I Shall Not Be Moved - Recap

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The scene opens with Lt. Rice entering the bank and observing a long line. She shows her badge and says that she is the lieutenant for the Police Department and she is told to wait in line. She lies to the teller and says that she has a murder investigation that she needs to attend to and that she doesn’t have time to wait. Lt. Rice is allowed to sit down. She says that she wants to discuss some funds that were withdrawn from her account. Marissa, the teller, looks it up and confirms that $20,000 was withdrawn but it is not theft. It is a transfer from the bank to a personal account. The person who did it is Carl Rice, Lt. Rice’s ex-husband. Lt. Rice says that she needs to put it back and she fights with the teller to put it back. Marissa calls over security and Rice tells them to back off. Dwight, Charlie and Sutton go to lunch and Sutton says that Charlie needs to change how he eats lunch and says that he is on a new diet and it has worked really well. They get a call for a Code 407, man with a gun, and Charlie asks for them to wait 5 minutes. Dwight and Sutton tell Charlie that a man with a gun comes first.

They arrive on the scene and one of the neighbors says that a white man went to the old black man’s house and the old man grabbed the young man and will not let him out. A hand sticks out and fires a gun. Everyone ducks. Dwight tells Charlie to cover him and that he is going inside. Charlie calls Dwight crazy and Dwight goes to the door. The old man answers the door and Dwight says that he is a detective and wants to know what is going on. He says that he is going to kill the boy if Dwight does anything. SWAT pulls up and the old man tells Dwight to back off. Dwight says that he knows the man and asks to go inside. The neighborhood is gathered and the SWAT commander Hudson says that she has experience in hostage negotiations and asks why did Dwight go inside? She says that she is setting up a team to go in if he doesn’t come out soon. Inside, Dwight recognizes the old man as Sebastian LeGrange, a famous recording studio owner that helped record all of the great singers of the Memphis past. He asks if he could give the young man water. When Dwight takes off the tape the man says that his name is Jeffrey. He tries to give his last name but is cut off. Sebastian says that the young man is the devil and that he has come to take him back to “The Farm” Dwight doesn’t understand because he never heard of Sebastian being a criminal.

Dwight is inside the bathroom and calls to Charlie. He says that they need to run the name Jeffery Mc. and see who it is. He comes out of the bathroom. Sutton is walking around and sees a camera crew. He wants to share the story. Back inside, Dwight and Sebastian talk and Sebastian hears the Police helicopter and he points the gun to the young man’s head. Dwight says that they are news helicopters and Dwight shows him the news. He is shocked that his house is on television and they turn to another channel and Sebastian sees Shirley, his daughter. Outside Lt. Rice is talking to Shirley and she says that she hasn’t seen her father for 12 years and that she doesn’t want to upset him more. Dwight calls Lt. Rice and she says that Jeffery is a processer and that Sebastian is being evicted. Dwight looks at old photographs and there is a 5 digit number 24601 and it is a prison ID for Leroy Hitch and that Sebastian is not who he says he is. Shirley wants to know who Leroy Hitch is and Lt. Rice says that her father is Leroy Hitch.

Dwight says that he knows the true identity of Sebastian and calls him Leroy. He tells Leroy that he will only serve a few years and he says that he didn’t do anything to her. He says that he was in love with a white girl named Emily and that he wrote her a song for her and they were talking about going to Chicago. On Christmas eve, he snuck in the back door and found her dead. Leroy says that he was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. He escaped from there and started a life in Memphis. Until today when the man comes and says that he wants to take him back. Dwight tries to tell him the man was there with eviction notices. Dwight asks Leroy if he still remembers the song. Leroy plays the song loud enough for the neighborhood to hear too. Dwight says that he knows that Leroy didn’t kill the girl. He says that he will prove that Leroy was innocent. In the bathroom, he says that Charlie needs to go to Louisiana and she tells Sutton to go with him. They arrive in Arden and they look at the case file and Charlie says that they never ran the prints on the murder weapon. Charlie calls Rice with the print results and Leroy’s prints were on the knife. Dwight is inside and demands Leroy to tell the truth and he says that the cops got it mixed up and he says that he played the song the day before for her younger sister. Leroy is startled by a noise and accidently shoots the gun into the floor. Dwight says that they need to call his Lieutenant and tell her everything is fine but it is too late and tear gas gets thrown through the windows and SWAT enters. They get Leroy, Dwight and Jeffery.

Dwight arrives in the station and everyone claps. Dwight asks where Leroy is and Lt. Rice says that Louisiana wanted him back. Dwight claims that Leroy didn’t do it and Rice says that Dwight is going to give himself a heart attack. He tells Rice to give him a couple of sick days. Dwight drives to Arden police department and Lt. Rice is there too and says that she hates Louisiana and says that when Dwight has a feeling, he usually is right. They enter the station and go through the case box. They find a cracked snow globe and Dwight says that Leroy didn’t have any money for a gift. They visit Emily’s younger sister, Miranda and mention that Leroy played the song and Rice asks if she ever told others that Leroy and Emily were dating. She says that she didn’t but says that Brian Turlock gave Emily the snow globe and that he was devastated when she told him that Emily was dating a black man. They ask if Brian is still around and she says that he is their Mayor.

They visit Mayor Turlock and state they are asking questions about Emily. He says that it was horrible and that they got the right man. He says that he had no problems with Leroy dating Emily and that he even helped give blacks voting rights. He says that he was in the college the night Emily was murdered and says that he has a conference meeting to attend. Outside the town hall, Rice is talking with Marissa from the bank and says that they have not received any paperwork to take the ex-husband off the account. Dwight walks behind her and says that he has an accountant and she says that he is meddling. She asks if his ex and him are still at it, and Dwight says he is not. She says that she has a girlfriend that would love him and Dwight asks if she wants his accountant's name. Rice suggests they work the case

Dwight and Rice return to Miranda and tell her that Brian didn’t mind Leroy. Miranda says that it is her fault that Emily got killed because she told Brian and he must had yelled at Emily and caused Emily to yell at Leroy. She says that Brian called from the university and said that his car was soaked from the rain because he left his windows down. Dwight calls Sutton to get the weather report on that Christmas Eve for Fayetteville, where the Mayor was attending the University. The weather information proves that Brian was not in Fayetteville and probably in Arden which had rain on Christmas eve and that he probably wiped the weapon clean and the prints are because Leroy touched it. Dwight says that Emily had head wounds from a blunt object. They go to the station and look at the cracked snow globe and they run the prints and it is the Mayor. The police officers escort their Mayor to prison and Leroy is set free. Leroy and Dwight sing “I shall not be moved” and the episode ends.