The Curse of Dethklok - Recap

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While on it’s way to the arctic circle where the band is scheduled to play, We are taken inside Dethklok’s helicopter, inside the kitchen, where Dethklok’s helicopter chief, Jean Pier who is the worlds only 6 star chief, ritually preparing the bands food, both adding ingredients and praying in a demonic ritual style, gets called to serve the band. Jean Pier arrives at Dethklok’s dining room shaken and nervous to view the band as they are. Nathan looks at him while sipping his coffee. Nathan then asks the chief to approach him, and so the band asks if he knows the fate of the band’s previous chief. The band members explain to Jean Pier that all their chiefs have experienced horrible deaths while in service to Dethklok. Jean Pier replies that he’d rather die then not to serve with his “beloved” Dethklok. Just then a flock of doves fly directly into the helicopters blades and get ripped apart by them, causing the entire helicopter to stumble about. Jean Pier gets a nervous at that moment.

After this, the chief presents a gift from the Prime Minister of Norway, which were several cases of whine. Jean Pier only presented Dethklok with one as an example. Nathan bluntly refuses the offering stating that the band never ever drinks before a show, but is then contradicted by all the other group members; Murderface takes the bottle off of Jean’s hands and pours it into his challis, Toki already has a beer in his hands, Skwisgaar has a few cups of hard liquor on the table while Pickles has the most bottles of alcohol and liquor on the table as well. Nathan then admits he too drinks before a show.

After the opening credits, we are shown a montage of news reports on Dethklok’s next performance which is taking place in Norway at the Artic Circle. The reports state that the band is to play a metal jingle for a coffee mogul known as “Duncan Hills Coffee”. On one report asked the question if the band is “selling out” to which the bands front man, Nathan Explosion, replied in another report that his only goal in life is to make everything into Metal. On another report, they news team explains that many fans are signing away their lives to view this presentation, the reporters call them “Pain wavers” because Dethklok has the reputation of having the most fatalities on their shows, while some examples are giving during these reports such as: One time a man claiming that someone during a Dethklok show, someone sliced this man fingers and then Murderface rolled them up into a cigar and smoked them. Another example was that a man with one eye claming that the band forced fed him his own eyeball.

Just as the reports are finishing, Dethklok appears in the sky inside their helicopter; the helicopter’s rear cargo door opens and a huge cube like object is parachuted off into the crowded area. The parachutes are deployed causing the cube object to rapidly fall down outside the intended target area, and falls right smack into the crowd of fans, casing many to die instantly. Music starts to come off the cube then three of the four corners open and falls directly into more of the crown and casing more deaths and injuries. When these 3 corners open, they reveal Dethklok to be in it. Dethklok starts to play their jingle and the fans get exited and cheer them on. During this jingle, huge boiling hot coffee containers are pored into the crowd causing even more deaths and burns to the crowd, as well as containers of cream are pored in but do little to no damage.

When the jingle is about finish, pyrotechnics fire some fireworks up in the air, two of these fireworks hits directly into Dethklok’s helicopter. These fireworks hit exactly were Jean Pier, the chef, is at casing him to fly into the air and get directly hit by the blades of the helicopter and causing him to get chopped into millions of peaces, all this while the band looks from below with shock.

Just as this happen, we are taken off from the concert area and transforms the scene to a television screening room were several people are in a meeting discussing the what happened in Dethklok’s show. A man who appears to be in his late years talks about how that concert affected the world, he also says that Dethklok is world’s cultural force. He blames Dethklok for making “Duncan hills coffee” the number one coffee in the world, blowing the competition away.

The man goes on and profiles the band by name as follows:
Skwisgaar Skwigelf: “Taller Than a Tree”; Toki Wartooth: “Not a Bumble Bee”; William Murderface: “Murderface Murderface”; Pickles The Drummer: “Doodily doo, ding-dong doodily doodily doo”; Nathan Explosion.

After he explains to the panel, a man that looks like an ancient sorcerer explains again to this group that Sumerian artifacts (which were actually pictographs) resembles that of the band. A man that is wearing a US military uniform response to all this by saying that if their ones their looking for, we must kill them immediately. Another Old man which resembles a business tycoon, says that they have to wait till the time is right.

