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Season 7

147 :07x01 - The Fourth Sex, Part 1

A famed surgeon (Robert Reed) shocks family and colleagues by requesting a sex-change operation. First of two parts.
Guest Stars: Salome Jens as Heather Caddison | Michael Stearns as Talking Orderly | Louise Sorel as Jessica | Robert Reed (1) as Dr. Pat Caddison | Alan Oppenheimer as Dr. Danfield | Nancy Morgan as Unknown | Brit Lind as Unknown | Gary Frank as Steve | Dennis Cole as Skip
Director: Vincent Sherman
Writer: Rita Lakin

148 :07x02 - The Fourth Sex, Part 2

Conclusion of the two-parter, with Gannon having to make a decision that will bring about a colleague's desires to have a transsexual operation.
Guest Stars: Louise Sorel as Jessica | Robert Reed (1) as Dr. Pat Caddison | Alan Oppenheimer as Dr. Danfield | Nancy Morgan as Unknown | Brit Lind as Unknown | Gary Frank as Steve | Dennis Cole as Skip | Salome Jens as Heather Caddison
Director: Vincent Sherman
Writer: Rita Lakin

149 :07x03 - Torment

Losing his confidence, Dr. Gannon returns to the scenes of his childhood and probes deeply and painfully into his past. Dr. Gannon has a problem tonight. He seems to have an identity crisis. At any rate, there are flashbacks to his youth, as Dr. Gannon explores the past to see if he can find a clue to the problem that is befuddling his duties.
Guest Stars: Alan Oppenheimer as Dr. Danfield | Audrey Totter as Nurse Wilcox | Robert Walden as Dr. Corelli | Florence Henderson as Jenny Delaney | Philip Abbott as Stoddard | Willie Aames as Young Joe
Director: Joseph Pevney

150 :07x04 - No Hiding Place

Dr. Joe Gannon is faced with the dilemma of blindly trusting Dr. Courtney, a colleague, or taking the word of Danny Taggert, a dying man, that a staff doctor was involved to a shameful incident. The delirious war veteran Taggert claims that Courtney, who served in his oufit, slaughtered women and children in a vietnamese village.

On the critical list after a severe beating in a barroom brawl, a Vietnam veteran accuses Dr. Courtney of having been involved in a My Lai-type incident.
Guest Stars: Harv Selsby as Dr. Calvert | Pat Li as Nurse Matsumoto | Audrey Totter as Nurse Wilcox | Jesse Welles as Ellen Taggert | Susan Sullivan as Joanna Courtney | Robbie Rist as Andy | John Karlen as Danny Taggert | Peter Haskell as Dr. Jim Courtney
Director: Joseph Pevney

151 :07x05 - The Velvet Knife

A mild flirtation assumes nightmarish proportions for Dr. Gannon. Injured in an accident for which Gannon holds himself responsible, a girl uses her injury as a means of holding on to the man she is trying to ensnare. Gannon has to find a way to shock the girl into recovery an precipitate his release from her grasp.
Guest Stars: Pearl Shear as Mrs. Toretsky | Harv Selsby as Unknown | Michael Callan as Unknown | Martin Braddock as Unknown | Meredith Baxter as Priscilla | Steve Allen as Dr. Townsend
Writer: Don Appel

152 :07x06 - The Price of a Child

Pete Rashid, the son of a wealthy Arab ruler takes parental interest in a fatherless Jewish boy and a romantic interest in the boy's mother. The boy needs an expensive kidney operation, and his mother, Esther, struggles to support herself and the boy and pay for his medical care by running a kosher deli.
Guest Stars: David Opatoshu as Emir | Louise Lasser as Esther | Keith Gordon as Herbie | Shelley Fabares as Unknown | Dick Shawn as Pete Rashid
Director: Daniel Haller

153 :07x07 - Street Girl

The teenage daughter of a busy surgeon turns to prostitution in a bid for attention.
Guest Stars: Gail Fisher as Bonnie Horne | Dick Van Patten as Man at Hotel | Linda Purl as Leslie | Jacque Lynn Colton as Mavis | Dana Wynter as Emily

