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Peggy Goes To Branson - Recap

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The episode begins with Peggy planning to visit Branson. She tells Molly and Mike that this senior excursion was being planned since a long time and now the lady who has been planning it went toes up last month. But they are still taking her with them. She wanted her ashes scattered on the dance floor at Gilly’s. Peggy says that she loved to boot, scoot and boogie; and she was an alcoholic. Its just that she never met a cowboy who she couldn’t buck before the bell. Peggy immediately adds that she did not care for her. She tells Molly to make sure that Jim has got his chew toy. She tells them that if they don’t take care of little things then she would cancel her trip and stay home.

Mike tells mom that she should take these little vacations, as when she takes one, the whole family gets a vacation…from her. She tells Molly to call the pet by his name Jim and not any silly pet dog names, as it irritates the pet. So, Jim it is! Peggy tells Mike that taking care of Jim would give him a sense of responsibility and that it would help him when he has his 14 pound miracle!! Mike says that babysitting a dog would be a valuable learning experience if they ever have kids. Now, Molly caught on to the word If. She says that if means they need to have a talk and Mike hates it when they need to talk. Molly asks him as to when was he planning to tell her about it. Mike tells her that she knows that crap just falls out of his mouth and its her fault for listening into everything. Mike tells Molly that there is enough to think about the wedding and everything and they need not complicate matters by bringing kids into all this.

Molly tells him that all she wants to know is whether Mike is open to having a family. He says that it will happen when it has to. He tells her that they don’t have their own place and asks her whether she wants to raise their child in a house with her mom and sister. Mike is wondering as to when Molly became so baby crazy. He tells her that he is beginning to think of sleeping with one eye open so that she doesn’t steal his sperm; but Molly tells him to keep an eye open so that she doesn’t smother him with a pillow!! Molly’s mother asks her about all the noises (of the fight) coming out of her bedroom lasts night. Just then Mike walks in and Joyce asks him how he slept last night. Mike tells her back to back. Joyce tells Molly that they wouldn’t have a kid that way unless he was some circus freak.

Molly tells her mom that Mike has been leading her on all while telling her that he wanted a family and now he is back peddling. Molly tells her that she is getting old and its high time they started thinking about having babies. Joyce tells her that these things aren’t planned. She tells Molly that she did not plan on having any baby and the only reason Molly was there is because of some tequila shots and an expired gas station condom!! Molly doesn’t want to hear about her mom’s feats and leaves for work. At work, Mike tells Carl that he wants to have a family but he needs to think it over. H tells Carl that he likes the relation what he shares with Molly and a kid in this mix would change everything.

Mike says that he is scared about what kind of a person the child would grow up to be. Samuel tells them that his parents have 14 children and some of them have turned out to be a major disappointment. At home Jim has been rubbing his sphincter on Joyce’s rug all day. Joyce tells Molly that Jim has eaten anything at all and hasn’t pooped all day. Just then he throws up a lot and Molly rushes him to the hospital. There is a lot of traffic and Molly is getting restless. Victoria tells Molly to take it easy; but Molly tells her that if anything happens to that dog then Peggy would come after her and do it her way. Which would be slow and painful! Molly reaches at the vet’s clinic. Just then she receives a call from Peggy and tells her that Jim is fine. She lies that she is cleaning him up and the neighbors are watching and hangs up the phone. Just then the doctor comes out and tells Molly that Jim has some kind of a blockage.

Molly says that he must have swallowed Peggy’s watch but the doctor tells her that he has swallowed a tampon! And guess what...Molly’s tampons are missing! This is going to be trouble. Carl suggests to Mike that they could adopt a baby. Mike tells him that it doesn’t matter wherever the baby comes from; the point is they still got to raise it. Peggy calls Mike to ask about Jim and he tells her that he is at work and so he wouldn’t know, but he assures her that he would be fine. Mike tells Carl that if Peggy had loved him half as much as she loved the dog, then he would have weighed a 130 pounds. Molly calls Mike and tells him what happened and that they need to operate.

And Mike wonders whether they couldn’t simply pull the string?! Mike reaches the hospital. Molly thinks that she should have been more careful about leaving things around. She understands why Mike is worried about having a kid. He tells her that the truth is that he is afraid of not being a good father. Molly tells him that he is the sweetest person she’s ever met. At least after being with his mom, Mike does know what not to do. Peggy is upset about Jim. Molly feels guilty about the entire thing. But it seems that Peggy is happy about what happened. With her guilt weighing heavily on her, Molly is ready to do anything; and Peggy feels that she could soon get a granddaughter named Peggy or grandson named Jim!! The episode ends.