Jim Won't Eat - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike playing his game that Molly got him and tells that they are going to be late to his mother’s home if they don’t leave now. Mike calls his mom to tell that they are on their way and he tries to get out of it by telling her that Molly fell down the stairs. Molly grabs the phone and tells that they are on their way. Mike tells Molly that she needs to prepare herself because it is going to be something that she defrosted. After dinner, Molly asks if the dinner was Meatloaf or Banana bread. Mike’s mom comes out and tells that she packed up the rest of the lasagna. She asks Mike if he would pick her up from the hospital. She is getting Gaul Bladder surgery. He tells that he will. She tells that if she dies, she wants to have a certain coffin. Mike and Molly tell her that she isn’t going to die and she tells that she is not taking any chances. She tells that she has burial plots bought. Mike tells that he is going to be buried next to Molly and she tells that he needs to slow down. Mike is a little upset from that comment.

The next day at Samuel’s, Mike is in a mood and Carl tells that he likes to direct traffic. Mike sees that his eggs aren’t cooked right and tells Samuel to explain the eggs to him. Samuel gets smart with him and tells that a male chicken is in love with a female chicken. Carl tells that Mike is in a mood. Samuel walks off and Carl asks why Mike is in a mood. Mike tells that it is because he told Molly that he wants to be buried next to her. Carl is shocked too and tells that he needs to slow it down. Carl tells that they have a burial pact already to be cremated and scattered on Wrigley’s Field. Also the death pact of if Carl goes first, then Mike needs to get all incriminating toys and other things out of his room before his grandmother finds them and to run over his laptop.

On their way to Mike’s mother’s home, Mike is still upset with her and tells that she can take care of his mom. Molly tells that she had to because that is what couples do for each other. Mike tells that he will always be there for Molly no matter what. Mike asks where Molly would be if he lost his arm in a rock climbing accident and Molly tells that she would be in an alternate universe where Mike can climb rocks. Mike tells that she is not ready for the conversation. They get to Mike’s mom’s home and she tells that she has laid out her burial dress. Mike and Molly tell that everything will be fine. Mike’s mom leaves Jim in Molly’s care and tells her to take care of him. Mike teases her about the commitment and asks if she is ready for it. She tells that it is fine.

At her house, Jim, the dog, won’t eat. Molly tries to put sauce on it too. Victoria takes Jim out for a “walk”. Joyce asks Molly what is going on between her and Mike and Molly tells that he is pushing her away. Joyce tells that Mike is just worried about his mother. Jim comes back inside and starts eating. Victoria comes in high tells that the dog food looks tasty. At the hospital, Mike’s mom gives her engadgement ring to Mike and tells that she can give it to Molly someday. Mike asks if she knew what his father was going to do to her and she tells that she will because she wouldn’t have Mike if she didn’t. Mike bids farewell to his mom and tells that she will be fine. Molly walks into Victoria’s room and Jim is lying down. She tells that Jim crashed. Molly tells that Mike said that he wants to be buried next to her and tells that she can’t answer that. Victoria tells that there is nothing wrong with promises that she wants to keep. She tells that the promise that Molly would take care of Victoria forever is kept all except the one of being princesses and living in a chocolate castle.

The next day, Molly comes in to the hospital and has brought flowers. She asks to talk to Mike alone and tells that she loves him, but can’t tell what is going to happen in the future, but tells that she would be there and is not planning to go anywhere. Mike tells that what they have is the best and Molly agrees. Mike’s mom tells that she needs to go to the bathroom and they need to give her a bed pan. Mike calls for a nurse. Mike comes to take Jim home and Victoria was having fun with Jim. She tells Jim that she enjoyed their talks and walks. Victoria tells that glaucoma is gone and Molly tells that she is going to have to explain why Jim smells like Willy Nelson’s tour bus.