Season 8

203 :08x01 - Aftermath

It's been five days since the accident, Grace, Patrick and Tayler have survived but Riley is missing, Kate fears that his body was dragged away by the river.

204 :08x02 - The Pitfalls of Love

Grace and Marcus become trapped at the bottom of a mine shaft, soon Grace starts to hallucinate and she and Marcus almost give into their passion.

205 :08x03 - Wild Ride

Stevie's wild-harted rodeo friend Sharon comes to Drovers, but the girls soon realise they are no longer on the same wavelength.

206 :08x04 - Nowhere To Hide

Kate decides to leave Drovers Run for good and join a church camp for troubled teenagers.
Guest Stars: Andy Whitfield as Brett Samuels

207 :08x05 - Stand By Me

Moira Struggles with her feelings for Phil and worries that she might have been too harsh when her curse on him comes back to haunt her.

208 :08x06 - Close Enough to Touch

Stevie is over the moon as Alex returns, but her joy is short lived as a heavy piece a curshes him and he dies in Stevie's arms, she later goes into labour on her own, as Moira senses this she finds Stevie and she gives birth to a baby boy, she can't bare to look at him because he remind her too much of Alex.

209 :08x07 - Bringing up Wombat

Stevie decides to move to Killarney with her baby who she won't let go of, and won't let anyone hold him, she's not coping after the death of Alex, the girls try to talk her into returning to Drovers.

210 :08x08 - Three Sisters

Jaz's return to Drovers Run seems to reawaken old tentions amongst the McLeod sisters. Grace and Jaz continue to clash, leaving Regan stuck in the role of peacemaker.

211 :08x09 - Damned

The girls try to stop a massive dam from being built upstream. Jaz is threatened by a pro-dam farmer, who threatens to reveal a secret from her past.

212 :08x10 - Mother Love

Tayler's mother returns and tries to explain why she left and stayed away for 16 years without so much as a word.

213 :08x11 - Bright Lights

Grace, Jaz, Marcus and Frank head off to the city to confront the politician who is responsible a dam proposal that will take away their ground water.

214 :08x12 - Love and Let Die

Stevie and Marcus' lives are put at risk as Frank threatens to detonate a deadly bomb during a town meeting over the controversial dam.

215 :08x13 - A Dog's Life

Ben's ex-girlfriend, Monique is playing on his mind. He tries to contact her with no luck, and resigns himself to another day in the district without her. Meanwhile, Marcus has been looking for a new overseer for weeks. Clashing constantly with Ben, neither of them can accept that Ben is right for the job. Marcus isn't offering and Ben wouldn't take it — or so they say.

With the district yard dog trials approaching, Ben is unexpectedly befriended by a border collie dog. Marcus, however, is unaware of this, and unwittingly denies any knowledge about the dog to its irate owner, the burly, heavily tattooed Trevor. When Marcus finds out, he insists they take the highly trained dog back. But when Ben steals the dog back, believing it's being abused, Marcus is furious — Ben has got them into even more trouble.


216 :08x14 - My Prince Will Come

After finding her show-jumping horse from Europe grazing in the windmill paddock, Jaz discovers she has been personally delivered by Mischa, her ex-boyfriend, who's also a wealthy prince

217 :08x15 - Snogging Frogs

Mischa confesses to doping Jaz's horse, and although he was doing it for the right reasons, Jaz tells him that they cannot have a future together.

218 :08x16 - The Merry Widow

The people of Gungellan believe Stevie ad Marcus are dating when there is a picture of them in the newspaper

219 :08x17 - Show Pony

Jaz attemps to retrain her show-jumping horse Annie to work on the property, but Stevie thinks it's a waste of time and that she is a liability to Drovers, but is there a secret behind Annie's behaviour?

220 :08x18 - Every Move You Make

When Ingrid's husband Paul continues to stalk and harass her, she becomes worried about the safety of Marcus and her friends

221 :08x19 - Into Thin Air

Paul becomes more aggressive when he is released from hospital, soon it is discovered that Ingrid's car is at the bottom of a ditch and Ingrid missing.

222 :08x20 - The Show Must Go On

Phil's musical to Moira 'The Girl from Gungellan' is about to premiere, but Moira overhears a phone message that convinces her that he is having an affair.

223 :08x21 - Into the Valley of the Shadow

Drovers Run is in serious financial trouble. Will the girls be able to find a way out of this crisis?

224 :08x22 - The Long Paddock

In the last ever episode of McLeod's Daughters, the girls fight so save Drovers Run. It's Xander's first birthday and there's a surprise reunion as many return to Drovers, including Meg and Jodi - who is pregnant and decides she wants to move back to Drovers Run for good.
Guest Stars: Josh Helman as Grown Up Xander (as Joshua Helman) | Basia A'Hern as Rose Hall-Smith | Rachael Carpani as Jodi Fountain McLeod | Rachael Coopes as Ingrid Marr (as Rachel Coopes) | Alexandra Davies (1) as Monique Black (as Alex Davies)
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Nine Network ( Australia)
Airs: Wednesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: August 08, 2001
Ended: January 31, 2009
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