Molly Makes Soup - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike and Molly eating soup and watching Sportscenter. Vince comes by the house and tells that he is there to pick up Joyce. She calls for her and Joyce comes downstairs. Joyce tells that they are going out to dinner. Vince is rude in his comments to Joyce that Molly picks up on and after they leave, she tells that she doesn’t like Vince because she wants her mom to have a man that listens to her and will treat her with respect. Mike is not listening and is watching Boxing. After the boxing match, Mike unbuttons his pants and promises to take Molly out tomorrow night. Vince and Joyce get in and Vince shows that a friend of his gave him two tickets to the Bull’s game in the 3rd row. Mike is excited. Molly tells that Mike promised to take him out and he tells that it is the Bull’s game and that he tells that there are two tickets and they could go together. Molly is not interested. Mike tells that if she doesn’t want him to go then he won’t. However, Mike really wants to go and doesn’t want to be held up to that.

Mike and Molly go to bed and Mike is reading “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. Molly enters the room and Mike is upset with her about the game. Molly tells that she is not telling that he is not allowed to go to the game and she tells that it is her decision whether or not she is going to be mad. The next day, Mike goes to Samuel and asks if he ever accepted a bribe, because that is what Molly called the tickets from Vince were. Samuel tells that he gives Mike and Carl free things and they have never given him extra things before. He mentions that Samuel was even robbed when they were there eating their free oatmeal. Carl tells that the ticket to the Bull’s game should not be used because Molly told him not to go and he has to stand by her on it. Mike mentions that he has two tickets and Carl tells that he has an idea on how he can go after all.

The night of the game and Molly is sarchastic to Mike about him go to the game. Mike tries to convince Molly that he is doing a service to Carl and allowing him to go with him. She tells him to have fun, but her face doesn’t say so. In the limo, Vince and Carl tell Mike that he should have a drink and Carl tells that Mike is already in the doghouse. Vince tells that one of the trainers was with his cousin and they are going to be able to meet the players. Vince opens the moon roof and Mike tells that he is the king of the world. He suddenly is hit by a snowball. At the house, Victoria and Joyce are smoking pot and drinking wine and watching the Bull’s game. Molly comes downstairs and Joyce tells her to watch the game she tells that Vince is going to say hello if he is on the camera. Molly is not happy that Vince is with Joyce and Joyce tells that Molly has always hated the men with her. She tells that she appreciates it and tells that she is a big girl and she can take care of herself.

After the game, Mike tells that it was the best night of his life and they get free Chalupas because the Bulls scored over 100 points. Vince tells that Mike should mention to Molly that he is not a bad egg. Mike tells that Molly thinks that Vince’s intentions are less than honorable. Vince asks where they should go next and Carl tells that they should cruise and tells everyone that they are Earth, Wind and Fire. They start singing a song from their collection. They get back to the house and Vince asks if Mike could back him up if he had some unpaid parking tickets. Mike tells that it doesn’t happen. Molly asks how it was and Molly tells that she gave Mike a hard time. Vince tells Joyce that his intentions are honorable and proposes to her. Joyce says yes and Molly is shocked. Mike runs upstairs and says goodnight.

The next morning, Mike and Molly are not talking and Mike tries to apologize to her for bringing it up to Vince. She tells him not to talk. Vince comes downstairs and tells that he is not trying to replace her father, but if Molly needs anything then he is there for her. He walks up to Mike and tells that he needs to take Molly out to dinner sometime and not stay at home. Mike tells that he agrees with Molly and tells that Vince can be annoying, but Molly tells that Vince is starting to grow on her.