The Dress - Recap

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The episode begins with Molly trying on a veil. She is unable to decide between a veil and a hat. Victoria gives her suggestion and Molly doesn’t like it. Their mother tells Victoria not to upset Molly. Joyce tells Molly that the veil she is wearing is gorgeous but Molly doesn’t like it. Next, Molly goes in to try the dress and Joyce asks the girl from the store to let the drinks keep coming. She tells Joyce that three is the limit. Molly comes out wearing the dress and the girl from the store tries to zip up the dress; but she can’t and tells Molly that they need to alter the dress. Molly tells her that she is going to shed the extra pounds before the wedding; so there is no need for the alteration.

Joyce tries telling her that it is going to be difficult but Molly doesn’t budge. Joyce is about to take the girls for lunch, but Molly gets irritated and says that she is trying to lose weight! The next morning, Molly is up by five and tells Mike that they are going for a two mile run. Mike is in. Victoria and Joyce try putting away all the food items that Molly could possibly binge on. Vince tells them that molly should try laxatives to lose some weight. Mike and Molly return from their jog and Mike is exhausted. Mike wants to take a day off but Molly tells him that he should get back to work and have diet food. Mike is shocked. Joyce hands him all the canned food that they were about to put away. Next, Mike tells Carl that Molly is driving him crazy with the fitness regime.

Carl tells him that every woman makes a big deal out of their wedding day as they are going to remember it forever. Carl helps Mike understand the importance by relating it to the first time they saw a naked breast. Mike gets it now. Meanwhile, Molly checks her weight and fumes when she doesn’t see any change. She asks Joyce whether she had put bananas in the dinner she made for her. Joyce tells her that one banana can’t harm her; but Molly gets furious about it. Molly wants to go to the gym. Joyce tells him that if he doesn’t go and if Molly sees two banana peels in the trash, then they are all dead. They reach the gym and Molly meets an old friend Alison and sees that she has lost 52 pounds in three years. She tells Molly that the key is trying not losing all the weight too quick. Molly is upset and leaves the gym and goes to the car; while Mike is still exercising. She searches for a candy inside the car but when she finds one, she doesn’t eat it. Just then a car pulls beside hers and the woman accidently hits Molly’s car.

Molly is pissed and the woman tries bribing Molly with 5 dollars for a pizza slice. Molly takes the five bucks and kicks the side mirror of the woman’s car. She calls the cops and they take Molly away. Molly is put behind the bars. Molly tells one of the women prisoners that she kicked the side view mirror of the woman’s car and that is why she is in. Molly tells the inmate that she is on a diet and that she is having a pretty tough time. She tells her that she is trying to lose weight as she is getting married in three weeks and also that lately she has been too emotional. Mike gets Molly home. He tells Joyce that the woman from the parking lot agreed to drop charges if he paid for the side view mirror and the brake lights. Molly tells him that the brake lights were already broken before she kicked the mirror.

Mike asks her to calm down and take a shower. Mike is pissed and tells Joyce that he doesn’t know who that woman is as Molly has never been like this ever before. Mike is complaining to Joyce and Joyce slaps Mike and asks him to sit quietly. He thinks that he is marrying into a crazy family. Joyce tells him that they are very supportive and loving and they will help Molly look her best on her wedding day. Joyce tells him that when Molly sets her mind on something, then only God can help anything that gets in her way. Mike is surprised to know that Molly has been like this before as well. Joyce tells him about the incidents. Joyce tells him that she has had a life time of talking to her, and now it’s his turn. She asks her to take the sleepy time tea for his angel. It calms her down. Mike takes the tea to her.

She asks him whether he thinks that she is crazy. She tells him that she is too caught up with the wedding and that she realizes that she is driving everybody nuts. She tells him that she is sorry for putting him through all this; it’s just that she wanted to look perfect for him on their wedding day. He tells her that she doesn’t need to squeeze into some wedding dress to look perfect for him. She already is the most beautiful woman in the world for him. But molly still hasn’t changed her mind about fitting into that dress. In the end we see a video being played from Molly’s childhood and despite the torture Molly is putting them through; Joyce and Victoria are being extremely supportive as they are today. The episode ends.