Christmas Break - Recap

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The scene opens with Molly, Mike, Victoria and Joyce sprucing up the place to get ready for the Christmas holiday. Molly says that they go out and pulls out the stockings. Victoria asks if he still has his when he was a kid. Mike says that Christmas wasn’t a good time when he was a kid. Molly says that they are going to get rid of the Ghost of Christmas past and get him some good memories. She says that they are going to get a Christmas tree and everything and Victoria and Joyce tell that it is all about Apple Cider and Hot Coco with Schnapps. Mike is happy and says that if he smarted off to his mom a week before Christmas, his Super Nintendo would turn into tube socks with a note from Santa saying that if he didn’t like it he could live with his dad and his whore. Joyce asks if they want some Schnapps now.

Molly teaches at the school and tells the kids that they don’t have any homework except for giving something to someone this year. They are not happy with that and the bell rings. Rebecca comes in and tells her that she wanted to wish her the Happy Holiday. She says that nothing is “official”, but Molly didn’t get the Vice Principal job and says that she got it instead. Molly fakes happiness and leads her out wishing her a Happy Holidays too. She closes the door and is upset. Meanwhile, Peggy comes up to the other cafeteria workers and has a bottle of liquor. They celebrate that they are not going to have to serve Mexican Goulash to ungrateful ingrates and their students. Peggy and the rest of the workers talk about their job when Molly comes in. She asks about the rumor and Peggy says that it is fact that Rebecca got the job for sleeping with the Principal. Molly says that she didn’t want to use blackmail to get a job that she deserves.

Mike and Carl are at Samuel’s work and Mike has a new beard for his Santa outfit. Samuel comes up and Mike gives him a $2 tip. Samuel is sarcastic and Carl tells Mike that is why he never tips him. Molly is with Peggy and the rest of the cafeteria workers and she is drunk. Molly says that she comes on the weekend and cares. Peggy tells her that life is cruel and one of the workers tells about her ex-husband and how they were going to get a Winnie Truck. Molly says that she wants to be the one driving the truck through hard work. Later, Vince and Mike have the tree when Molly comes in with Peggy. She is overly drunk and doesn’t care about anything and passes out on the stairs. Joyce asks if anyone wants some Schnapps. Two days later, Mike comes in and tells Molly to get up and she tells him that she is done with her work. Mike tells her that she can make herself pretty and they can get some lunch.

Mike and Carl are at the station welcoming all the children. Mike tells Carl to not tell the kids of anything about their gift. Mike and Carl take a break and Carl tells Mike that Molly is just in a funk and that she will pull through. One of the kids tells them that he just wants his toy and tells Carl that he isn’t a real elf because Elves aren’t Black. He says that there are and asks how many times he has been there. The kid says that Santa isn’t as fat as Mike and Mike says that he got fat from eating all the naughty kids. Carl asks why it has to be like this and Mike says that he blames the parents. Meanwhile, Molly is with Vince and she is drinking Eggnog and Schnapps. She tells him that Charlie Brown is a chump and Vince defends him. Molly says that if it was real life, Charlie Brown would have killed himself.

A man is at the door who introduces himself as Matt Dalton. He was a student of hers 10 years ago. She remembers him of his drawing of a dragon that she thought that it was a dog. He says that he wanted to thank her and to tell her that he got accepted to a nice college. He gives her the picture of the dragon. He leaves and she says that it still looks like a dog. Later, Mike gets home and finds Molly dressed and makeup on. She says that she didn’t really want the Vice Principal job anyways and says that it is about doing something that she enjoys. She kisses him and says that he is her big Winnie Truck. He says that he doesn’t know what that means, but he will take it. They kiss and the episode ends.