Mike Likes Cake - Recap

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The episode begins with Molly looking through her wedding photographs. She isn’t happy about how Mike is looking in the pictures. Mike comes in just then with a cake on his plate. Turns out, it’s their wedding cake. Molly reminds him that, they are suppose to save the cake to eat in their first anniversary. Mike claims he only had one piece during the wedding. Molly quickly disproves that, when she shows him photographic evidence that he had much more than one piece. Mike as a result reluctantly puts the piece of cake back in the freezer. Later at the diner, Mike tells Carl about the cake, and also how he is back on his diet, now that he has had a few bites of the cake.

Carl tells Mike he is trying to rush Christina in to marrying him, so she doesn’t have time to figure out how much better she can do. “Taking time has never worked in my favor” he tells Mike. Morris shows Molly her marriage video that he has compiled. She isn’t happy with the outcome and tells him to work on it further. “You are not leaving until you capture the magic that was my wedding” Molly tells him. Carl and Mike arrive at Christina’s workplace with her lunch. Carl feels getting her lunch is a romantic gesture, and shows how much he loves her. The two at the store a meet a guy called James Turner, who was a pro athlete and is now a lawyer. Christina comes in just then.

She tells Carl she is going out to lunch with James her ex-husband. “Oh my God you divorced James Turner; how high is your bar lady?” Mike says. Later, Mike tells Carl how James Turner is class act. Carl though isn’t too crazy about the guy, and feels he is full of himself. Carl is visibly jealous of James’s achievements and doesn’t like it when Mike lauds his accomplishments. Later at home, Mike shows Vince and Samuel the picture that he took with James. Vince looks at James’s suit and concludes that he is really rich. Morris arrives with the reworked wedding video, and Molly calls her mother and sister to watch it, along with the rest of the gang. “Just prepare to relive the magic” she tells everyone.

They all then do tequila shots, each time Mike is seen having a piece of the wedding cake on the video. Carl receives a text from Christina telling him that, she can’t make it to the viewing. Carl then loses it and begins cursing Christina on seeing her in the wedding video. He then goes into the kitchen sobbing and yelling Christina’s name. Next day, Carl tells Mike “last night wasn’t all about Christina, I always get weepy at weddings”. Mike tells Carl “I’m sure Christina had a very good reason for not showing up”. Carl agrees with him. He then tells Mike how his relationship with Christina is a mature relationship built on trust. Carl while saying all of this is busy circling Christina’s block.

In the night, Mike and Molly discuss about their relationship, and Molly assures Mike that she will always love him come what may. “If Christina can get tired of James Turner, you might get tired of me one day” he tells Molly. The two though, get past that issue and end up kissing each other. Carl leaves a message on Christina’s voice mail and asks her to come clean with him, if she is “done” with him. His grandma tells Carl “the woman is clearly trying to put a space between you and the more you push it, the more you are going to push her away”. Carl is worried that if he doesn’t “push it”, he might lose her.

She feels Christine is trying to let him down easy and that is the reason why she hasn’t returned 15 of his calls. Carl feels his grandma is wrong and decides to go to Christine’s place to confirm this. Later, Christine is surprised to find Carl at her door. “Carl I wanna talk to you but now is not the right time” she tells him. Carl then sees James coming out of Christine’s home. “James can you give us a minute?” she says.

James then goes back in, and Christine apologizes to Carl and tells him that she didn’t mean to hurt him. “I still care about you very much Carl” she says. “I don’t believe you” he says with tears in his eyes and walks away. Next day, Carl tells Mike that, he is just fine and is ready to date other women. Then suddenly he begins to sob and asks Mike “why can’t she love me?” The episode ends at this point.