Yard Sale - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike’s clothes getting relegated to the basement. Mike suggests that they should start thinking of getting their own place. Finally! Mike tells her that they could save up some money but she needs to cut down on her lifestyle. He suggests that she could make some extra bucks tutoring some stupid kid. She says that he could get a second job as well. Mike, Sam and Carl are at the café and Christina arrives. She wants to return the stuff that Carl left at her place and tells him that he ex-husband moved back in with her and they are trying to work things out.

Carl tries to hug Christina as she is leaving but she settles for a handshake. Sam then tells Mike that Christina is leaving and Mike hopes that Carl doesn’t turn around to look. But he does and on the count of five, Carl begins to weep. Molly is in the stuffed up basement and Joyce arrives. She hasn’t been in the basement for a year. Molly says that it is a really nice place as it has a bathroom as well. Joyce remarks that it is great for a newlywed couple planning to start a family. Carl is still upset. Mike tries to cheer him up. Carl feels that he wouldn’t bounce back from this one. Mike thinks that they should fishing. Carl says that they might not want to ruin their weekend with having a heartbroken man around, desperately wanting a shoulder to cry on.

Well, Mike tells him that he will see him on Monday. Molly is having a yard sale. Joyce is about to put up some prescription drugs as well. The first guy to drop by is Harry. Sam arrives looking for tube socks. Mike and the boys are about to leave for their fishing expedition over the weekend. Just then Nana arrives with Carl. Nana wants Mike to get him into the RV. Mike says that it is not a good idea to force Carl if he doesn’t want to go. But there is no saying a “no” to Nana. So, the boys leave with Carl. Mike tells Carl that they will reach the lake in four hours and then Carl would feel better. Mike also tells him that they will get to have good food and Carl says that most of life’s problems don’t get solved with food.

That is exactly why they have beer too! Mike says that the best thing for Carl is to clear his head, get out of the routine and have a good time. Vince plays a tape. At the yard sale, a woman likes one of molly’s shoes and she wants another size. Well, this isn’t a shoe store; it is a yard and they only come in one size, Molly’s size. She wants a different color and Molly asks her to leave. Victoria tells her that she is the third person Molly has asked to leave. And guess who has come to sale; Peggy!! Peggy isn’t too pleased that Molly didn’t inform her about the sale. Molly says that it slipped out of her mind and Peggy tells her to put that crap in her sale as she is not buying it! Molly says that Peggy would get a friends and family discount. Peggy wants to know what kind of a discount she would get for the gifts she gave them.

Molly then points her finger at her mother and sister and says that this is their doing. At the lake, Harry is spraying air freshener in the RV and wants to know who disobeyed Rule No.1 that, no number two in the RV. Carl feels that it was a bad idea coming on this trip. They try telling him that everyone goes through heartbreak and he needs to let it pass away. Carl feels that his fish slipped his line and swam away. Mike says that all that he needs to do is put his pole in the water. Carl says that it is now difficult to even hold his pole. Wait; are we still talking about fishing? The guys leave for the lake leaving Carl behind. At the yard sale, Peggy gives Molly a helping hand and she manages to sell the blender. Molly is happy and asks Peggy to stick around for a while longer.

On one condition; she gets 15%. Deal. At the lake, the guys don’t manage to catch any fish. Looks like Mike was wrong about the lake bursting with life. Mike tells them that they could have had a lot more if they would have used the bait right. Mike forgot to get some equipment because he was trying to get Carl in the RV. Carl knew that he would ruin the trip. Vince suggests a Viking funeral for Carl. Carl is now upset and walks into the Rv. Harry will be glad to turn on the propane if Carl is planning to stick his head in the oven. Mike goes to talk to Carl.

Carl is sorry to ruin the trip. Mike tells him that there is a woman out there who will love Carl for what he is. At home, Molly is practicing her tap dance in the basement. Mike walks down the stairs and records it. Molly has tidied up the basement and if they have a family, this could be their temporary apartment. The episode ends at this point.