Molly Can’t Lie - Recap

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The episode begins with Peggy bring Mike and Molly to the church, so that they can get married there. Peggy warns them that the priest is a staunch Catholic and tells them that they need to make the father believe that they were good Catholics as well. She tells them not to tell the father that they are living together. Peggy doesn’t want Molly to be herself in there. They meet Father Justin as Father Tim is feeling a little under the weather. Father Justin tells them that Father Tim was trying to throw more responsibilities his way. Peggy has to wait outside as it is only for the couple. Peggy is furious.

Mike and Molly are inside the Father’s office and Father Justin tells them that all they have to do is be honest. When they are asked, Mike tells the Father that they aren’t living together for sex. It’s more of a financial thing. Molly says that they are a little nervous. The Father tells them that they don’t need to pretend about not having an intimate relationship; and says that he has access to internet and Cinemax. He tells the couple that he just wants to makes sure that they love each other and the institution of marriage. He wants to know about their commitment to the church and whether they would raise their children as Catholics. Molly tells the Father that they can’t promise anything about raising their children with strong values. She also tells him that she hasn’t been to the church for a long time; which means that she isn’t a practicing Catholic.

She tells him that she doesn’t think that she would force religion on her children. Father tells them that it is one of their requirements but they are willing to make an exception as they are all pretty scared of Peggy. Mike tries to bribe the priest and the priest ends the meeting. Molly is upset about the fact the church can’t marry them as she cannot guarantee the church the souls of her children. They leave, Peggy asks them as to how did they manage to lose the church. Molly tells Peggy that she couldn’t lie to a priest. Molly tells her parents about what happened. Molly doesn’t think that she is wrong. Mike is going out to have a beer and Molly tells him that he should be helping her to find a place for their marriage. He tells her that he wanted them to get married in the same church, but she blew it up.

Sensing that they are about to have an argument; Joyce and Vince call it a day. She is pissed at him saying that he wants her to be quiet and keep smiling. Mike goes to his mom’s house with his bag. He tells Peggy that they had a fight. She tells him that it is his house and that he is always welcome, but he will have to sleep on the couch as she has given the room to Jim. Next, Mike and Carl are grabbing their bite. Mike tells Carl that they need to find another place to have the wedding. He tells Carl that he did not want a big church wedding, but Molly did. Carl tells Mike that Christine too is very vocal about her thoughts. Mike also tells him that Molly shushes people during the movie. Victoria tells Molly that both of them would work it out. Molly isn’t sorry for being opinionated. She wants Mike to accept her the way she is or he will have to look somewhere else.

Mike comes back home from work and asks Peggy if Molly called. Peggy tells him that she didn’t and doesn’t want Mike to call her as well. He feels that he over reacted. Peggy has cooked him his favorite meal. Peggy tells him that Molly needs to know that he is the boss. But Mike doesn’t want to be her boss. He only wants to be her husband. But Peggy tells him that he is acting like her lapdog. Mike wants his mom to stop and they end up having a fight. Next, Mike is at Carl’s place. Carl asks Mike to be nice to him as he is running out of houses. Carl tells Mike that he needs to sort this issue with Molly. Carl’s grandma doesn’t want Mike to take Carl’s opinion for his love life. She tells Mike that Molly would be all frightened and worried for him. She tells him that Molly has brought a lot of changes in his messed up life, just by being vocal about her thoughts.

Nana tells Mike that he loves Molly because of what she is. Mike gives her a big thank you hug and leaves for home. He better help Molly finding a new place for their marriage. Carl thanks his Nana for helping his friend. Next, Mike and Molly are once again sitting in the office and Mike apologizes for his behavior. He tells her that he appreciates her honesty and loves her for that. But we see that this time they are at a Baptist church, as Nana suggested. This time Mike is honest and tells the Father that they aren’t Baptists. He tells the couple that the only requirement in their church is that they have faith in God and a $1200 check. Mike writes out the check. Molly lies again and says that she has a great great grandmother who was half black and Cherokee. She doesn't know why she keeps doing that. The episode ends.