Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Curse of Dethklok

On Series Pilot, the heavy metal band "Dethklok" agrees to perform a jingle for a coffee franchise in the Arctic Circle. During their live performance, their "six star" french chief was killed by a freak accident from the blades of their helicopter restaurant he was in and causing him to be chopped, torn apart and thrown around into many pieces. The half dead chief, still on life support, is incapable of making food for the band. Dethklok must find a way to make food for themselves. So they go to a grocery store to see what they can buy.
Guest Stars: James Hetfield as One-Eyed Fan | Kirk Hammett as Two-Fingered Fan | Kirk Hammett as Two-Fingered Fan
Director: Jon Schnepp
Writer: Tommy Blacha
Songs: Dethklok -- Duncan Hills Coffee

2 :01x02 - Dethwater

Front man Nathan Explosion is having trouble recording the band's next album and constantly deletes their recordings, resulting in some discomfort from the other group members over his lack of faith in his music. Nathan decides to find inspiration by recording their new album on the deep Nordic waters. Dethklok commissions a Russian nuclear submarine and while underwater, the band gets distracted by numerous reasons to being underwater. First the submarine suffers from a power outage, then lack of air and food becomes an issue, and a video recording producer also tags along.
Director: Jon Schnepp
Writer: Tommy Blacha
Songs: Dethklok -- Dethwater Practice, Dethklok -- Thunderhorse, Dethklok -- Underwater Friends

3 :01x03 - Happy Dethday (Birthdayface)

William Murderface becomes depressed over his upcoming birthday and decides to celebrates his birthday with a birthday party the likes no one has ever seen. The rest of the band desperately thinks up and searches for the a perfect most "metal" birthday present to give him, since Murderface already has everything he already wanted.
Director: Jon Schnepp
Songs: Dethklok -- Birthday Dethday

4 :01x04 - Dethtroll

The band goes to Finland to apologize for their last tour they had in Finland that caused the country some great damage. While they apologize, the band plays a song that unintentionally wakes up a deadly Nordic Forest Troll. Dethklok, at the beginning didn’t really care about this Troll, but later they all became agitated over the Troll knocking off DSL high speed Internet lines that made their Internet connection very slow; and also causing power outages all around Finland. Dethklok must now find a way to re-imprison this deadly Troll by create the world's first Death Metal Lullaby to put the demonic beast back to sleep.
Director: Chris Prynoski
Songs: Dethklok -- Awaken

5 :01x05 - Dethkomedy

Dethklok decides they want to perform something that’s the opposite of drama, so they decide they need to convert comedy into metal, or in other words “Death Comedy”. Their initial attempt fails, causing Pickles to become traumatized after their worst comical performance ever. Meanwhile the rest of Dethklok, whom are shrugging off their resent failed attempt at comedy, are approached by a man who wants to teach the group how to become successful comedians.
Director: Jon Schnepp
Songs: Dethklok -- Hatredy

7 :01x07 - Performance Klok

When the members of Dethklok have a fight on stage in a city in Jordan, they're sudden outbreak causes 16.7 Million dollars in damage, which the Jordanians sue them over. Dethklok's record label executives are less then pleased of the matter, and so they try to recommend Dethklok to hire a performance coach so that the band can have "Band Therapy" together; in the hopes that the band won't separate. Dethklok find their new therapist some what intriguing and are persuaded to follow his techniques.
Director: Chris Prynoski
Songs: Dethklok -- Inner Child Tied and Beaten in my Trunk

8 :01x08 - Snakes N' Barrels

Before Dethklok, Pickles was in somewhat successful band called Snakes 'n' Barrels. After a spike in album sales, a reunion tour is schedule, which Pickles gladly accepts. The Tribunal sees this as an opportunity to attack the lone Dethklok member with a powerful new mind-erasing drug.
Guest Stars: Warrel Dane as Sammy Candynose Twinskins | Steve Smyth as Snizzy Snazz Bullets | Michael Amott as Antonio Tony DiMarco Thunderbottom | Warrel Dane as Sammy Candynose Twinskins | Steve Smyth as Snizzy Snazz Bullets
Songs: Snakes N' Barrels -- Water Horsey Blues

10 :01x10 - Fatklok

As tax season nears, Dethklok learns that they have earned too much money. Now, in an attempt to get tax breaks, they're donating as much as possible. Fund raisers, charity events, and even an adoption, which they later learn is not considered a tax break. The band's manager Charles, suggest a cancer benefit concert played with the London Philharmonic orchestra.
Director: Chris Prynoski
Songs: Dethklok -- Dethharmonic

