Victoria's Birthday - Recap

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The scene opens Mike and Molly sitting down for breakfast. Mike comments on new eggs without the yoke and says that they are “tasty”. Molly tells that it is better than a Frapachino and a doughnut. They start to fantasize about the doughnuts at Dunkin Doughnuts and Mike tells that there is one 1.8 miles. She asks how he knows that and he tells that he power-walked and says that he could smell them at 0.8 miles. She tells that they have to stop fantasizing and Mikes says that it is alright to fantasize. She tells that they shared a Snickers last night and Mike tells that it was only a fun size and they worked it off. She tells that she was the one who worked it off. She tells that she is throwing Victoria a 30th Birthday party and she is going to eat a piece of cake the size of her head. Victoria comes in after a night of partying. She tells that there was an after party and then a after-after party in the bouncer’s camper. Mike asks if they should throw a party for her and Molly says that it is a mile-stone in her life and they are going to have cake.

Mike turns on “The Godfather” and Molly asks who the guy is and Mike tells that she isn’t supposed to talk during the movie. Joyce and Molly talk about Victoria’s cupcakes and Mike tells that they don’t need to talk about cake or cupcakes. Victoria comes downstairs and asks what they are doing. Molly and Joyce tell her to join them, but Victoria tells that she doesn’t want to be the sixth wheel and goes upstairs. Joyce asks if Molly wants to go or should she. Mike suggests that they both go. Molly goes upstairs and Victoria says that she was hoping that she had a relationship by now. Molly sits on a silk chair and slip right off. She composes herself and tells Victoria that she needs to do something that makes her happy and tells that she doesn’t get recognition from every kid at school, but if one does it, she is happy. Victoria says that she is going to have a kid. Molly shouts for Joyce’s help and Joyce is downstairs talking to Vince and Mike about how she used to forget Victoria at the zoo. Molly comes downstairs and tells Joyce to go and convince Victoria not to have a baby. Joyce tells Vince to come with her.

They go upstairs and Joyce tells that Victoria can do a lot of things. Vince suggests that Victoria become a stripper and says that she has a rocking body and would do great. She tells him to leave and he does. Molly gives Mike an ice-cream Sunday and tells him to take it up to Victoria. Mike asks for a backup in the case that he eats it. She tells that he will do fine. He goes upstairs and Victoria asks Mike what makes him happy. Mike tells that he likes to help people. Victoria tells that she knows what she is going to do. She says that she wants to join the Army. The next day at the restaurant, Samuel takes Carl his lunch that consists of hot beef and cheese sandwich with a strawberry shake and gives Mike a can of tuna. He jokes and says that he will bring his kitty toy. Carl tells that he is proud of Mike about his diet and says that he has come a long way. He says that the guys at the station still don’t know how the jelly got out of the doughnuts without the box being open. Mike says that he used a straw. Molly and Victoria come in and tell that the Army won’t take Victoria. Carl tells that he has been standing at attention since she came in. Victoria says that maybe she could be a nun. Carl tells that she can come to church and Victoria is convinced.

That Sunday, Mike, Molly and Victoria go to church and Victoria tries to leave, but Molly drags her back in. Carl comes out to greet them and his Grandma goes up to him and tells that he has to play the organ. Carl tells Victoria to pay attention to him on the organ because he is good. His Grandma tells that he can’t use Jesus as his wing man. They get in and Mike tells that he is hungry. Molly gives him a butterscotch candy. Victoria tells that she is getting close to Jesus and stands up and starts dancing around. The next day it is Victoria’s birthday and Mike asks if they have to wait for Victoria and she tells him to eat his rice cake. She tells that she doesn’t know how long Victoria is going to be on this religious fad and then asks Mike about eating the cake without Victoria not knowing. Mike pulls out two straws and they drink the inside of the cake. The episode ends with Victoria getting into the church choir and sees another black guy in the choir and takes an interest. Carl walks out in a fit.