What Happens in Jersey... (1) - Recap

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Joe receives a phone call that his grandmother is dying and wants to see him and his wife Tiffany for her birthday. He never told her that they divorced. Ryder suggests that he ask Tiffany to go for a few hours but Joe already tried that. Joe says any blonde girl will probably fool his grandmother because of how blind she is. Mel walks in wearing trashy stilettos and Joe says they are perfect.

Mel thinks the whole thing is ridiculous but Ryder and Lennox both want her to go so that they can come too. Joe is sad that he can't grant his grandmother's last wish. He calls his grandmother to tell her that he will be coming alone. Mel interrupts the call to say that she will be there at the birthday party.

Outside of his Nonna's house, Joe's mom Gloria shows Mel how to walk like a trashy Tiffany. Inside Joe introduces his nephew Marco to Ryder and Lennox. Ryder heads to the kitchen to be fed but wakes up Nonna when he bumps into a table. She greets Joe and believes that Mel is Tiffany. Marco flirts with Lennox but she says she already has a boyfriend. When Ryder asks about the split from Zander, Lennox says that she may be single but she isn't interested in someone like Marco.

Gloria says that when Nonna saw Joe and Mel, it was the first time she had stood in a few weeks. Joe's mom thinks Mel is a huge upgrade over Tiffany. Gloria continues to feed Ryder.

Joe wants to head to the hotel but Nonna grabs Mel and tells her not to leave because she isn't sure how much time she has left. She wants them to stay in Joe's old room for the night. Mel doesn't like the room though so she leaves to sleep on the couch. In the middle of the night, Nonna finds Mel on the couch and says she knows what is really going on. Mel thinks she means the disguise but Nonna thinks they are having marriage problems. Joe comes in but Nonna isn't happy that there are no children. She talks to Mel and asks very personal questions. Nonna tells Joe not to take Tiffany for granted and says the two are made for each other.

Marco buys flowers for Lennox, who says she just wants to stay friends. While Marco buys cigarettes for his father, two guys approach Lennox and hit on her. Marco tells them to leave her alone and punches one of them. Lennox warms up to Marco.

Ryder appreciates everything that the Longos have done for him. Gloria asks him to take care of a problem for her. She asks him to kill a rat for her.

Everyone shares a toast to Nonna for her 99th birthday. Nonna pours Mel and Joe a glass of her special liquor. Gloria thinks she should have warned them first. Joe asks what she means and Nonna says that she gave them a love potion. Mel thinks she is joking but Nonna is serious. Gloria says that the liquor has helped 17 marriages and 82 children. After drinking it, Nonna dances around the apartment. Joe and Mel find themselves looking at each other differently now.