Molly Gets a Hat - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike and Molly outside Mike’s mother’s home and Molly tells that they are going to need a word for when they have had enough at the house. Mike tells that it could be egg salad and Molly doesn’t know if she could use it in a sentence. Mike offers the favorite song to be their code and Molly goes for egg salad. They go inside and Mike’s mom tells that she is fine because she has eight more toes to walk on when Mike tells her to take it easy on her foot. She asks if they want some more pie and Molly tells that she had some “egg salad” for lunch. But, Mike doesn’t get the fact that she said “egg salad”. Mike’s mom gives Molly a gift. It is a gaudy hat that has a big bow on it. When Mike and Molly get up to leave and Mike’s mom asks if they are coming over for thanksgiving and they tells that they are spending it over Molly’s. Mike’s mother tells that she will spend it alone with her dog and Molly asks if she wants to come to her house for Thanksgiving.

In the car, Mike tells Molly that she went off the grid and was supposed to tell her no. Mike tells that it won’t be too bad because her family cooks. Molly tells that it doesn’t happen like that and tells that they are going to have to work at it together. Victoria wakes up early and tells that it is busy at the mortuary and that she has to work early. Molly’s mom tells that it is better then having any dead guys grabbing on her. Molly comes in and tells that they need to help out with Thanksgiving. They try to get out of it and Molly asks for their help. They agree to help. At Samuel’s restaurant, Mike gives the hat his mom gave Molly to him to give to his grandma. Mike asks for Carl to come to Thanksgiving and he tells that Samuel is coming with him. Samuel hears this and tells that his five roommates are coming too. Mike tells that the more the merrier. Mike and Molly get the supplies for the Thanksgiving feast and Mike tells that Carl and Samuel and five roommates are coming over too. She gets a little nervous, but Mike tells that it will all be fine. Mike grabs a 20 lb. turkey to make sure that they have enough.

At 5am, Molly gets up on Thanksgiving and tells that they need to get the turkey in the oven. Mike tells that he needs sleep and Molly squeezes the breathing machine to make him get up. As they come down the stairs, Mike is tired as well as Molly. He tells that only crackheads and prostitutes are up at 5am. Suddenly Victoria comes in the door and asks why they are up so early. Molly and Mike get in the kitchen and Molly tells Mike to get the inside of the turkey out. She then tells him to get the stuffing out of the refrigerator and stick it inside the turkey and put it in the oven. She tells that she is going to get the tables and chairs from the garage. Later, Molly is ready and hears Mike in the kitchen. He is trying to get the big turkey in the oven. He tells that it is not a problem because he can barbecue it. As Mike is trying to light the grill, Molly is in the kitchen smashing the potatoes. Vince and her mom come downstairs and make coffee. The doorbell rings and she goes to answer it. Mike comes in with his hand on fire and tells that the barbecue is lit.

Mike’s mother arrives and tells that she has green bean casserole. Molly tells her to come in. She sits down and Molly comes in the kitchen. She goes in the kitchen and the rest of the family is sitting drinking Mimosas. She tells that a person needs to talk to Mike’s mom and Victoria volunteers. Molly goes outside to Mike and tells that she needs his help. She tells that it is the worst day and Mike tells that it is the best because he is with her. She kisses him. Inside, Molly’s mom and Vince talk with Mike’s mom and Molly tells that turkey is burnt and a glacier on the inside. Mrs. Biggs tells that they can salvage it. Carl and his grandma come in and Mike’s mom tells that it is a nice hat she has. Later they are all around the dinner table and Mike tells that it is the best Thanksgiving and thanks everyone, including Samuel and the five roommates, to the dinner. They pan to the dog under the table and everyone is giving him scraps. Mike and Molly hold hands and the episode ends.