The Imposter - Recap

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A small plane crash near a paint factory results in emergency conditions which are too much for doctor Yarman (Forrest Tucker) to handle. So the patients have to be taken to MEDICAL CENTER many miles away. And that's too bad, because eventually Yarman has must go into the operating room to take care of Joy Bang, who plays Peggy, a girl he thinks of as a daughter. And the truth, which Tucker has confessed to wife Carla (Kim Hunter), is that this kindly, excellent medical man has no degree. Jayne Meadows makes one of her semi-regular appearances as Nurse Chambers. Dr Gannon must turn Yarman in to the authorities even though he idolized the quack since his teens. Guest Forrest Tucker plays a country doctor who has built a successful practice with no formal medical training and lives in fear of being discovered. Kim Hunter also appears in a guest role. Doc Yarman (Tucker) reluctantly reveals his secret to his stunned wife (Miss Hunter) but refuses her demand that he tell Dr. Joe Gannon he cannot legally perform surgery on a young patient (Joy Bang).