Inside Man - Recap

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The scene opens with Dwight and Whitehead going to a crime scene and Whitehead talks about the facial that he got. Dwight admits that it is smooth, but will continue to give him a hard time about it. Sutton says that it is a robbery and the homeowners are Mike and Laura Lane, a rich couple. They see that the wall has a hole in it and Whitehead and Dwight say that the Fox Meadow Burglars are back. Back at the station, Lt. Rice gets off the phone with the Mayor and tells Dwight that the Mayor wants the burglars caught. Dwight tells that they are going to do the best they can. Rice puts on the news where the press secretary to the Mayor tells everyone to call in if they have any information for a reward of $50,000. Dwight does a countdown and then suddenly every phone in the station rings.

The Memphis Police Department is littered with people who think that they have information on the burglaries. One citizen, Keith Grant has something of interest. Whitehead and Dwight are interested in his knowledge of the information on the case. He says that the burglars have been using PE4 and not C4 explosives and says they are out of PE4. Keith tells the two Detectives to look into construction sites. Later, Dwight and Whitehead check out the last known associates to the Fox Meadow Burglaries. Dwight asks what is up with Whitehead and he says that he is re-branding himself. Dwight tells him that he doesn’t like it. They get back to the station and Lt. Rice asks about Keith. Dwight says that they are following the leads and Lt. Rice says that a construction site was hit and PE4 was stolen. Dwight realizes that the Robbers now have an entire load of PE4 to continue their crime spree.

They go to Keith’s place and he is excited that the construction site was hit because it proves that he was right. Dwight and Whitehead start to suspect Keith for being involved and he laughs. They look at his journals on the Fox Meadow Burglaries and the Detectives ask to take them. Keith asks if they have a warrant. Dwight and Whitehead get back to Lt. Rice and ask for a warrant, but she tells them that they are going to have to go to Keith and play nice to get the journals. She suggests that they bring him on as a consultant. Later, Keith comes into the station and Dwight tells that he is a consultant that has some important information. Whitehead comes in late and Keith chastises him. However, Whitehead tells that he is sorry. Keith starts to tells about what he knows and Dwight tells him to get to the point. He passes out papers on his findings when Lt. Rice comes in. Keith gets distracted and can’t really talk. Dwight asks why he has Miles Ahomana as a suspect. He tells that they had a suspect named Miles Hart and Keith says that Miles came back through the country as Miles Ahomana.

Keith, Dwight and Whitehead get to Mile’s house and Keith asks about Lt. Rice. They tell that they are on the job now. They are invited around in the backyard where Miles and his two Hawaiian wives are having a barbecue. Keith is talking to his wives while Dwight and Whitehead talk to Miles. However, Miles asks what he is doing. Keith says that the earrings look lovely. Outside, Keith says that the earrings are from one of the Fox Meadow Burglaries. Dwight tells him to be quiet, but Miles is looking out his window. They get back to the station and Lt. Rice tells that they have had another break in. She tells that she needs someone with information on the case and suggests Whitehead to come with her. Lt. Rice and Whitehead get to the house meeting with the other wealthy homeowners and Whitehead tells her that she needs to smile and reassure them it is alright. She tells that she is worried about him. They get inside and Shane, a son of one of the wealthy homeowners, says that he has to give her over to the wolves. She has a hard time talking to them and Whitehead tells her to smile, but the homeowners don’t like it.

Back at the station later, Whitehead, Lt. Rice and Dwight talk over the case. Dwight says that Miles couldn’t do the robberies because he has a fracture bone in his leg. Dwight gets a phone call. Keith was jumped in his apartment. Dwight gets there and finds that Keith’s journals are gone and he doesn’t have copies. Dwight takes him to his home and tells him to get some sleep without touching his stuff. Keith touches Dwight’s guitar and tells him to play him a song. Dwight says that he checked Keith’s record and found that Keith was mugged at the time of the Fox Meadow Burglaries. He tells that he lost his wife through a divorce because of his obsession with the case. Dwight agrees and says that it will be only one song. He sings. Afterward, Dwight gets a call and says that he is on his way. He gets to the house where Rice and Whitehead met with the concerned citizens. Dwight talks to Mrs. Vereen and she tells her son Shane not to drink. Shane tells that he is concerned and is only having a drink.

Later, Dwight tells that it is interesting that the house wasn’t broken in the same and suspects that Shane is the burglar. Dwight gets over to Mrs. Vereen’s home and asks about Shane. He says that Shane is involved in the burglaries and she admits that she saw him leave right after Dwight left. She tells Dwight to bring in Shane safely. Dwight and Keith go to Dr. Jeffery Gibbs, a drug counselor. He tells Dwight that his clients don’t fight drugs because drugs don’t fight fair. He says that he doesn’t know where Shane is. At the station, Miles is there and Whitehead says that they know about the Fox Meadow Burglaries and Miles says that the statute of limitations is over on it and confesses that he was the one. Whitehead looses it and Greenback asks if he needs to interrupt and Lt. Rice tells him to give Whitehead a moment. Miles says that he “hypothetically” taught someone his secrets. Whitehead threatens to beat him up and Greenback tells him to come with him.

Dwight gets off the phone and Keith shows that he has a friend on social network of a friend of Shane’s girlfriend. He shows a picture and Dwight sees that Mark Coopersmith is her father and lives in Boon Lake. Keith gets excited, but Dwight ditches him. Sutton offers to take Keith on a ride in the patrol car. Later in a car, Dwight and Whitehead wait for the warrant and Dwight tells Whitehead that he has changed as a cop and says that they are both getting older. Dwight tells him that he doesn’t have to re-brand himself. They get the warrant and go to the door. They are interrupted by Shane aiming a gun at them. He says that he thought it was someone else. He says that he did the break-in as retaliation for his rich friends turning their back on him, but after that his partner wanted him to keep going. Dwight asks who his partner is and they realize that it is Jeffery Gibbs. Later, Greenback finds that Gibbs keeps a storage facility and Dwight and Whitehead go there.

When they arrive, Keith pulls up and tells that he wants to go in with them, but Dwight handcuffs him to the car. They go inside and find that Gibbs has all the things from the burglaries. Keith tries to get out of the handcuffs, but hides when he sees Gibbs coming with a gun. He turns on the radio with his foot and inside, Dwight hears the music. He says that Keith is warning them of something. Dwight goes out and is tackled by Gibbs. They fight and Gibbs runs off. However, Whitehead hits him in the chest with a baseball bat and they arrest him. Later at the station, Keith tells Dwight that he never “Deputized” him so Dwight does and tells that their relationship is over now. Keith says that it is alright because he has $50,000 to spend now. Sutton brings in Miles and he tells that he is suing them. However, Sutton says that he can be charged for the Fox Meadow Burglaries because he left the country afterward and therefore, it doesn’t matter. The episode ends with Dwight walking into Lt. Rice’s office to find Keith singing to her. She tries to tell Dwight to help her, but he walks away smiling.