Masters of Horror

Masters of Horror

Showtime brings you a shockingly entertaining new anthology series entitled Masters of Horror. For the first time, the most prominent directors of the horror film genre have joined forces to produce a series of new original horror films that promises to shock, terrify and captivate even the most discriminating horror film fans.

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Final: 2x13 -- Dream Cruise (Feb/02/2007)

Jack is an American lawyer who is currently working in Tokyo. His most valued client, Eiji, has a beautiful wife that Jack has fallen in love with. Eiji invites his wife, along with Jack, to a boat ride around Tokyo Bay. The trip turns to terror when Eiji's dark past surfaces.
Available Episodes

Dream Cruise
Feb 02, 2007
Season 2 episode 13

The Washingtonians
Jan 26, 2007
Season 2 episode 12

The Black Cat
Jan 19, 2007
Season 2 episode 11

We All Scream for Ic..
Jan 12, 2007
Season 2 episode 10

Right to Die
Jan 05, 2007
Season 2 episode 9

Valerie on the Stair..
Dec 29, 2006
Season 2 episode 8

The Screwfly Solutio..
Dec 08, 2006
Season 2 episode 7



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I really wanted to like itRating: 1 likes, 3 dislikes

I honestly did, since I'm a massive horror fan and I'll even admit that there were a few great episodes but overall the show was dead boring. No pun intended. I just don't see how this show made it two seasons and Fear Itself didn't, it was a lot better even for a show being aired on primetime television. Read more

Review posted on Monday, July 12th 2010 at 8:45 pm

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2x12: The Washingtonians recap: On a lonely country road, a hitchhiker is walking and unable to get a lift. She pauses in the rain when she hears a horse neighing and the sound of hooves. Two horsemen ride down the road toward her. She runs but the men close in on her. They draw swords and decapitate her... read more.

2x10: We All Scream for Ice Cream recap: Kent Baker approaches his son Jeremy in their driveway and begs him not to eat an ice cream bar. The boy ignores him and eats the ice cream... and Kent melts into a puddle of ice cream. Elsewhere in the night, an ice cream truck drives through the fog... read more.

2x9: Right to Die recap: A dentist, Cliff Addison, and his wife Abbey are driving home. She smokes what she claims is her last cigarette, and Cliff is surprised to learn she’s quitting. He says that he wants her to be around for a long time and insists that he loves her. He tries to apologize and says he’s never going to let her go. Abbey unfastens her seat belt and reaches in the back to show him something, and they come on a tree across the road. The car crashes and Cliff slowly recovers consciousness after his air bag goes off. He realizes that the car is upside down, and calls out to Abbey. He gets out and finds her lying on the ground as gas from the tank leaks onto her. She tells Cliff to get her cell and call an ambulance. As he picks it up and calls 911, the gas ignites, burning her as Cliff looks on in horror... read more.

2x7: The Screwfly Solution recap: In the 1950s, the screwfly threatened to ravage both man and cattle with disease until scientists mutated select specimens with radiation and released them back into the wild. The mutated screwflies bred with others, all but wiping out the species... read more.

2x6: Pelts recap: The police investigate two bloody corpses in a freight elevator... read more.
Recurring Guests

Karen Elizabeth Austin as Mom (2 eps)
Heather Feeney as Young Woman (2 eps)
Miho Ninagawa as Pregnant Woman (2 eps)

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