Mike Likes Briefs - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Molly doing a pregnancy test and it is negative! Mike is upset; all the effort and hard work seems to be going to a waste. They have been at it like rabbits and by now they should have their yard full of bunnies. Anyways, they could manage to squeeze in a bunny making session before he heads off for work. At the café, Mike tells Carl that nothing is happening. He has been giving Molly all he has and she still isn’t getting pregnant. He tells him that this morning he almost propped out an eye. He is worried that what if he isn’t able to give Molly a baby. He wants a baby soon as he doesn’t want to be an old daddy.

He tells Carl that Molly wants to have three babies and he can’t even give her one! Carl wants to know if he is taking proper care of his testicles as they are the ones that preserve the spermatozoa of life. And Sam gets Mike oysters! He tells Mike that needs to keep his testicles in a right temperature. He suggests that Mike shouldn’t wear tight underwear and Mike doesn’t want to wear boxers as everything goes out of control. Well, Carl thinks the best way to go is to go Commando! Carl then takes him to a sex shop. He tells Mike that it a nice way to enhance their sex lives. At home, the women are wondering why is Mike late. Joyce and Victoria think that it is a good break as the walls of the house are really thin and they are tired of listen to Mike and Molly’s non-stop bunny making sessions.

Just then Mike arrives with something in his hand, and Joyce and Victoria immediately recognize that it is a sex wedge. Mike then goes upstairs and explains to Molly the benefits of the wedge as it tilts the uterus in a way which makes it easier for the sperm to connect with the egg. He and Carl tried it at the shop. The next morning Mike wakes her up and asks her to do a test again. She tells him that one night cannot make her pregnant. She then goes for a bath and tells him that she doesn’t want to have any more sex at the moment and she wants to have a bath without his penis around her. Mike goes to talk to Vince and Vince wonders why Mike isn’t making any babies. There are no ripples in his coffee.

He then asks him if he used to masturbate a lot and because of which his sperm count has been affected. Vince then tells him that it is possible that Mike’s testosterone levels are low. He knows that because if the levels are low then the man has too much hair and if it is high, the man goes bald. Saying so, he points out to his balding head. Well, it is supposed to be the other way round! But Mike is furious and goes to the bathroom, declaring to Molly that he wants to do it now. But he is shocked to see Joyce in the bath! She tells him that he is two minutes late for his wife and ten years late to make babies with her!! Carl then asks Mike about Joyce in the bath. He is curious to know about her. but Mike ends the conversation.

Carl gets him to a store where they meet Andre. Carl tells Andre that Mike is graduating from briefs to boxers. He likes two of them and he buys them. Molly is at home and Mike arrives with a lot of baby making ingredients like, boxers, Chinese herbs and Sam gave him a fertility charm; a dried rhino penis! Molly isn’t excited at all. Victoria notices that something is wrong. Molly tells her that she does not like all this at all. She too wants to have a baby; but it seems that all the romance they had between them is gone. She misses it. She doesn’t like the idea of sex on a ramp.

She thinks that Mike is too focused on making the baby and he is overlooking the beautiful relationship that they shared. Victoria tells Molly that guys do get focused on stuff like this as if it is a project; especially if it involves their penis. But she tells Molly that she is lucky that Mike loves her so much and is so dedicated on having a family. She says that what could be more romantic than a man trying too hard to give the woman he loves what she wants the most. Molly thanks her sister. Mike asks Molly to get the wedge when she comes up. Molly enters the bedroom and she talks to Mike. She tells him that she will always love him no matter what happens.

And things between them would never change. She finds the boxers hot but she doesn’t like the dried rhino penis around his neck; it smells awful. The next day, they do the pregnancy test again; Negative. But this time Mike seems a bit more relaxed and says it will happen when it has to. Molly kisses him and she learns that Mike is not wearing anything under his pants. She finds that hot. The episode ends at this point.