Thanksgiving Is Cancelled - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike on bed and Molly is checking his fever. Mike is upset as it is Thanksgiving the next day. But Molly tells him that he can have a wonderful Thanksgiving next year. Mike is not happy about the thought of waiting for turkey a whole year. Molly points out that he is so sick that he forgot to mention mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Damn this fever! Mike thinks that this could be malaria. And if that is the case, Molly suggests that he should stop talking. Molly steps out of their bedroom and she tells Joyce and Victoria that she doesn’t have to cook as he is as sick as a dog and cannot eat anything.

It is a holiday miracle! Carl is at Abe’s and Molly calls him to inform him about Mike. Carl tells her that if Mike doesn’t take aspirin, she should hide it in his cheese cube. Mike is sick on Thanksgiving and Sam knows that this is going to be a big hit on the economy. Sam wonders what they would do on Thanksgiving and Carl suggests that they could go to his church and have a full free meal and also hit on women. Sam finds it hard to believe that they will get to hit on women in a church and Carl tells him that a lot of bad women go to church. Sam is intrigued. Carl tells him that he can pose like a foreigner and make some good in a land of opportunity. And Carl will be his translator. Sam is happy. Molly is feeding Mike some chicken soup and Mike hates it.

Vince tells Joyce that his brother is in town and will be joining them for Thanksgiving. He has promised Francis a full home cooked meal. He has even got his favorite wine. Vince is upset as he wants to have a family meeting. And Molly points out that they don’t have any family meetings and that is why he is still there. Joyce tells him that she is not his wife and that it has been a year since he gave her a fake rock to wear on her finger. Vince thinks that she is using this to blackmail him to marry her. Joyce and Vince have a fight and Vince ends up sleeping next to Mike! Vince tells Mike that women like making men miserable ad Mike is on a different plain all together. Vince thinks that being gay is nice because men don’t have any kind of drama. He then tells him that he didn’t keep his promise and still they don’t have any trouble between them. It is too bad that he isn’t gay.

Mike says that he is going to throw up. Come on; Vince tells Mike that he isn’t his type and Mike tells him that he is really going to throw up. Vince goes to get something for Mike and points out that Mike has a wife and still it is Vince who is doing everything for him. Mike really hopes this is a fever dream!! Next morning, Vince is struggling in the kitchen and this wakes Molly from her sleep. He is trying to prepare the meal for his brother. Molly defends her mother and he tells Molly that he is broke and is waiting for the right time. He has no savings as he had to give up everything for his first wife’s medical care. He hopes to turn this around and he hasn’t told Joyce about it. Molly feels bad for him. Molly helps him with the cooking.

He is instructing her how to make mashed potatoes and she is getting irritated. At the church, Sam and Carl are looking at an old aged crowd and Sam is disappointed. Nana tells them that they can leave if they are there to knock some woman up. She then tells them to help her with the food. Great! So Sam has one day off and he ends up serving food on that day as well. Thanks to Carl. Francis arrives for dinner. He tries to hit on Victoria and Molly realizes that he is one of “those Uncle Francisies”. Joyce is all dressed up sexily and tries to seduce Francis. He falls for her. Vince does not like it. At the church, Sam and Carl end up dancing with old ladies with weird scents. The women “invite” them over to their place! Sam thinks they are expecting more and Carl says that whatever happens in this facility stays in this facility.

They shake hands. Molly tells Vince that Joyce is only trying to upset him and that he should tell her the truth. Vince denies but then Molly forces him to and he admits to Joyce that he is broke and that he would not be able to take care of her the way she deserves. Joyce tells her that she doesn’t care about that. She tells him that she doesn’t need the diamonds and jewels.

She loves him and that is all that matters. Mike arrives downstairs. It is a miracle; he has got his appetite back. Next, Vince and Joyce get married. Francis gives them a “little something” for their honeymoon. Mike still wants to have turkey and pies. The episode ends at this point.