11 :01x11 - Skwisklok

After Skwisgaar finished shooting a new music video, he saw a infomercial in which a man was selling guitars. Skwisgaar decided he wanted to show everyone how to 'shred' as good as him. Soon after the rest of dethklok jumps on the bandwagon and pics up endorsements themselves. Murderface is advertising for doorknobs, Nathan BBQ Sauce, Pickles Nickles, and Toki Candy. As a precaution the band's lawyer decides to ensure Skwisgaar's hand, on one condition... he must where protective hand cases when ever he is not playing guitar. The show is about to start, but there are 2 problems, Toki could possibly have diabetes, and skwisgaar has an allergic reaction. How will "The Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class" turn out?
Guest Stars: Jon Schnepp as Video Director | King Diamond as Ronald Von Monoldburg | Jon Schnepp as Video Director | King Diamond as Ronald Von Monoldburg
Director: Jon Schnepp

12 :01x12 - Murdering Outside The Box

After going shopping, Dethklok learns from their manager Charles they have a worker who is embezzling money from them. They hold an employee evaluation while while The Tribunal sends a spy to gather information.
Director: Jon Schnepp
Writer: Tommy Blacha
Songs: Dethklok -- Briefcase Full of Guts

13 :01x13 - Go Forth and Die

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Guest Stars: George Fisher (1) as Dimmu Burger Customer | King Diamond as Dimmu Burger Manager | George Fisher (1) as Dimmu Burger Customer | King Diamond as Dimmu Burger Manager
Director: Chris Prynoski
Songs: Dethklok -- Go Forth and Die, Dethklok -- Guts Punched, Balls Threw Up

15 :01x15 - Religionklok

Murderface searches for a religion after a near-death experience leaves him longing for greater meaning. He samples everything from Christianity to Satanism before finding his true church.

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16 :01x16 - Dethkids

Toki tries to compensate for his adorable charm by over-brutalizing his intentions and actions.

Guest Stars: George Fisher (1) as Football Player | George Fisher (1) as Football Player
Director: Jon Schnepp

17 :01x17 - Dethclown

The tribunal commissions Dr. Rockso, The Rock 'n' Roll Clown, to gather information on Dethklok. Dr. Rockso and Toki's sudden friendship has the rest of Dethklok uneasy.


18 :01x18 - Girlfriendklok

Dethklok is asked to host the American Pornography Awards, but Nathan's controlling girlfriend puts a damper on the situation for the whole band.


19 :01x19 - Dethstars

When Dethklok is given a carte blanche development deal, the future of silver screen entertainment rests in their hands.

Writer: Tommy Blacha

Season 2

21 :02x01 - Dethecution

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22 :02x02 - Dethlessons

Toki is mentored by an old guitar master after he feels overshadowed by Skwisgaar.

23 :02x03 - Dethvengeance

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Director: Jon Schnepp

24 :02x04 - Dethdoubles

Out of fear from the public gun mishap/bloodbath, the CEO hires Dethlock look-a-likes to make appearances in public while the band prepares for the Duncan Hills Coffee promotional event.

25 :02x05 - Dethfashion

Dethklok's new clothing line makes them experience the negativity of body image, dieting and bulimia.
Director: Jon Schnepp

26 :02x06 - Cleanso

Dr. Rockzo realizes that his life is in shambles and attempts to kick his cocaine addiction with Toki’s help.
Director: Jon Schnepp

27 :02x07 - Dethwedding

Pickles brother, Seth, invites Pickles and the rest of Dethklock to his wedding. Pickles is emotionally shocked by this news and becomes overly depressed.
Director: Chris Prynoski

28 :02x08 - P.R. Pickles

Dethklock, sans Pickles, becomes jealous over Pickles getting a new PR person whom quickly rises his status of fame.
Director: Jon Schnepp
Writer: Tommy Blacha

29 :02x09 - Dethcarraldo

The band witnesses the native brutality of Nathan's ancestors, the Yannemango Indians, as they visit the Amazon.
Director: Jon Schnepp

30 :02x10 - Dethgov

Nathan becomes Governor of Florida via write-in after the former Governor is brutally murdered by rioting Dethklok fans.

31 :02x11 - Dethrace

Tired of never being in the spotlight, William Murderface creates an auto event. Nathan and Pickles try to be supportive for their bass player, while Skwisgaar and Toki attempt to get their licenses.
Guest Stars: Marty Friedman as Himself
Director: Jon Schnepp

32 :02x12 - The Revengencers

While a terrorist group known as "The Revengencers" plans an attack on Dethklok's manager, the band comes down with a nasty summer cold. After meeting nothing but failure after attempting several medieval medical practices, Dethklok must play a free concert for some hospitalized fans.
Director: Jon Schnepp

33 :02x13 - Klokblocked

Nathan Explosion is back on the dating scene. When the rest of Dethklok hears word of this, they all agree to help Nathan out by being nice to the girls he starts to date. Unfortunately for Nathan, all they end up doing is "klokblock" him.
Director: Mark Brooks (2)

