Mike Takes a Test - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Molly driving to Peggy’s house for dinner. Well, it is not actually and invitation but a direct order from the Captain. He asked Mike not to be late. Mike is all riled up and swearing at everybody on the street. Molly tells him to be calm. He tells her to be sweet with his mother. Molly states that she is nothing but sweet with that, let’s just say “woman”. Even Gandhi would take a swing at her! She agrees to be as sweet as pie. We then hear her getting pissed at people driving ahead. At home, Murphy tells Mike that if he is planning to start planning a family, he should think of taking the detective test as that will fetch him an extra 20k a year.

Peggy taunts Molly saying that this kind of money could buy her a lot of shoes. Murphy decides to take Jim for a poop and he asks Mike to come along. We could learn some tricks of bagging evidence! Once they leave Molly states that her husband has a gun and Murphy has a gun; so how would Peggy like to play as they are alone with each other. On their way back home, Mike thanks Molly for putting up with his mother. She thinks that he should think on what Murphy said and that he should take the test as he would make a great detective. Mike tells Carl about Molly’s take on the detective test. Carl thinks that Mike is not cut out to be a detective. Mike takes offense and sites an example where he had found a cat hiding under a lady’s coat.

Carl still dismisses this idea. Mike tells him that the Captain thinks otherwise. Carl taunts him by telling him that his future father-in-law is going to pull some strings and push his career forward. Mike thinks that it doesn’t take a detective to tell that somebody is jealous! Carl tells him that he is not jealous of him. Carl feels that he should be a detective and not Mike. He then calls Sam to take his opinion. Carl asks him that if he was heinously murdered, who he would want to investigate his murder. Sam asks are they two his only option. In that case he will choose his ghost to investigate.

Carl says that is not an option as his ghost would have witnessed the whole thing and so there is no point of an investigation. Now, Mike did not think of that one. Carl definitely got him there! Next, Mike meets Murphy and tells him that he is ready to take the test and that he would need any special favors from him for the test. Murphy is furious and he tells him that o the contrary, owing to his proximity with Murphy, the board will be very strict with Mike. There is going to be no levy. Mike needs to clear this one his own merit.

At home, Mike is preparing for the test and Molly tells him that if this happens they could get their own apartment very soon. Mike tells her that they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. Molly wants to have sex and Mike tells him that he cannot be a detective and a love machine at the same time; he is just one man! He goes to the basement to study and Molly yells that she needs the love machine for ten minutes. The next morning, Mike tells Molly that he is going to the library after work. She tells him that she misses her husband. He tells her that if he has to pass the test then he needs all his blood in his head. Well, a little blood down south would hurt! In the car, Carl tells Mike that he has been studying a lot off late and this pressure might be causing erectile dysfunction.

Mike says there is no such problem. But to Carl it looks like a “pause for a cause”. Mike arrives home and heads straight to the basement. Joyce tells Molly that she thinks it is not the best time to remind him about the toilet rules. Guess all the new knowledge is making him forget the old knowledge. Molly takes a sandwich for Mike. She tells him that he is taking too much stress. He thinks he would not be able to handle this. She then helps a bit with his work and tells him to describe his last case in a technical fashion. Mike is glad that he is able to do it well. So, the gist is to look at common things around and rephrase those using technical jargon.

Next, Mike returns home and declares that he has secured 76%; he passed by two pints. Molly is happy that he rose to the challenge. By the time their children grow up, he would for sure become Detective Biggs. Speaking of which, he tells her that he is ready for what they have been missing out on recently. Molly is excited and runs upstairs and asks him to find her. The episode ends at this point.