Vince Takes a Bath - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Molly trying to write thank you cards for all the wedding presents they received. Mike is having a bit of a trouble with his spellings. They then hear Joyce and Vince’s groans from the other room; it is like two old boats banging hulls! Minutes later Joyce rushes into their room and asks them to come with her as Vince is having some trouble. They find Vince lying on the floor on a mat. They were trying a new style and Vince slipped off! And his back is gone. Vince doesn’t want to go the ER. He just needs bed rest. Molly is about to pick him up when Joyce tells her that Vince is covered in coconut oil.

Joyce suggests a way to lift him up but Vince tell her that there is still an hour left for the Viagra effect to fade; so he doesn’t want to be rolled over on his stomach. The next morning, Molly sees that Joyce is leaving and she asks about Vince. She tells Molly that Vince is fine and that she is going to her yoga classes. Mike puts Vince on the couch and they end up in an argument. Vince is starving and Mike leaves for work. So, poor Molly is left to care for Vince. Molly leaves to prepare his oatmeal breakfast. Mike is showing his honeymoon pictures to Sam and Carl. He then hands them the thank you cards. Carl wants him to mail it to him. He says that he spent a lot of time finding him a proper gift and so he deserves a proper thank you in his mailbox.

Well, Sam follows suit and Mike once again starts showing them the pictures. They look bored. Next, Molly arrives home and Vince is in the toilet. He needs help and Joyce isn’t home. Well, Molly goes him and finds him naked in the bath tub. He wants her help to get out of the tub as the water is ice cold and cold water has “its effects”. She then tries to pull him out of the tub and ends up falling into the tub; face down!! She freaks out. Well, now both of them seem to be in pain. She then manages to pull him out of the tub and drags him out of the bathroom and dumps him on the floor of the hall. He pleads her to get him back on the couch. She tries to pull him up once again; but thanks to Vince’s slippery hands, she falls on him. At night, Vince calls out to Molly for his soup. Victoria returns home.

Molly tells her all that she had to “face” and now she needs her help. It is Victoria’s turn to freak out and she runs out of the house to find Joyce. Mike arrives home. Molly hands him the soup and tells him to feed Vince. Mike tells her that he just walked in and Molly lifts up the towel on Vince and shows Mike all that she had to face the whole day. Vince asks Mike to feed him slowly. Next, Mike tells Molly that his thank you cards might be off by one. Vince now has a bell which he keeps ringing if he needs help. He is calling Molly as he is unable to reach the remote. Molly tries to bribe Mike to go down to help Vince but it doesn’t work.

Just then Joyce arrives and seeing Vince on the couch she leaves again. Molly follows her. Joyce is standing by the window. She tells Molly that she didn’t sign up for this. Vince is supposed to be her young stud and he is supposed to take care of her. Well, he did throw his back “taking care” of her. Joyce says that this is how all starts. First he throws his back having sex, and then breaks his hip and then, stops having sex. She then tells her that she saw her father die and she can’t go through this again. She can’t watch Vince die. Molly assures her that Vince is not dying. Joyce says that when she saw him lying on the floor, she panicked.

Molly tells her that she can’t do it anymore as she can’t un-see the things she has seen through the day. Joyce tells her that it wouldn’t be as bad as seeing Mike butt naked, standing on the scale and bending to read the numbers. Just then Vince rings the bell; he wants to go pee again. Joyce goes in. Next day, Carl tells Mike that he received the thank you card in his mail. Mike asks him to open the card. Carl finds out that he is being thanked for the wrong gift.

Sam also received a thank you card for the wrong gift. Both of them point out the spelling mistakes. Carl now wants a corrected thank you card in the mail and an invitation to a fondue party. And Carl reads out that his card says “thank mew”. The episode ends at this point.