Molly in the Middle - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike wondering as to why he can’t see a fat vampire in any of the scary movies. Molly tells him that it could be because they drink nothing but blood and that is pure proteins; no carbs in it. Molly also states that there aren’t any chubby monsters. Mike can think of one and she says that the monster is from Tokyo where they live on white rice and MSG. mike says that he loves their little talks, Molly thinks that it is time they started thinking about a baby; bringing a little him and her into the world. Well, it really wouldn’t be “little”. Mike is all ready but she wants to discuss the logistics first. He says that he knows how to make a baby.

But she says that they still live in a house with three other people. Mike says that they need to start a family and the rest will fall in place in due course of time. Mike ways the pros and cons and decides that the baby could wait a little but since they have been talking about sex for the past five minutes, they can definitely get at it. Why not!! In the bedroom Mike tells Molly that he is all ready to put a toddler in her tank but he is a little nervous. He then goes on to get his lucky hat as all good things have happened to him while wearing the hat; including her. Next, Mike tells Carl that reproductive sex is the best kind of sex. It has all the fun like the regular sex; but with a prize at the end!

Carl wants to talk something else other than the fact that Mike got laid. Mike corrects him and says that he made love and participated in the act of making another human life. He asks Carl what he did last night and Carl says that he watched porn and had sex with himself! Mike then gives Sam a heavy tip and Sam checks to see if the notes are real. Mike assures him that they are as he is in a good mood as he and Molly are trying to get pregnant. Mike says that he is pretty confident about his sperms and Carl makes fun of him. Mike notices that Carl isn’t in a good mood and Carl says that he just broke up with his girlfriend and he doesn’t want to hear how happy and “in love” Mike is. Mike apologizes.

At home, the women are having a drink with Christina and Joyce is telling the group that all the “good parts’ of her life ended after she had her children. People say that life becomes great after having a kid, and Joyce says that people are liars. Christina thinks that it is wonderful having a baby; difficult but it has its rewards in the end. Just the Mike arrives and is surprised to see Christina at home. He asks molly to come upstairs for a minute. The other three pull their leg saying that they are going to have a “quickie”. Well, Joyce thinks that all they end up having after a child are quickies. The foreplay is totally out of question. Upstairs, Mike asks molly why is Christina home. Molly tells him that she invited Christina and she is her friend.

Mike says that she is enemy now and asks Molly to get Christina to leave through the back door, just in case Carl drives by! Molly says that just because Christina broke up with Carl, she is not going to stop hanging out with her; this is not high school. They then get to the baby sex; but no kissing as Molly is mad at Mike. Next day Mike is running a little late and Carl arrives home. Molly asks him if he is okay with her being friends with Christina as Mike feels that he wouldn’t like it. Carl says that it is perfectly okay with him and he says that just because it didn’t work out between him and Christina doesn’t mean that Molly can’t be friends with her.

Molly is relieved. But on their way to work, we see that Carl is totally upset with Mike and gets even more upset when he learns that Christina was at his place. Mike tells him that it is not his house; he is just a dog who gets to sleep on the bed. Carl is clearly not in a mood to listen and Mike says that he is not going to talk to him for the rest of the day. Joyce is still ranting about how her kids ruined her life. Mike arrives and he is in a bad mood as some punk kid spray painted on his jacket and Carl stood there laughing while he was getting defaced. This is on Molly as she did not take Carl’s side and now Mike has lost his partner!

Molly is still not taking sides. Molly then arrives to meet Carl and tells her that she still cares about him and that their children are going to need their “Uncle Carl”. Carl is now happy and he states that Mike has promised him that he will name is child Carl. He also tells Molly his middle name and Molly says that they aren’t still choosing names. She will think about it. Next, Molly meets Christina and Christina keeps on bad mouthing Carl. Molly can’t take it anymore and she tells Christina that she is not going to tolerate it as Carl is going to be the god father of their child and also he is a friend.

Christina gets out of the car and leaves. Molly arrives home and tells Mike that she broke up with Carl as she was feeling very protective of him. Mike says that is how Carl is; a real pain in the ass but can’t stop loving him; just like a baby. They then get to baby- making. The episode ends at this point.