisa has become a living legend and Sophie Applegate, an ambitious young American writer, wants to pen her biography. Louise isn't too keen on the idea, but eventually gives in and opens up about her past. Change is in the air at the hotel and in the lives of its many residents. Mr. Starr and Mary shock Louisa with a surprise announcement and Major Smith-Barton returns for a short visit and surprises Louisa with a revelation as well.

356 :09x31 - My Son, My Son: (Episode 1)

Masterpiece Theatre

Two young men, friends since early boyhood, make their way from the back streets of Manchester to fame and fortune in London: William Essex as a writer and Dermot O'Riorden as a designer of fine furniture and interiors. Each has a son, and each has a dream for his son to fulfill. The writer simply wants his son to have everything he lacked in his deprived boyhood; while the designer, an Irish patriot, gives his son to Ireland. Things quickly begin to go wrong for both fathers and the love that spawned the dreams is tested again and again.

357 :09x32 - My Son, My Son: (Episode 2)

Masterpiece Theatre

Maeve O'Riorden, a promising young actress, introduces "uncle Bill" to her talented and beautiful friend Livia Vaynol. In the Essex home, both father and son are quickly attracted to her bewitching qualities.

358 :09x33 - My Son, My Son: (Episode 3)

Masterpiece Theatre

Bill's play brings great success to Maeve and himself. Livia becomes engaged and Oliver takes this news to his father with icy sophistication.

359 :09x34 - My Son, My Son: (Episode 4)

Masterpiece Theatre

Bill and Oliver continue their silent war, fueled by their mutual jealousy over Livia. The
O'Riordens try to patch things up during a holiday at Heronwater.

360 :09x35 - My Son, My Son: (Episode 5)

Masterpiece Theatre

Rory, now totally committed to the rebellion, is jailed after Ireland's Easter uprising. Oliver returns from war a scarred hero and devotes his attentions to Maeve.

361 :09x36 - My Son, My Son: (Episode 6)

Masterpiece Theatre

The embittered Oliver returns to battle. Bill finally realizes that he loves Maeve, but she accuses him of wanting her only because Oliver does.

362 :09x37 - My Son, My Son: (Episode 7)

Masterpiece Theatre

Oliver, now an officer in the "Black-and-Tans", finds himself in combat against Rory. Bill and Oliver finally make their peace at last.

363 :09x38 - Disraeli: (1) Dizzy

Masterpiece Theatre

In this first of a four-part series about the life of famed 19th century British statesman and prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, success in verbal debates with some of England's most prominent politicians encourages him to stand for Parliament.
Guest Stars: Ian McShane as Benjamin Disraeli | Rosemary Leach as Queen Victoria
Director: Claude Whatham

364 :09x39 - Disraeli: (2) Mary Anne

Masterpiece Theatre

Now a member of Parliament, Disraeli proposes to the wealthy widow of his friend and political ally Wyndham Lewis.
Guest Stars: Ian McShane as Benjamin Disraeli | Rosemary Leach as Queen Victoria
Director: Claude Whatham

365 :09x40 - Disraeli: (3) The Great Game

Masterpiece Theatre

As Disraeli rises to power, he meets Queen Victoria and their legendary alliance takes root as Mary Anne's health begins to deteriorate.
Guest Stars: Ian McShane as Benjamin Disraeli | Rosemary Leach as Queen Victoria
Director: Claude Whatham

366 :09x41 - Disraeli: (4) The Chief

Masterpiece Theatre

The aging Disraeli is elevated to the House of Lords and faces one of his greatest diplomatic challenges, the Suez conflict.
Guest Stars: Ian McShane as Benjamin Disraeli | Rosemary Leach as Queen Victoria
Director: Claude Whatham
Classification: Scripted
Genre: | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: PBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 10, 1971
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