Valentine's Piggyback - Recap

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The scene opens with Carl and Mike talking about their plans for Valentine’s Day. Carl says that he is going to give Christina a dozen roses and a box of Belgium Chocolates. Mike says that he doesn’t like crappy taffy and Carl brings up how Mike ate some anyways. Mike defends himself and says that he doesn’t enjoy it. Carl says that this is his first Valentine’s Day together with Christina and he wants to make it special. Mike says that he is glad all that romantic stuff is over with him and Molly. He says that Molly told him not to worry about it this year. Carl tells him that all restaurants are booked. Carl tells Mike that if he doesn’t give Mike his own milkshake, then he gets upset. Samuel comes up and gives them their breakfast.

Mike sees that Carl has hash browns and Samuel says that Carl ordered Mike a plate. Carl asks how Mike would be feeling if he hadn’t ordered the hash browns. Mike realizes that he is in trouble. Meanwhile, Joyce talks to Vince about their plans and he says that he will play along, but doesn’t want his mother to Google his “member”. Mike gets home and asks Molly if they are still on the same page with Valentine’s Day plans. She says that a simple dinner at a restaurant is enough. Mike is in trouble. Later, Carl and Mike talks and Mike compliments Carl. However, Carl catches on to him. Mike says that he has no plans and asks if they can move in on their reservation too. Carl tells Mike that he needs to not butt in on his romantic date.

Meanwhile, Harry is over at Molly’s house and is there to program a Universal Remote. Victoria comes in and confuses Harry as Mike. She apologizes and says that she only saw a fat man holding a remote. Molly thanks Harry again and he says that he doesn’t mind. Victoria comes in and sits next to Harry and he is nervous. At a flower shop, Mike realizes that all the good flowers are gone. He asks Carl to split his with him and Carl says that is dumb. Mike tries to get one from him and Carl says that he isn’t going to come off as the idiot on this. They get to the car and Mike asks if Carl can give him his tie because he has a brown suit. Carl tells him that he doesn’t think that Mike should be wearing a brown suit anyways. A citizen comes up to them and tells them that a man is on the ledge of a building.

They go to the building where the man is and Mike asks the man his name. Mike tells him to come inside and the man says that he has some lady trouble. Carl says that the city is filled with Jilted Lovers and tells them that there is a man dressed as Batman and tells the guy that he is not going to get any air time with this. Carl tells Mike that the guy has a dozen roses on the bed. Meanwhile, the girls are at the restaurant and Christina is forced to call Carl his Dark Chocolate Treat. Molly realizes that Mike piggybacked on the romantic night. Christina says that it is alright. Molly says that she is going to go, but Christina says that she needs to at least have a drink. She says that she will yell at Mike on the way home. At the house, Harry says that Victoria can go if she wants. He says that it is ironic because she is sexy. She says that it feels weird. Harry says that she has to make it fun otherwise she will blow her brains out. He suggests that she gets some ice-cream and he will find a romantic comedy. She says that would be nice.

Mike gets ready to go out on the ledge and Carl says that he will be fine. Mike goes out and sits down on the ledge. Mike says that if the woman doesn’t appreciate him, then she is not the right one. He says that he has a girlfriend and Carl says that the entrée came and he is forced to eat French fries. Carl gets fed up with it and goes out on the ledge. He slips and Mike catches him and saves his life. At the restaurant, Molly and Christina are enjoying their time. Mike and Carl come up and tell him that they have to go fill out paperwork, but wanted to tell them that Mike saved Carl’s life. They leave and Molly asks Christina to dance. Back at the house, Victoria is with Harry, who is crying. He says that he wants to know if she would be offended if he told his friends that he had a date. She says that she wouldn’t be offended at all. Vince comes out dressed like an angel in a diaper and says that he loves “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The episode ends.