154 :07x08 - Too Late for Tomorrow

Learning that he is suffering from a terminal disease, a brilliant surgeon abandons medicine to live out his unfulfilled dreams.
Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Hank | Joan Van Ark as Eileen | Patrick O'Neal as Dr. Tarkington | Allyn Ann McLerie as Jan | Ivan Bonar as Unknown
Writer: Robert Lewin

155 :07x09 - The Last Performance

An old romance is rekindled for Dr. Lochner when a celebrated opera star checks in at the hospital.
Guest Stars: George Chakiris as Alex Solkin | Audrey Christie as Lydia | David Man as Unknown | Roberta Peters as Unknown
Director: Murray Golden
Writer: Don Appell

156 :07x10 - Two Against Death

A young girl's life hangs in the balance when a doctor must make a decision between her well-being and that of his son.
Guest Stars: Doris Roberts as Gladys Callahan | Melanie Mayron as Jan Simmons | George Janek as Yeddy | Jack Hogan as Dr. Gordon Blake
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: Hindi Brooks

157 :07x11 - One Last Rebellion

A young woman confined to a nursing home encourages her elderly fellow inmates to rebel against the home's poor conditions.
Guest Stars: Lurene Tuttle as Kate | Arthur Space as Tom | Davis Roberts as Chuck | Belinda Montgomery as Currie | Ruth McDevitt as Alice | Andrea King as Unknown | Regis Cordic as Unknown | Lonny Chapman as Carter
Director: Robert Douglas

158 :07x12 - The Eighth Deadly Sin

Ralph Bellamy guest stars in one of those emotional, penetrating stories about a once-great surgeon who refuses to accept the fact that old age has seriously diluted his effectiveness at the operating table. Dr. Gannon faces the disturbing realization that he must virtually send the doctor into retirement involuntarily in order to keep him from performing critical surgery on his own granddaughter.
Guest Stars: Robert Walden as Dr. Corelli | Tom Pace as Unknown | Darleen Carr as Jenny | Ralph Bellamy as Dr. Bycroft | Jane Wyatt as Louise
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: John D. Hess

159 :07x13 - Gift from a Killer

One of Gannon's patients desperately needs blood, but the only possible donor is a fugitive from justice.
Guest Stars: Harv Selsby as Resident | Nora Marlowe as Hannah | Herb Edelman as Brannigan | Walter McGinn as Eddie Lathem | Tyne Daly as Liz Lathem | Shelly Novack as Bob Foster | Karen Obediear as Gail Foster
Writer: Don Appell

160 :07x14 - The High Cost of Winning

A hospitalized tennis player is attracted to an unhappy girl who is facing heart surgery.
Guest Stars: Cesar Romero as Packy | Tom Pace as Unknown | Jonathan Mumm as Reporter #2 | Lynne Marta as Doris | Ed Fury as Unknown | Erik Estrada as Mike
Director: Earl Bellamy

161 :07x15 - The Silent Witness

A lonely nurse stubbornly refuses to press charges against a man who brutally beat her.
Guest Stars: David Sheiner as Prideman | John Anthony Sarno as Unknown | Kate Reid as Mary | Charles Cioffi as Lew | Dana Brady as Unknown | Ivan Bonar as Unknown | Joby Baker as Tony Tabor

162 :07x16 - A Very Private War

Gannon (Chad Everett) is attracted to a Soviet doctor (Victoria Fedorova) visiting Medical Center on a special assignment.
Guest Stars: George Tobias as Shapiro | Michael Swan as Unknown | Leigh J. McCloskey as Mihail Zankov | Viktoriya Fyodorova as Unknown | Theodore Bikel as Joseph Zankov
Director: Vincent Sherman
Writer: Jeff Kanter

163 :07x17 - You Can't Annul My Baby

Gannon (Chad Everett) treats a childlike teenager who's the mother of a baby with a congenital heart defect.
Guest Stars: Ellen Travolta as Unknown | Tom Pace as Unknown | Mark Hamill as Danny | John Colicos as Tom Evans | Kathleen Beller as Sharon
Director: Earl Bellamy

164 :07x18 - Child of Conflict

The adoption of a Vietnamese orphan is complicated when the real mother shows up.
Guest Stars: Wendy Tochi as Alice | Michael Stearns as Unknown | France Nuyen as Li Kuan | Don Galloway as Martin | Fionnula Flanagan as Karen | Dana Brady as Unknown

165 :07x19 - The Stranger

The hospitalized victim of a mysterious attacker suffers from a domineering mother and recurring headaches.

