Mega Disasters

Mega Disasters

Massive natural disasters have shaped the planet on which we live for millions of years, and the only thing we know for sure is that the future holds more. Earthquakes have triggered massive tsunamis and released methane gas that killed most of the life in the ocean. Asteroids have laid waste to nearly all the life on earth. Volcanoes have blocked the sun's rays for months. How would today's world hold up to such fury? (Source: History Channel)

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Prev: 3x07 -- Hypercane (Aug/12/2008)

65 million years ago a massive asteroid crashed into Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. 75% of all life on Earth vanished but could a single asteroid have been the lone killer?

From global warming to lethal worldwide firestorms, many theories about the impact's deadly aftermath have been postulated. But in 1995 a new theory asserted that a powerful mega-storm known as a "Hypercane" caused the extinction. The hypothetical Hypercane could reach 20 miles into the stratosphere with wind speeds of up to 700 miles per hour! MEGA-DISASTERS shows through stunning 3-D computer animations how this monster storm could have brought down nearly all life on the planet.


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