Molly Needs a Number - Recap

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The scene opens with Carl and Mike entering their regular restaurant, when Carl announces that he is inspired by the talk and songs on radio. Mike wonders if he recently spent the first night with his girlfriend. Carl declares that he has been unlike in earlier relationships, in which he went rather reckless. He explains how good the relationship with his current girlfriend has been, and he is indiscriminate about being nice to people and seeing the brighter side of things. Mike thinks it’s a new obsession that has engulfed Carl. Later, Samuel serves them their meals, and complains about his heater going wrong, and being woken up by the sound of his shattering teeth. He has also pulled his hamstring, but Carl insists that his other leg is okay, and he sure has a set of very strong teeth. After a while of chalking things out, Mike and Carl decide to double up with their partners for dinner on Saturday night.

Later, when Molly, Joyce and Victoria are discussing the invite list, Molly does not want Victoria’s pot-dealer to be on it. However, Victoria points out she sees him every other day, and it will be awkward if she did not invite him. Besides, Joyce is already hoping that Molly better gets a good wedding, unlike she and her dad, who rounded up things with a civil ceremony. Molly thinks it was good they had it when she was still alive. Later when Mike is back from work, he reports Carl’s newfound love, and the fact that he is giving warning hugs instead of tickets to traffic flouters. When Molly learns about Carl’s partner, she is hopeful that she can be part of the invite list.

When Mike is on his way to the bedroom with a beer, not worried about their wedding that is six months away, Molly runs up close behind him. They must get a little more cautious on the budget because they need to book the venue in advance. Mike is not worried, and announces that Carl and his doctor girlfriend are coming to dinner on Saturday. Molly is worried about the busy schedule she cannot escape – not even the guest list is ready. However, Mike is nonchalant and asks Molly to take time off. She is just looking too stressed.

Next day, when Mike and Carl are out patrolling, Carl announces that he and his girlfriend are planning to buy wine for carrying to Mike and Molly’s. It turns out that Carl’s lady is allergic to nuts. He explains that everything such as cashews, pistachios and the like are best kept out. Later, when Mike gets to Peggy’s, he wants to know who she would like on the invite list of the wedding. While Mike goes reading different names, all she has are sour comments for them. There is hardly anyone she would like to see at her son’s wedding. When she says it is just too early, Mike blurts out that Molly has been pressurizing him to get acting on the wedding. With some moral support from Peggy, Mike is able to shed the wedding event woes for a while.

Later, when Molly arrives after shopping, she finds Joyce and Vince planning a double wedding. They try to tempt her with their plans, and Vince thinks his plans will be greatly cost-beneficial. However, Molly is ready to go ahead with her plans and is not saying anything but No. Later, when Mike comes back, he is not as tense as Molly, and she is just too worried to let him be. Mike says his mom is yet to come up with her list of invites, but she is afraid of losing the ceremony hall if they cannot come up with a head count sooner. Mike blurts out she should stop making herself and everyone else crazy. She is livid, and shrugs of the planning responsibility onto Mike’s shoulders after he boasts about being a quick event planner. However, he hardly knows what to do next.

Later, Mike is trying to get his mom’s guests list confirmed, but is still unable. He starts yelling at Peggy, but hushes down when Molly arrives. She is angry about the simplistic efforts he has used for a ceremony hall chart, and walks away from Mike taunting him away. Later, when Carl and his girlfriend are over at Molly’s, she starts by saying how nice the wine tastes. Carl butts in saying, it has to be, it is $35, but his girlfriend interrupts. However, he is still unaware of his missing etiquette. When Mike comes down, he announces that the wedding event is not worth the effort. They should rather have a civil wedding. Why spend loads of money on something that is driving everybody crazy. Moreover, they should not have to wait that long. If they have a civil wedding, they can have it tomorrow – the facility is open for cops and other public employees. Livid, Molly leaves through the front door saying she needs to check on the salmons.

Carl’s girlfriend feels sorry for her, and tries joshing her a bit. While she learns from Molly that she accepts the plans are driving people crazy, she also admits that she always dreams of a traditional wedding. In the meantime, Mike and Carl are discussing what he should or shouldn’t have said. Carl thinks Mike is hardly capable of telling women the right things, but a while later, Carl’s girlfriend comes rushing in with allergic eyes. Just then Carl discovers they have served nuts, and lays into Mike. He replies he has been too busy with the wedding plans. He is hardly aware of the situation, and only rushes to the hospital with her when Molly screams it out. Later, the doctors manage to get her out of danger. When Carl drops her home, she agrees to be his date on Mike and Molly’s wedding day.