Season 1

1 :01x01 - A Clean Escape

A sci-fi anthology featuring adaptations of works by noted writers begins with John Kessel's 1986 short story “A Clean Escape,” in which a psychiatrist questions a distinguished-looking man with a memory lapse that troubles her considerably more than it troubles him. In fact, he still thinks it's 2007, not 2031.
Guest Stars: Judy Davis as Dr. Deanna Evans | Sam Waterston as Havelman | Iris Cooks as Technician | Camyar Chai as Mansur | Allison Hossack as Kelley | Kelly Cooks as Technician | Peter Bryant as Dr. Gavin | Tom Butler as Geslow | Peter Hall as Nick | Robert Moloney as Pierce
Director: Mark Rydell
Story: John Kessel | Teleplay: Sam Egan

2 :01x02 - The Awakening

A retired U.S. military UFO investigator called back when troops in Iraq are unable to identify “corpses” that don't seem human...or dead. Eye contact with them causes instant catatonia, but their victims aren't traumatized. “It's like they're in a state of bliss,” says a stumped military doctor.
Guest Stars: Terry O'Quinn as Albert Skynner | Elisabeth Röhm as Lt. Granger | William B. Davis as The President | Julian D. Christopher as General Mackenzie | Malcolm Stewart as Col. Dingham |
Co-Guest Stars: Doron Bell as Kirby | Samir El Sharkawi as Iraqi | Dave Lantaigne as Army Officer | Adrian McMorran as Medic | Dean Marshall as General's Aide | Hiro Kanagawa as Captain Oguchi | Johannah Newmarch as Assistant | Mitra Loraz as Palestinian Woman (as Mitra Lohrasb) | Andre Fex as French Leader | Deni Delory as Interpreter | Veena Sood as Dr. Kashani | Eddy Ko as Chinese Leader | Parm Soor as Pakistani Leader | Scott E. Miller as Technician | Igor Ingelsman as Russian Leader | Laura Soltis as Skynner's Wife | Ben Cotton as Creature
Director: Michael Petroni
Story: John Kessel | Teleplay: Michael Petroni

3 :01x03 - Jerry Was a Man

A rich woman living in 2077 leases a soon-to-be-destroyed anthropoid from the genetic engineer who designed it. Or is it really a human? The question ends up in court, and it's a life-or-death matter for Jerry.
Guest Stars: Anne Heche as Mrs. Van Vogel | Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Van Vogel | Sonja Bennett as Judge Alexa Pomfrey | Jeanie Cloutier as Judge Wendy Narita | Nicholas Podbrey as Ben | Jason Diablo as Jerry | Richard Ian Cox as Pudgy Dodge | Bill Dow as McCoy | Heale Col as Anchorman | Osmond L. Bramble as Bailiff | Matty Finochio as Judge #2 | Russell Porter (2) as Bronson
Director: Michael Tolkin

4 :01x04 - The Discarded

The season ends with Harlan Ellison's “The Discarded.” An emissary from Earth arrives on a spacecraft loaded with disfigured outcasts and offers their leader an opportunity for the group to return home. But there's a catch: They'll have to donate their blood first, because it's needed as an inoculation against a new outbreak of the disease that caused their disfigurement.
Guest Stars: Brian Dennehy as Bedzyk | John Hurt as Samswope | James Denton as Curran | Gina Chiarelli as Annie | Lori Ann Triolo as Harmony Teat | Donny Lucas as Steve | Vicky Lambert as Frenchy | Alex Zahara as Bucky | Leanne Adachi as Sharon | Jason Diablo as Smiler | Brian Dobson as Samswope 2 | Barbara Kottmeier as Sis | Ken Kramer as Schmool | Gillian Barber as Dr. Goldstein |
Uncredited: Harlan Ellison as Nate
Director: Jonathan Frakes

5 :01x05 - Little Brother

In the future, a man argues for his life in a courtroom of computer generated judge and jury.
Guest Stars: Kimberly Elise as Tilly Vee | Clifton Collins, Jr. as Frendon Blythe | Garwin Sanford as Judge - The Court | Daryl Shuttleworth as Otis Brill | Matthew Walker (1) as Augustus | Lorena Gale as Mary (Mother) | Nicole Munoz as Frightened Girl | Adrien Dorval as Officer Bernard | Keith Dallas as Officer Latey | joanna reid as Defense Attorney
Director: Darnell Martin
Story: Walter Mosley | Teleplay: Walter Mosley

6 :01x06 - Watchbird

In a future where law enforcement has become more and more computerized, flying droids called Watchbirds patrol the streets, and stop crimes before they can occur.
Guest Stars: James Cromwell as Randolph Ludwin | Sean Astin as Charlie Kramer | Vincent Gale as Jack Vaentine | Stacy Grant as Sarah Moser | Christine Chatelain as Marissa | Michael Kopsa as Ratcliffe | Sally Kellerman as The Watchbird
Director: Harold Becker
Writer: Sam Egan