The Honeymoon is Over - Recap

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The episode begins with Molly packing her suitcase; well she isn’t able to shut it and ends up toppling over it. She then finds that Mike is trying to smuggle loads of cheese and ham. She gets rid of them. She tells Mike to get rid of his hideous mustache. It looks like our Mike has turned French now! Well, they decide to get a little naughty for the last time before they say goodbye to their French honeymoon. On the flight, Mike is enjoying the champagne while Molly struggles with the luggage. Mike arranges the luggage in the cabinet and then they get back to enjoying the luxuries of flying first class. Mike thanks Molly for a beautiful honeymoon.

Molly wants Mike to promise her that the moment they reach Chicago, they will be back on their diet. Mike suddenly remembers that he forgot to buy Carl a gift. He finds a blanket on the nearby seat and asks Molly to stuff it in her purse. This is the longest they have been apart. In Chicago, Carl has a new partner. Carl is “bitching” about Mike, calling him a slouch. He has been gone for two weeks and not one word from him. Carl is upset. He even put a prepaid number in his Hershey and is pretty sure that Mike found it. His partner asks Carl to cut Mike some slack as he is on his honeymoon. Carl is impressed by the way his partner works and says that he is a fine cop.

At home, Victoria, Joyce and Vince are relieved that Mike and Molly aren’t around. Molly keeps shifting Joyce’s wine glasses out of her sight and they aren’t able to use the bathroom without a gas mask after Mike has used it! Vince is glad that he doesn’t have to see Mike crouching to the fridge and eating cheese cake. Victoria loves them both, but she says that it has been a honeymoon for all of them. Vince suggests that they should celebrate their last day of freedom. He also states that the new place where the wine glasses are kept is pretty convenient. On the flight, Mike is upset that they have to go back.

Molly assures him that they will be making more trips once they buy a house, pay off this trip and her student loan; well Mike isn’t aware of the student loan! Mike feels like hopping on to another flight and go wherever they like. Molly tells him that she is out of flyer miles and they can’t purchase flight tickets with cheese. Mike feels that she is a teacher and he is a cop; they can make a living anywhere. Molly reminds him that they can barely do it in Chicago; let alone any other place. Mike feels that he has been sleeping his whole life and Paris was like a splash of cold water. Enough of it! Mike feels that there is more to life than a daily routine.

At the coffee shop, Sam tells Carl that since Mike will be retuning tomorrow, Carl will stop moping around the café. Carl tells Sam that he is hurt; he called Mike everyday when he was at space camp. But he says that he is moving on. At least now he is riding around with a genuine police. At home, Joyce, Vince and Victoria are having a great time; they are drunk. Victoria remembers that she had bought a bottle of fine champagne for Mike and Molly for their wedding. So, they can have it. But Joyce tells her that Molly made her promise that they wouldn’t unwrap any of the wedding presents without her. Vince says that until Molly opens her gift, it still belongs to Victoria.

And he is as sure as a guy drunk on tang and tequila can be! Victoria digs into the gifts. Joyce feels that according to this logic, the Kamasutra love kit that they gifted the couple still belongs to them! on the flight, Mike has been awake all night; he is making a bucket list. Molly reads it and says that he should try climbing Mount Everest. Well, having someone mock his bucket list isn’t on his bucket list. Mike excuses and goes to the loo. Just then the plane begins to get a little shaky due to rough weather. Mike is scared and wants to go home. No more flights, no more bucket list.

In the changing room, Rob tells Carl that he had a great time working with him. Carl has got him a gift. He is touched and he kisses Carl. Mike and Molly arrive home and find that the whole place is a mess. The next day, Mike is back on duty. He tells Carl that there is nothing that they can’t get in Chicago; except for the cheese. Carl thanks him for the cool blanket that he gave him.

He says that he is going to keep it wrapped in the plastic so that it looks nice. Mike says that it is a little token to show how much he missed him and that he was thinking about him. Carl lies that he had a good time with his new partner and Mike says the same about his trip; but both of them had bad experiences and are a little shaken up. Carl asks Mike never to leave him again and Mike promises that he would never ever leave. The episode ends at this point.