Victoria Can't Drive - Recap

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The scene opens with Mike and Molly discussing their wedding plans with Mike’s mother, Peggy. She hopes the couple won’t be spending too much money so that their kids won’t have to go to community college and have crooked teeth. Not before long, Molly lets on that Mike has invited his father. Shocked, Peggy complains how ungratefully Mike has done something that makes her feel he has stabbed her in the back. Not before long, she calls Mike Judas, and stomps off wishing him luck with 30 pieces of silver. On the way back to their place, Mike and Molly argue about why she brought it up. Mike says Peggy was okay about it, only because she didn’t know about it. Molly thinks he should not be afraid about talking to his mom. When they get back home, they find a police car, and Victoria is being taken away.

Vince tells the cops he can offer them a truckload of steak sandwiches with real meat if they let her go. When Mike talks with the officers, it turns out that Victoria has been booked for the 12th time with parking tickets, and this time she has to go to jail. While Molly, Vince and Joyce wait for Victoria and Mike to return from the police station, Joyce complains about the degradation of the town, and blames it on the Columbians throwing out the Italians. Vince comments – sad, but true! Victoria returns from the police station and Mike explains she will have to pay a heavy fine to get her license reinstated. When he wants a sandwich as Joyce is about to make one for Victoria, Joyce is livid – he cannot get her daughter off a parking charge, but can sure make loaves of bread go missing.

Next day, when Carl and Mike are catching a meal at the café, Mike is trying to talk things out with his dad about the invitation. They have to be reasonable – if they aren’t, who does he expect to be reasonable? Mom? Molly’s on call waiting, and she wants him and Carl to give Victoria a ride because she can’t drive now. When Mike gets back on the call with his dad, he tries to reason out things. His wife cannot come to the wedding with him, not because he means disrespect to his wife, but because he doesn’t want Mom to stab her in the face with a cake knife!

Later when Carl and Mike are driving Victoria in their cop car, she hopes lighting up a little skunk in will be cool. Meanwhile Molly is at school, and she gets to the cafeteria to talk it out with Mike’s mom. She still feels betrayed and the fact that Mike still calls his dad about once a month is news to her. She did not blow up her uterus into a windpipe to give birth to a 13 pound backstabber for this! Molly leaves without success – Peggy doesn’t look like she wants to come to the wedding. Meanwhile, Victoria is putting her touches of hotness on a dead body at the mortuary, while she listens to music on her headphones. Mike arrives in the prayer room to find her sitting by the casket, and doing her crazy stuff. She can’t hear Mike when he beckons her, and is scared to death when he taps her shoulder. On the way back home, she and Mike stop at Peggy’s because she is upset about what she has come to know from Molly.

Not before long, although after trying hard, Mike dashes out in a rage – if Peggy can’t set her differences aside for an hour, especially on her son’s wedding day, that’s fine. The choice is hers. All Mike wants is both his dad and mom to be at the wedding. Peggy remains livid at the thought of having to see the face of that prostitute her husband ran away with. Victoria, who has come in to hit the loo, finds Mike has already gone back to his car. She tries to balm Peggy’s feelings, but at first she has no success. Moments later, as Victoria starts praising her legs, and tells her that she can make her look gorgeous if Peggy allowed her to do her makeup, Peggy’s not shouting any longer. Besides, she feels proud of her legs – everyone in the public pool thinks she is Anne Margaret!

When Mike and Victoria are on the way back, he gets a call from his mom. Not before long he is smiling because both, his dad and mom are coming to his wedding. Victoria thinks Peggy might still be carrying a hatchet – oh no, Mike is going to pat her down before she enters the wedding. He wonders what made her change her mind. Victoria comments it is hard to stay mad at a guy like Mike for long. Mike replies his mom has done a pretty good job on that for the last 35 years!
When they get back home, Mike and Molly are worried that Victoria is going on a night out. She has got her drivers’ license back, but they hope she will be okay. Has Mike seen the kind of crowd she hangs around with? Outside their door, Victoria hops into Peggy’s car! They are driving out to a ladies night where drinks are cheap and fun is unlimited. Victoria wants to light up, and wants to know if Peggy is okay with it. She guesses she doesn’t mind, but asks her to blow the smoke out of the window – her son is a cop! The episode ends.