Back at Dethklok’s Nor castle mansion, the group frustrated over their resent lose of chef ramble about how their employees must be cursed, because of their resent misfortunes with their chiefs, which is now on life support. Pickles noticed that keeping their chief alive is costing them 10,000$ a day. Murderface suggest to unplug him because he’s not doing any work their for must be fired. Toki asks for days off, that gets Murderface mad because he already tool tow personal days last week, Toki replies that he was depressed. But then Murderface complains that he’s the one more depressed because he’s the fat one, and that it’s a good thing that Jean Pier is dead/dieing because he might get to loose wait.

After Murderface’s ramble, Toki states that he’s starting to get hungry, so they decide to go to their local grocery store. Toki ask, when he was inside the store, what they place their were in was called. Skwisgaar answer by calling the place a “food libraries”, but Pickles angrily implies it’s called a grocery store, and then asks for forgiveness and blames his elevated tone on his low blood sugar. Nathan divides the group and puts each in charge of making one dish each; he specifically says that boos, alcoholic beverages aren’t food. That makes Murderface made again. He states that he’d rather chop of his own penis then admit that boos aren’t food.

They go each their separate ways and encounter several interesting people

Nathan is in charge of making “paella”. He goes to the deli part of the grocery store in search of sausages, he finds them and with his head breaks the glass covering the sausages, he grabs into containers and gets his hand full of glass fragments.

Murderface, in charge of making lemon tarts, asks a lady if their Olives in the dish he’s making, the lady confused asks him in what dish, to what Murderface angrily replies to the old lady “In Lemon tarts wrinkle tits”. He then takes a pee on the salad bar, were the olives are.

Pickles is in charge of making Lobster bisque. He strolls along with his cart full of alcoholic beverages, he asks a fan pricing and stocking the shelves if what he has in his cart counts as soup, the man answers no, but Pickles ignores him and says he heard a yes.

Skwisgaar and Toki together, Toki asks walnuts are what, while Skwisgaar, making fun of Toki, throws a box of tampons to Toki’s cart, and makes a joke or two about it. Toki calls him a lady and Skwisgaar angrily replies he’s not.

Again, Nathan searching for his paella ingredients, stumbles across rice, he reads off a sheet of paper that says to add two cups of rice, he does this and pours the rice into his cart, the rice goes right through the cart and Nathan thinks its cool.

Pickles arrives to the seafood section of the grocery store, he makes a conversation with the clerk their about boiling live lobster will tern them red, shrink them and then they would die. He considers this the most metal thing ever and ask for the man to give him a “hi five”.

Just as Pickles asks for the man to give him a “hi five”, Nathan at the counter uses the intercom to make a joke about a sale on broken boned chicken on sale, which the remaining Dethklok members cheer him on.

After Nathan’s joke, Skwisgaar says hello to an old lady, she says hello back, Skwisgaar tells this old lady that she’s a G-MILF, and he explains what exactly a G-MILF is to her. The scene ends their.

Back at Dethklok’s Nor castle mansion, they go directly to their kitchen, Nathan tells them to put all the ingredient to the pan, to which Toki replies that they left all their groceries in the store. Nathan doesn’t believe what he just herd and screams “What!”

They go were jean Pier is being held, and Murderface pokes his neck tube with a steak and asks him “to cook something for them and to not be a [exploited deleted] be a dude. And so the rest of the members go along with this and beg the incapable chef to make their food. Just then Pickles crying and sad demands in all that is evil to make them some food. Murderface suggests killing themselves as theirs no point to living. Skwisgaar
suggest to sow him back together, but Toki says that their all screw ups that they’d sow him back together wrong Nathan thinks that would make a pretty good song title.
During the end role credits, we see vague images of the chief reconstructed as he walks through the dinner and as Dethklok’s members are eating. They all seem to be afraid and disgusted of there chefs new appearance. All this during Dethklok music is going about which is themed “Sown back together”.