34 :02x14 - Dethsources

The band hires an efficiency expert after getting fed up with Offdenson. Naturally, this doesn't sit well with Offdenson, as the new staff member attempts to maximize Dethklok's weekly allowance by letting them do whatever they want.
Guest Stars: Brian Posehn as Melmort Fjordslord | Gene Hoglan as Health Inspector | Brian Posehn as Melmort Fjordslord
Director: Jon Schnepp

35 :02x15 - Dethdad

Toki learns that his father has cancer and is dying. When he leaves for Norway, the rest of the band decide to tag along but not for moral support. "Album inspiration" is their excuse.
Director: Mark Brooks (2)

36 :02x16 - Snakes N Barrels II (Part 1)

When Pickles discovers through an episode of “Where are They Now Now?” that Snakes N Barrels has reunited without him for the “SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Show” he and the rest of Dethklok travel to Los Angeles to put an end to this atrocity.

Guest Stars: Mike Patton (2) as Rikki Kix | Mike Patton (2) as Rikki Kix
Director: Jon Schnepp

37 :02x17 - Snakes N Barrels II (Part 2)

When Pickles discovers through an episode of “Where are They Now Now?” that Snakes N Barrels has reunited without him for the “SOBERTOWN USA No Drugs Allowed Sober Rock and Roll Show” he and the rest of Dethklok travel to Los Angeles to put an end to this atrocity.

Guest Stars: Mike Patton (2) as Rikki Kix | Mike Patton (2) as Rikki Kix
Director: Jon Schnepp

38 :02x18 - Dethrecord

Dethklok is hard at work in the studio working on their new album. The world economy is crumbling and waiting for the release of this album to stimulate it back into order.

39 :02x19 - Dethrelease I (Part 1)

With the release of their new album approaching, the band is in a bit of a funk with Toki drunk all the time and everyone else trying to learn a few tricks from yoga practice.

40 :02x20 - Dethrelease I (Part 2)

The new Dethklok album is hours from release. The band holds a concert with a high level of security, while the Revengencers make their next move.

Season 3

41 :03x01 - Renovationklok

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42 :03x02 - Tributeklok

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43 :03x03 - Dethhealth

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44 :03x04 - Dethmas

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45 :03x05 - FatherKlok

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46 :03x06 - Fertilityklok

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47 :03x07 - Dethsiduals

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48 :03x08 - Rehabklok

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49 :03x09 - Dethzazz

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50 :03x10 - Doublebookedklok

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Season 4

51 :04x01 - Fanklok

In the Season 4 premiere, the band attend Klokikon, a fan convention where they encounter many disturbing devotees. Things only get worse when Nathan starts dating a fan.

Source: Adult Swim

53 :04x03 - Prankklok

The guys pull pranks and go on vacation to celebrate the release of their album, but Nathan senses that something isn't right with their latest release. Meanwhile, Skwisgaar and Toki plot revenge on Murderface for his pranks.

Source: Adult Swim

55 :04x05 - Bookklok

Toki writes a tell-all book about Skwisgaar and becomes lead guitarist for the band, but the pressure may be more than he can handle. Elsewhere, Nathan buys a defibrillator as a toy.

Source: Adult Swim

56 :04x06 - Writersklok

The band's new female producer sends them on a vacation to help write songs for the new album. The getaway proves anything but relaxing, however, when they end up in a brutal country and are sold into sex slavery.

Source: Adult Swim

57 :04x07 - Dethcamp

Toki goes to rock-and-roll camp and is bullied by other campers. But he soon finds an ally in a former Dethklok guitarist. Meanwhile, Skwisgaar and Murderface binge on candy and horror movies while Toki is away.

Source: Adult Swim

58 :04x08 - Dethvanity

Murderface goes to Mexico for plastic surgery after he receives a dubious award. The rest of the guys, meanwhile, deal with the effects of aging and years of hard living.

Source: Adult Swim

59 :04x09 - Going Downklok

The guys spend time on a sub without women, and the conditions quickly deteriorate, prompting Pickles and Nathan to compete for the affections of their producer.

Source: Adult Swim

60 :04x10 - Dethdinner

Band conflicts over album credits, social networking and a woman boil over as an important dinner approaches, forcing the band's CFO to attempt to keep the peace.

Source: Adult Swim

61 :04x11 - Breakup Klok

The guys pursue new careers outside of Dethklok. Pickles opens a winery, Nathan and Skwisgaar search for a new sound, and Toki and Murderface get into politics.

Source: Adult Swim

62 :04x12 - Church of the Black Klok

The guys discover an ancient secret; Nathan delivers a eulogy and is forced to confront his emotions.

Source: Adult Swim

Season 5

The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera

Toki's life is in danger after being abducted. His self-absorbed band mates are the only ones who can save him, but they'll need to put their own interests aside to help their friend.

Source: Adult Swim
Type: Animation
Genres: Adult Cartoons, Fantasy, Music
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Mondays at 12:15 am
Runtime: 15 Minutes
Premiere: August 06, 2006
Episodes Order: 12
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