That's All Right, Mama - Recap

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The scene opens with a man singing “Heartbreak Hotel”. That evening, at a convenience store, a man is lying in a pool of blood. Officer Sutton, Detective Dwight Hendricks, and Detective Charlie White are outside and Hendricks wants to know what happened when Sutton got there. Sutton retraces his steps and he tells that he thinks that the crook went through the window. But Hendricks believes that the crook is still inside. They find him in a cabinet and he comes out. When he puts his hands on his head, his pants fall down. Hendricks visits his mother’s home and he finds the music going, the kettle on the stove, but no mother. He sees a stranger in the backyard. He chokes him and asks where his mother is. But she is there and is having dinner with Tony, the man Hendricks was choking. Tony is a new neighbor.

Hendricks is driving down the street to the police station and it is Elvis week. Everyone is stopping him and saying hi. Hendricks sees that the Boob lamp that they had in the station is in the trash. There is a new Lieutenant and she is the one that threw it out. Hendricks tells Lt. Tanya Rice, that things are different and throwing out the boob lamp is wrong because it gives the officers a little humor. She listens and tells that there is a 10-15 that he is taking that Hendricks tries to decline. An older lady is the 10-15 and she is not talking. Hendricks tries to lay his charm on her and she still is not talking. Hendricks finds out that the elderly woman is Dottie Collins. In the examination room Hendricks sees that Dottie has bruises on her back. Hendricks wants to get the address to where she lives. At the house, Hendricks investigates and finds a leaky ceiling. He also finds the scene of the crime. Detective White arrives with the rest of the crew and Lt. Rice tells that Hendricks forgot to check in and file the right reports. Hendricks complains that she is worrying about the small things but Lt. Rice says that she is in charge. Hendricks organizes a team to go around the neighborhood to get information to what happened. They stop at a blind man’s house and he tells that it might have been that nurse that was hired to take care of Dottie. He says that she had a strong accent that turns out to be a Haitian accent after back and forth of White and Sutton trying to guess the accent.

White and Hendricks go to a bar where Canoe, the head of the Haitians in Memphis, is playing pool. Hendricks shows the picture of the girl they are trying to find. Here name is Sebine and Canoe doesn’t know where she lives, but she knows where she “shops”. On stakeout, White and Hendricks wait for their suspect to show up at her store which means the drug dealer. She is a junkie and as White and Hendricks approach, she runs. They run after her by as she runs into the street, she is hit by a car. Hendricks runs up and the girl says that she tried to help Dottie Collins but “he” is going to kill the old lady. Hendricks takes Dottie to a safer place to stay at and tells her that she made him who he is today. He tells that his father was Memphis P.D. but was killed when Hendricks was a child. He goes back to her house and there is someone at the door. It is Lt. Rice. She wants to know where Dotty is. He tells that she was taken to his mother’s house and that there is a male suspect on the loose. She tells that he needs to take the weekend and rejuvenate. She brings up Hendricks’s divorce and tells that she knows it is hard. Hendricks is upset that she would bring that up.

Despite Rice’s words, Hendricks is trying to find Dottie’s abuser. He finds Sebine’s boyfriend T.J. Williams in a Rehab center and he says that he has not abused any old ladies. He calls White and tells that he wants a background check on T.J. Williams and White tells that Dottie’s son just came in. White, Hendricks, and Pat Collins meet in a bar and Hendricks wants to send a message to Pat on the point that he left his mother in the care of a junkie. He apologizes but Hendricks takes him to the roof and shows him the edge. He promises that he will take better care of Dottie at home. Dottie is taken home with Pat and Mrs. Hendricks is surprised that she got the opportunity to have Dottie Collins in her home. There is a knock on the door and it is Tony. He gives her flowers for helping him out the other day. Hendricks is suspicious of Tony after hearing that his mother wrote tony a check.

Hendricks is asking a little girl in a tree house what she saw and she tells that she is not allowed to talk to strangers. Hendricks picks up one of the Barbie dolls and plays with her. He asks again and she tells that she saw a bad man at Dottie’s house and it turns out to be Pat Collins, Dottie’s son. The girl tells that he and the Sebine were kissing and Pat pushed the red car that hit Sebine into the wooded area. Hendricks finds that car. They take Pat to the interview room and Hendricks is furious. White tries to calm the situation down and Hendricks exits. Lt. Rice is there and tells that Hendricks can’t treat Pat like that because he has no evidence. She tells that the red car is registered to T.J. Williams, the guy in the Rehab center. Hendricks knows that Williams is innocent and is backed up by all the police force too. Lt. Rice takes both White and Hendricks off the case.

But Hendricks goes back to the little girl in the tree house and is on stakeout at Dottie’s house. After a while of waiting, Hendricks falls asleep. When he wakes up, Dottie is gone and so is Pat. Hendricks takes this as a chance to go inside. He sees that the bucket that he put for the leak is full and goes and investigates in the attic. He finds a freezer taped up and there is a body inside. It is the real Pat Collins. They play an interview of the real Patrick Collins and he tells that he used to have his mom do things to get money and the guy pretending to be Patrick Collins said that he would take care of Dottie. His real name is Ray Pruitt. In the interview room, Hendricks is with Ray Pruitt and tells that he is sick in the head. But Ray is not ashamed of what he did and Hendricks is disgusted. Lt. Rice tells Hendricks to be in her office tomorrow morning. That evening, Hendricks finds Tony picking up on a girl and tells him to stay away from his mother. Hendricks goes and sees his mom and she doesn’t want him to come around for a few days.

The next morning, Lt. Rice is leaving a message for her daughter who she has not seen in two months. Hendricks walks in. He starts telling her that she is right and that it is good to have order. But Rice tells Hendricks that she was wrong and that he did a good job. As he walks out, he invites her to a bar where in the beginning a man singing “Heartbreak Hotel” is actually Hendricks. Lt. Rice exits her office and the boob lamp that she had accepted to allow has had a bra put on it. She goes to the bar that Hendricks told her about and they all listen to Hendricks on the stage singing an Elvis classic.