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Message Posted On Sunday, April 9th 2006 at 12:40 am
So now that its finally aired, anyone want to discuss? Was it bad enough to keep off American and Canadian TV? Personally I didn't think it was all that bad, but I've seen far more twisted things (many from Miike).

How about thoughts on the ending (in the jail). Did that have any meaning? Had he just gone crazy from the experience, or we to infer something deeper?
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Message Posted On Monday, April 30th 2007 at 8:49 pm
This episode was INSANE.

Really, it's not that surprising it was pulled from American TV. I've never seen so many fetuses in my life. There was some seriously disturbing stuff in here. So basically.. I loved it. It's without a doubt my favorite episode from S1.

Any horror fan should not go without seeing this.