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Mike's Feet - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike and Carl are in the patrol car. Mike talks to Molly and tells that he is not going to be able to go out tonight because he and Carl are pulling a double shift. He tells that it is hard work, and silently asks for the Ranch Pringles. Carl tells that he doesn’t enter into a relationship because being a cop is a demanding job. Mike points out that it might have to do with the fact that the woman has to climb in through his window when his Grandma goes to sleep. Mike tells that he is going to take off his shoes and Carl tells him not to because his feet smell like Parmesan Cheese. Mike tells that his socks are wet. Carl tells that his feet stink and that would be like sticking his toes into his nostrils. Mike tells that he is taking them off and Carl rolls down the window in 10 below weather.

Mike and Carl go to Samuel’s café and he is sitting down drinking coffee. They tell him to open up and Samuel tells that it is 4:59 am., and they open at 5:00 am. Samuel slowly opens the door for them. Carl tells that he wants to sit in a booth and Mike tells that he will agree with whatever he wants. Carl tells that they had to listen to Bluegrass on the ride home every night. Mike tells that it is classic and Carl tells that it is dumb. Mike tells that if he doesn’t like it then they don’t have to carpool. Carl tells that it saves Mike money to carpool, but Mike tells Carl that his wallet is always gone when he has to pay. Carl tells he is not apologizing for being frugal. Mike tells that it is weird that Carl still lives with his Grandma. Carl starts to ask the “Why are you so..” question and Mike thinks that he is going to say fat. Carl tells that it is bullheaded. He tells that he knows how he got so fat. Mike tells that he is moving to a different table and Samuel sarcastically cheers and says that the crappy tip is spread two ways now.

Later that night, Mike is over at Molly’s, who has cooked a delicious meal. Mike tells that it is alright and Molly takes a little offense. Mike can’t stop talking about Carl and the fact that he told him that his feet stink like cheese. Molly adds in the Parmesan and Mike asks if his feet really do smell like cheese and Molly lies and says that they don’t. Mike tells that Carl is jealous that he is in a relationship and that he shouldn’t care. Molly tells that Carl doesn’t have someone to vent to and Mike tells that he suffers in silence. Molly tells that she can do anything for him and Mike asks for a foot massage to which Molly tells that she will do ANYTHING just to try to get away from a foot rub. On his shift with Carl, he is instructed by Carl not to drive careless and Mike’s phone rings and Carl tells that it is against the law to talk on the phone while driving. He talks to her and tells that he would love to. He hangs up and tells that Molly and him are going to the Hotel to get some alone time. Carl tells that he signed them up for a double shift and tells him to call her back. He doesn’t watch the road and gets them stuck in a ditch. Carl tells that he is out of there when Mike calls him a loser. He tries to get out and steps on Mike.

At Molly’s, she is looking out the window waiting for Mike. She tells that Mike has been dumping his day on her and she needs to take him out to get his mind back on her and Joyce tells that Vince does that too and calls it Semen brain because they don’t know how to stop. Mike knocks on the door and Molly finds that he is wearing a neck brace. He tells that he is fine because Carl stepped on his neck when he was getting out of the patrol car after the accident. At the Hotel, Molly suggests that they get a couple’s massage and Mike tells that he doesn’t like strangers touching him. Mike talks about Carl again and she tells that they need to forget about Carl and tells that he needs to call him to settle things. Mike tells that he won’t let Carl ruin his weekend with his girlfriend and tells that he is going to take a shower and then make love with his girlfriend. Molly gathers her things and tells that he can make love to a pillow and leaves.

Molly goes over to Carl’s Grandma’s house and she tells that they dragged her into it too. Carl comes down the stairs and Molly tells that Mike won’t stop talking about him. He tells that Mike said some hurtful things and his Grandma tells him to stop acting the way he is. Carl tells that he doesn’t have to take this and leaves. Carl’s Grandma offers Molly some tea. Carl goes to the Hotel and tells that Molly is telling that Mike can’t “perform” because he is thinking of Carl all the time. He tells that is not true and they tell that women twist everything that is said. Mike says sorry if Molly upset him. Carl tells that they have a nice Hotel and they have beer and watch the new Russel Crowe movie.

Later, Molly walks in to see Mike and Carl have made up and tells that it looks that way. Mike tells that they can scoot over. She tells that she is going to take a shower and tells that when she gets out, she wants her side of the bed empty. She goes inside and Carl tells that Molly is good to him and Mike tells that the second Carl hears the water shut off in the bathroom, he better be in the elevator.