Terror stalks the campus after four girls are murdered and a fifth victim lies wounded in her hospital room under guard.
Guest Stars: Allen Williams as Haynes | Kathryn Walker as Dr. Talley | Catherine Burns as Shirley | Ivan Bonar as Unknown | Julie Adams as Ellie Wilke
Writer: Martin Roth

166 :07x20 - A Touch of Sight

Gannon (Chad Everett) treats a young doctor blinded in a shooting accident.
Guest Stars: Vic Tayback as Mac Atwood | Susan Strasberg as Marge | Christian Juttner as Unknown | Lieux Dressler as Unknown | Barbara Brownell as Unknown | David Birney as Nick Matero

167 :07x21 - Life, Death and Mrs. Armbruster

Mrs. Armbruster, the mother (Totie Fields) of a dismissed young resident refuses to have a lifesaving operation unless her son is reinstated. Guest star Totie Fields plays the mother of an overly confident resident doctor who has gone through medical school on his mother's hard work. She jeopardizes her own life when he gets in trouble at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Peter Tomarken as Unknown | Jeanne Sorel as Unknown | Ron Rifkin as Danny Armbruster | Totie Fields as Mrs. Armbruster | Stanley Adams as Arlo McNally | Arthur Adams as Unknown
Director: Chad Everett
Writer: Don Brinkley

168 :07x22 - Major Annie, M.D.

An Army doctor, Major Annie Malone (Lois Nettleton), searches for answers when her assistant, Captain Hoby Gardena, suffers an inexplicable seizure and she suspects it is a carryover from some research he may have been involved in. Lois Nettleton portrays a surgeon in a stateside army hospital and friend of Dr. Joe Gannon who risks her military career to aid a stricken colleague.
Guest Stars: Della Reese as Captain Sykes | John Randolph as Lieutenant Colonel Mayhill | Lois Nettleton as Major Annie Malone | Scott Hylands as Captain Hoby Gardena | Michael V. Gazzo as Leo Gardena | John Gavin as Lieutenant Colonel Halliday
Director: Vincent Sherman
Writer: Don Brinkley

169 :07x23 - The Happy State of Depression

A misanthropic con artist and an awkward innocent share an offbeat relationship while being treated at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Cara Williams as Sheila Ruskin | Gary Sandy as Feinberg | Don Rickles as Unknown | Alan McRae as Maldonado | Natalie Core as Unknown | Ruth Buzzi as Unknown
Director: Al C. Ward

170 :07x24 - If Wishes Were Horses

Three doctors try to operate a community hospital in a tough ghetto district. A much-needed clinic is threatened with closure because the doctors refuse to turn wounded street fighters over to the police.

Scott Hylands, Philip M. Thomas, William Redfield and Mary McCarty head the guest cast in this episode of "Medical Center". Hylands, Thomas and Redfield play owner-doctors of a San Francisco clinic, named Angel's Nest, which exists mostly through their dedication and the loyalty of their nurse, played by Miss McCarty. William Windom, Pepe Serna, Kim Richards, Percy Rodrigues and Eugene Roche also guest star in the teleplay directed by Gene Reynolds from a script by James Henerson.
The future of Angel's Nest is in doubt after a vengeful police officer places it off-limits for ambulance service due to its doctors' practice of ministering to patients rather than seeking justice for them. A bizzare solution to a gang war reinstates the clinic to the law's good graces.
Guest Stars: Philip Michael Thomas as Dr. Sam Karter | Percy Rodriguez as Dr. Karter, Sr. | Eugene Roche as Loper | Kim Richards as Penny | William Redfield as Dr. Frank Waldman | Mary McCarty as Charlotte | Scott Hylands as Dr. Al Heeley | Pepe Serna as Juan | Ron Castro as Leon | William Windom as Crail
Director: Gene Reynolds
Warning: Medical Center (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1969
Ended: September 06, 1976
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