Troubled Water - Recap

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The scene opens with Dwight and Paula Anne looking at the flower shop and Paula Anne tells that Jimmy Wagner, a friend of Dwight’s a while ago, was arrested. She says that she promised his mother that Dwight would look into it. He says that despite having a band together, he and Jimmy are not really friends anymore and haven’t been for 15 years. She asks him again and he agrees. A woman walks into the station and everyone avoids her. She is Lt. Rice’s mother and she tells that Lt. Rice had her driver’s license test revoked and that she knows that Rice had something to do with it and says that she will not stop driving. Sutton asks Rice if she really asked someone at the DMV. She tells him that it had to be done.

Dwight and Whitehead go to the scene of the crime in which Jimmy was accused of robbing. Detective Merrand comes by and tells them that three men robbed a boat with guns. Dwight asks why they picked up Jimmy. Merrand tells that they found three wetsuits in Jimmy’s boat shop after searching for boat shops around the area. Whitehead says that is not enough, but Jimmy asked for a lawyer right away. Dwight says that armed robbery doesn’t fit Jimmy’s character and Whitehead says that 15 years is a long time for people to change. Dwight goes to the Precinct and finds Jimmy. He tells Dwight that he doesn’t need his help and tells him that he will tell him mom that Dwight tried his best. He goes outside and tells Whitehead that Jimmy turned down his help. Whitehead asks what got him into this behavior. Dwight tells that Jimmy stole his girlfriend years ago. Whitehead asks if the girl is blonde hair, blue eyed. He says that she was and then turns around to find Margo, the old girlfriend and Jimmy’s wife. She tells that Jimmy needs Dwight’s help and he says that he will see what he can do.

They get back to the station and Dwight says that he can’t believe that he got sucked into this and Whitehead says that he is “that guy” where everyone goes to. Dwight asks Sutton to get all the information on Jimmy off the books. Sutton likes the fact that they are going under the radar with this. Whitehead asks Dwight for $20. Dwight gives him $10 and a couple of dollar bills. Whitehead says that proves his point that Dwight is “that guy”. Later, Lt. Rice drives by to find her mother on the side of the road. She is being escorted into a police car and she sees that her mother crashed in a car. She goes over and her mother blames her for destroying her confidence. She tells that she shouldn’t be driving and she tells that she is trying to put her into prison. Dwight and Whitehead go to the owner of the boat that was robbed. The man has a watch that was reported stolen. He says that he had to get it back and so he put a word out to some fences to track it down. Later, Sutton finds Winston Spady, the owner of a salvage yard. Sutton asks if Whitehead thinks that Jimmy is guilty and he says that anyone who steals another friend’s girlfriend is bound to be a criminal.

Dwight and Whitehead go to the salvage yard and meet Winston. He says that he doesn’t have any pocket watches and tells that he never sold one. However, when Whitehead tells that he will drag him to prison, he tells that 3 men came in looking to sell things. Whitehead tells that Winston is going to give descriptions to a sketch artist. Dwight goes back to the Precinct and tells that he got Jimmy’s bail reduced and Jimmy’s mother is posting it. He thanks Dwight for the help. Dwight asks about the men in the pictures and he says that he doesn’t know them. Dwight tells that he will talk to him later at Jimmy’s shop. Meanwhile, Whitehead is talking to Rice’s mother and she asks why he is. Whitehead tells that Rice has to pick her mother up from the Beauty Parlor in an hour. Rice tells that Whitehead needs to stay out of her business. Dwight goes to Jimmy’s shop and he tells that he had his music on the night that the three men came by and he didn’t hear them at all. They walk on the dock and Jimmy tells Dwight that he had the gate open the night they came by because he was waiting for Margo. He tells Dwight that he and Paula Anne need to go get a drink with him and Margo. He says that when the case is over then he will, but he presses. Dwight says that he will see. Jimmy sees something in the water and pulls it out. It is a bumper of a jet-ski.

Dwight comes into the station and tells Sutton to find out the details of the jet-ski part. Lt. Rice calls Dwight into her office and says that Detective Marrand has said that Dwight walked into his case. She tells that Dwight is to turn over all evidence. Marrand says that he got the bail reduced and he leaves. Rice tells that she is not going to tell him to keep out of it. Later that night, Paula Anne and Dwight meet Jimmy and Margo for drinks and the band says that Dwight should come and sing. Dwight has Jimmy join him on stage and they sing “Ring of Fire”. The next day, Dwight is feeling his hangover and Whitehead tells that they have nothing on the mug shots. Whitehead asks if Dwight would have made it as a singer and Dwight says that he can only sing covers and that is it. Meanwhile, Sutton visits another owner of a boat shop and he tells him that he doesn’t know any of the men in the pictures and tells that he doesn’t want to talk. Sutton says that he can take him in on unpaid parking tickets. He agrees to look at them again.

Lt. Rice gives her mother the schedule of her appointments and she tells that she is rushing her. She tells that her life was easier until she started messing with. She gets upset and tells that she can figure it out herself. Meanwhile, Sutton asks Whitehead and says that he is looking for Dwight and says that he has information on Dwight’s friend and it is not good. Whitehead tells that Dwight can take the news. Sutton tells Dwight that the spoiler that they found was brand new. Margo is brought in and tells that they need to know where Jimmy is and she tells that she doesn’t know where he is, but puts a list together of members of the band. Margo says that Jimmy joined a couple of months ago. Dwight realizes that Jimmy lied about being rusty on the guitar too. Dwight has Sutton look up calls on Monday. He brings up a number and Lt. Rice’s mother calls and she doesn’t want to talk to her. Dwight gets to the location and a man is spotted that tried to sell the stolen goods. He manages to get off on a motorcycle. Marrand finds Jimmy’s hat covered in blood.

Dwight goes into the office and she asks if Jimmy is going to be alright. He doesn’t know. Jimmy calls Dwight and tells him to back off or they are going to kill him. Dwight plays the phone call and they hear a whistle. Sutton says that Jacob Hill is the man that got away. Sutton says that it is a horn that is blown when a bridge is being raised. The SWAT team gets on scene at a factory and bust inside. They shoot and Hill goes in a room. Dwight sees him trying to choke and kill Jimmy. Dwight shoots Hill and Jimmy is safe. Meanwhile, Lt. Rice gives her mother new glasses and says that she needs to retake the driving test again and get her license. Back at the factory, Marrand is glad that Dwight’s friend is alright and Dwight tells Jimmy that he shouldn’t have went back to the men and he says that he thought that he could have gotten them out of the hole they were in. The episode ends with Whitehead telling Dwight that he saved Jimmy from doing something worse.