Season 2

14 :02x01 - The Damned Thing

Kevin Reddle is the sheriff of a small Texas town who must overcome his tragic past when an evil force turns citizens against each other.
Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Kevin Reddle | Marisa Coughlan as Dina | Brendan Fletcher as Deputy Derrick Strauss | Alex Ferris as Mikey | Brent Stait as John Reddle | Georgia Craig as Jodi Reddle | Ryan Drescher as Young Kevin | Andrew McIlroy as Joe Litton | Tracy Waterhouse as Dr. Cohen | Ted Raimi as Father Tulli |
Co-Guest Stars: Alexandra Carter as Charity | Clint Carleton as Gabe Green | Ted Friend as Lenny | Ocean Hellman as Mary | Eileen Barrett as Janet
Director: Tobe Hooper

15 :02x02 - Family

A young couple moves into their new house, and encounter a neighbor, an apparently normal man who works from home, who is not who he seems. When they are invited over to his house for dinner, will they be able to survive the experience?
Guest Stars: George Wendt as Harold Thompson | Meredith Monroe as Celia Fuller | Matt Keeslar as David Fuller | Haley Guiel as Sarah | Kerry Sandomirsky as Jane |
Co-Guest Stars: John B. Scott as Grandpa | Nancy Whyte as Grandma | Emily Tennant as Teenage Blonde Girl | Emily Hope as Teenage Punk Girl | Aleita Northey as Teenage Sad Girl | Frances Flanagan as Housewife | Donald R. Mintz as Interior George Wendt
Director: John Landis
Writer: Brent Hanley

16 :02x03 - The V Word

Two teenage boys who desperately want to see a dead body break into a mortuary. Once there, they encounter a vampire who is out for blood. Will the dead bodies they so desperately seek to see end up being their own?
Guest Stars: Arjay Smith as Kerry | Michael Ironside as Mr. Chaney | Brandon Nadon as Justin | Lynda Boyd as Carolyn | Keith D. Humphrey as David | Jodelle Ferland as Lisa | Terry D. Stevens as Passenger
Writer: Mick Garris

17 :02x04 - Sounds Like

A man who has a job as a tech support supervisor spends his life listening to people all day. When his young son dies, he begins to develop a supernatural sense of hearing. As time goes on, this ability threatens to drive him insane and leads to some extreme behavior.
Guest Stars: Chris Bauer as Larry Pearce | Blaine Anderson as Tech 2 | Nicholas Elia as Larry's Son | Grant Elliott as Doctor | Jaida Kong as Daughter | Laura Margolis as Brenda | Matty Finochio as Tech | Linnea Sharples as Tech 1 | Richard Kahan as David | Robert Underwood as Father | Michael Daingerfield as Jim | David Allan Pearson as Manager | David Lovgren as Therapist | Nimet Kanji as Cashier | Michael Jonsson as Cop 2 | Marc-Anthony Massiah as Cop 1
Director: Brad Anderson

18 :02x05 - Pro-Life

Pro-Life follows the tale of a young girl as she flees from her anti-abortion father to an isolated women's clinic. While there, she plans to go through with the operation. The clinic soon falls under attack from the young girl's three heavily armed brothers and their father, now determined to save the potential offspring inside his daughter.

Directed by John Carpenter, this shocking and provocative tale touches down on the controversial subject of teenage abortions with a twist of dark fiction.
Guest Stars: Caitlin Wachs as Angelique Burcell | Ron Perlman as Dwayne Burcell | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Kim | Mark Feuerstein as Alex O'Shea | Biski Gugushe as Kiernan | Jeremy Jones as Doug | Lisa Bunting as Joan | Stephen Dimopoulos as Sam | Arabella Bushnell as Grace | Grace Bauer (1) as Marie | Bill Dow as Dr. Kiefer | Graeme McComb as Caleb Burcell | Benjamin Rogers as Cole Burcell | Chad Krowchuk as Darry Burcell | Ashley Whillans as Isobel
Director: John Carpenter

19 :02x06 - Pelts

A fur trader uses the skins of supernatural raccoons to construct a perfect coat, but the pelts cause those who would gain from them to die violently.
Guest Stars: Meat Loaf as Jake Feldman (as Meat Loaf Aday) | John Saxon as Jeb "Pa" Jameson | Ellen Ewusie as Shanna | Link Baker as Lou Chinaski | Brenda McDonald as Mother Mayter | Michal Suchanek as Larry Jameson |
Co-Guest Stars: Emilio Salituro as Sergio | Elise Lew as Sue Chin Yao | Sean Hall as Bouncer (as Shawn Hall) | Sylvesta Stuart as Beefy Bouncer | Melissa Gonzalez as Mira | Darren E. Scott as Agent | Chuck Duffy as Detective | Kelvin Lum as Cop |
Uncredited: Ildiko Ferenczi as Attractive Woman | Angela Case as Dancer In Hallway | Angela Fong as Dancer
Director: Dario Argento
Story: F. Paul Wilson | Teleplay: Matt Venne

20 :02x07 - The Screwfly Solution

A plague of violence strikes men across the world, causing them to strike out at women.
Guest Stars: Jason Priestley as Alan Alstein | Kerry Norton as Anne Alstein | Linda Darlow as Bella Sartiano | Brenna O'Brien as Amy Alstein | Steve Lawlor as William Holicky | Elliott Gould as Barney |
Co-Guest Stars: William Taylor (1) as The Mayor
Director: Joe Dante
Writer: Sam Hamm

