The Rehearsal - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Molly being taken out to dinner by Carl and Christina. Carl tells Mike that he and Christina are there for them, in whatever they need. Molly then asks Mike where he would be sleeping tomorrow night, as according to the custom they can’t stay together until after the wedding. She tells Mike that its tradition, to be one night apart before they are joined together. Mike then decides to stay at Carl’s. Molly suggests that Mike should stay with his mom, as it would mean a lot to her. He agrees to stay over at his mom’s. Carl then tells Christina that he loves her, but she somehow doesn’t say it back. Later Carl tells Mike that he can’t believe Christina left him hanging earlier.

Mike feels that Carl put her in a spot; hence she was probably too embarrassed to say it. Mike tells Carl that if it’s any consolation Mike loves him. Meanwhile, Vince is trying on a new suit he bought, at a very reasonable price. Molly enters and isn’t too happy to see the suit Vince is wearing. Joyce tells Vince to find something else to wear. Joyce then tells Vince that he better buy a nice suit for when she and he would get married. Meanwhile, Mike is trying on the suit for his wedding. He loves the way he looks in it. Meanwhile, Carl is still sulking about Christina not reciprocating to his ‘I Love You’. Harry too is happy with the suit he is wearing and thinks he looks really smart in it. Meanwhile, Mike tells Carl to let the whole Christina thing go at least until the wedding is over.

Mike tells the guys to be in their best behavior. Later, the pastor at the church tells Mike to not be nervous as he performs hundreds of weddings each day. Harry then brings in the mother of the groom. Then when she is told to sit beside Mike’s father, she is adamant that she won’t. Mike’s mother and father then begin to argue with each other trading insults in the bargain. Molly tells Mike’s father to move over to her side. Harry then walks Joyce down the aisle. Christina then comes in; she is worried as to why Carl is not talking to her. Vince then ushers Molly down the aisle. Vince then tells Molly that he is still married. Joyce is shocked to hear this and walks out of the church crying. Victoria and Molly run after her, tying to stop her. Meanwhile, back at home Vince tries to calm Joyce down. He tells Joyce to calm down by telling her that he hasn’t seen his wife in 15 years.

Vince then tells Mike who comes in that he could never find a perfect moment to admit this fat to Molly’s mother. Molly in anger tries hitting Vince in the face; Mike stops her just in time. Mike then tells them that they need to fix the problem at hand. Vince then proceeds to talk to Joyce, he also tells then. But Joyce will have none of it, and throws out all of Jo’s clothes. Meanwhile, Victoria comes in and tells Molly that Joyce finally fell asleep. Molly is visibly depressed at all that has happened, and immediately gets to drinking when Victoria gets a bottle of wine comes into her room. Victoria then tells Molly that the church looks all beautiful with her and Christina having decorated it from top to bottom.

She then gives Molly the girder made from their dad’s old silk tie. Vince meanwhile, tells Mike that when he recently tried to get his wife to sign the divorce papers, she kicked him in the balls. They then arrive at the doorstep of his wife. The wife then comes out and says he will only get the signature on the divorce papers, over her dead body. Mike tries reasoning with the woman, and requests her to sign the papers. She then tells Mike that she won’t sign any papers, till Vince returns the 10 grand he owes her. He in turns reveals that the amount was just 2 grand initially, and then she kept adding interest to it.

Mike then strikes a deal with her for 5 grand, and tells Vince to pay her the money. Later Mike arrives at his mother’s house and tells her he has come to stay, as its tradition to stay away from the bride one night before the marriage. Mike then hears his father shout out to Margaret, asking if she is coming back to bed. Mike is shocked to no end to then see his father come out of his mother’s room. The episode ends at this point.