Mike's Boss - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and molly going for a date; movie and dinner and maybe a little something in the backseat of the car. Well, he can pull over and skip the movie; but she has dressed up fancy, so she wants to go to a nice restaurant with good food. Just then Peggy calls and Molly has to answer. Peggy says that a raccoon is loose in the attic. Mike says it is impossible as he had put chicken wires around the house. Molly suggests that they should go and check; else she would bug them through the whole movie. This better not eat up his backseat time!

Mike and Molly arrive at Peggy’s house and Peggy asks Mike to be careful as the raccoon might scratch him and he will end up getting brain worms; the ones that crawl up through the medulla oblongata. That is what happened to the neighbor lady. Maybe it is the same raccoon. Mike seems slightly worried. Mikes to check on the rodent and Peggy asks Molly where are they headed as she is all dressed up. Mike comes down and says that there is nothing up in the attic other that her dog’s poop. They are about to leave and Peggy gives away the ending of the movie they are going to watch. Molly surely hates surprises!! Next day, at breakfast, Mike manages to stain his uniform with some barbeque sauce. Mike’s senior arrives and asks Carl to leave as he wants to have a private word with Mike.

Mike feels that his senior is there to discuss his fitness reports and he tells him that he has lost around 35 pounds. Actually he wants to talk to Mike about Peggy and wants to know if she has any current entanglements; he seems to have enjoyed her company during the wedding. Well, Mike doesn’t think if she has any friends. He wants to ask Peggy out on a date. The officer feels that Peggy is charming and funny. Is he really talking about Peggy? The officer describes Peggy and says that she has blue eyes with a tiny fleck of yellow. Mike takes out her photograph from his wallet to confirm that the officer is talking about his mother. At home, Mike tells Molly about the date.

Molly says that she saw his senior dance with his mother but she felt that they were all too drunk and they weren’t making the right choices. His mom dating his boss; it has DISASTER written all over. Peggy calls Mike and tells him that the raccoon is back. Once again, no raccoon! He is about to leave sand Peggy asks him to stay. He says that he has to leave as Molly has made dinner. Peggy tells him that she will never bother him again and asks him to bury her in her red dress and make sure that the grave diggers don’t have their way with her. Mike tells Peggy that she is going crazy as she stays home the whole day and talks to walls.

Mike then tells her that his boss wants to take her out for dinner. The next day, Mike meets his boss, Capt. Murphy. He gives him Peggy’s number and also tells him that she convey the message that if Murphy is looking for an easy lay, look for a miracle whip. Mike hopes that whatever happens between them, it won’t affect his livelihood in any way. Murphy assures him that it won’t. Murphy pulls out the tickets to the courtside seats to the Bulls and he gives them to Mike. Murphy tells Mike that if he plays his cards right then he could have bars on his shirt rather than barbeque sauce. Carl is waiting outside for Mike and on hearing about the tickets; he wonders if it doesn’t work out between Murphy and Peggy, would Murphy be interested in old black ladies? Mike and Molly are at the game and Molly is really tempted to trip the players from the opposite team.

Mike feels a little weird about setting up his mom with Murphy. He hopes that he doesn’t get a call from his mother saying that she is under arrest! To Molly she seems to b like a woman who would flourish in prison. Next, we see that Carl and Mike have a new police vehicle and it is a beast. It is so big that Mike really feels that he lost 35 pounds like he told the Captain. Carl points out that this is a Robocop kind of stuff. Carl wants to drive but since it is Mike’s mother who is dating the Captain, Carl will be sitting bench. Just then they hear a message saying that the Captain requires their presence in the office. Murphy looks pissed and Mike tells him that he was warned.

But then Mike learns that the real problem is that Murphy is upset with the fact that Mike ignores his mother because of his wife and he orders that from now on, his Sundays belong to his mother and he will help her around the house. Mike doesn’t know where they ate, but he surely knows what Peggy fed him. Peggy arrives with lunch for Murphy. Next we see that Molly is setting the table for Peggy and Mike has sealed every entrance with chicken wire to keep away the animals away.

She them tells them to take Jim for a walk as she doesn’t want him to be at home when the Captain is around. Mike hopes that he and the dog get hit by a car. The episode ends at this point.