21 :02x08 - Valerie on the Stairs

Where is the line between reality and imagination drawn? In Highberger House, a refugee for unpublished writers to work without distractions, that line is blurred. Haunted by visions of madness, Rob Hanisey finds himself caught in a doomed romance when he meets Valerie, a specter created in the image of all the failed writers within Highberger.
Guest Stars: Clare Grant (2) as Valerie | Tyron Leitso as Rob Hanisey | Jonathan Watton as Bruce Sweetland | Christopher Lloyd (1) as Everett Neely | Suki Kaiser as Patricia Dunbar | Tony Todd as The Beast | Nicola Lipman as Nancy Bloom | Christine Barrie as Anna
Director: Mick Garris
Story: Clive Barker | Teleplay: Mick Garris

22 :02x09 - Right to Die

After a car accident leaves his wife Abbey hideously burned and on life support, Cliff Addison is faced with a decision that will determine if his spouse lives or dies. Things become complex and horrifying when he is attacked by his vengeful wife's spirit at the same time she briefly dies. Now Cliff must stop at nothing to keep her alive.
Guest Stars: Martin Donovan (2) as Cliff (Cliff Addison) | Julia Anderson as Abbey (Abbey Addison) | Robin Sydney as Trish | Anna Galvin as Dr. Loring | Linda Sorenson as Pam | Corbin Bernsen as Ira |
Co-Guest Stars: Xantha Radley as Abbey Thing | Derek Green as Reporter (James Henry) | Norman Misura (1) as Mr. Schoening | Yvonne Myers as Nurse | Bryan Elliot as Doctor | Walcott E. Morgan as Orderly
Director: Bob Schmidt

23 :02x10 - We All Scream for Ice Cream

An ice-cream vendor who was the victim of a long-ago prank seeks revenge against the now-grown gang members who perpetrated it.
Guest Stars: William Forsythe as Buster | Colin Cunningham as Virgil | Tim Henry as Papa Joe | Ingrid Tesch as Angela | Spencer Achtymichuk as Young Layne | Brett Kelly as Young Joe | Samuel Patrick Chu as Young Virgil | Cainan Wiebe as Young Toot | Lee Tergesen as Layne Banixter |
Co-Guest Stars: Brent Sheppard as Kent Baker | Maxwell Neck as Kenny | Laura Drummond (1) as Darlene Baker | Quinn Lord as Toby | Lyle St. Goddard as Toot Embry | Brendan Saul as Petey | Kevan Kase as Buck Treadway | Diego Martinez-tau as Erky | Alexia Fast as Marylyn | Zak Ludwig as Young Kent | Dryden Dion as Young Skip | Alexis Llewellyn as Chyla | Gordon Grice as Joe Lee |
Uncredited: Megan McKinnon as Pam Embry
Director: Tom Holland
Story: John Farris (1) | Teleplay: David J. Schow

24 :02x11 - The Black Cat

Haunted by a black cat and visions of sadistic violence, legendary poet Edgar Allen Poe is driven to the point of insanity when he finds himself out of money, in a writer's block, and a deathly sick wife in need of help.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Combs as Edgar Allan Poe | Elyse Levesque as Virginia Poe | Aron Tager as George Graham | Patrick Gallagher as Barman | Christopher Heyerdahl as Rufus Griswold | Ian Alexander Martin as Fordham | Ken Kramer as Doctor | Eric Keenleyside as Sergeant Booker | Ryan Crocker as Policeman
Director: Stuart Gordon

25 :02x12 - The Washingtonians

A man finds a letter in his late grandmother's basement that suggests the founding fathers had some dark secrets that could change the face of history.
Guest Stars: Johnathon Schaech as Mike Franks | Venus Terzo as Pam Franks | Myron Natwick as Samuel | Duncan Fraser as Bearded Washingtonian | Julia Tortolano as Amy Franks | Saul Rubinek as Professor Harkinson |
Co-Guest Stars: Caroline Carter as Hitch Hiker | Esme Lambert as Nancy Arnold | Abraham Jedidiah as Jared Barkish | Patrick Keating as Minister | Wendy Morrow Donaldson as Chubby Waitress (as Wendy Donaldson) | Nathan Clark (1) as Deputy 1 | Daniel Cudmore as Deputy 2 | Brian Jensen as George Washington | Joel Wirkkunen as Washingtonian 1 | Chris Kalhoon as Washingtonian 2 | Ian Carter as Washingtonian 3 | Richard Stroh as Van Washingtonian 1 | Gardiner Millar as Van Washingtonian 2 | Alan Legros as Fat Washingtonian | Chris Davis (1) as Thomas Jefferson | Chi Lam as Delivery Man
Director: Peter Medak

26 :02x13 - Dream Cruise

Jack is an American lawyer who is currently working in Tokyo. His most valued client, Eiji, has a beautiful wife that Jack has fallen in love with. Eiji invites his wife, along with Jack, to a boat ride around Tokyo Bay. The trip turns to terror when Eiji's dark past surfaces.
Guest Stars: Daniel Gillies as Jack Miller | Tom Irvine as Young Jack | Ethan Amis as Sean Miller | Tiffany Martin as Receptionist 2 | Maki as Receptionist 1 | Ian Moore (2) as Harrison | Gregory Pekar as Jack's Assistant | Katsuhiro Nagano as Cab Driver | Yoshino Kimura as Yuri Saito | Ryo Ishibashi as Eiji Saito | Miho Ninagawa as Naomi Saito
Director: Norio Tsuruta
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: SHOWTIME ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 28, 2005
Ended: February 02, 2007
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