Karaoke Christmas - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Molly shopping for Christmas and Mike is getting tired of the shopping. He wonders why Molly is buying expensive wine glasses for her mother as she can drink wine out of almost anything. Molly tells him that it is more for the guests. She needs some more time as she needs to shop for Sam, Carl and Kevin, the mailman. Mike is amazed that she calls the mailman Kevin as he calls him a thief as he stole his shoes once. Well he doesn’t steal her mail as she gives him a nice Christmas gift! It is billing time and we see that all of Molly’s credit cards are maxed out.

She tries using all her cards but none of them seem to be working and there is a long queue behind them. Molly can feel their horrible stares! She asks Mike to pay the bill using his card. At home, we see that Vince has got new hair. Mike wonders how that happened. Mike is dressed up as Santa and he is distributing gifts and Carl is dressed as the elf. Just then Murphy arrives and he wants to discuss the gift he wants to give Peggy for Christmas. Her one wish this year is that she wants to spend Christmas with her only child with Mike being at her house on Christmas Eve and wake up in her house on Christmas morning. Mike tells Murphy that this could be difficult as he needs to do as he is told by Molly.

But Murphy insists and there is no denying the Captain! Molly has bought a Karaoke machine from Harry and she tells him that she will pay him later. He tells her that he wants the money now as he wants to do his shopping. Molly says that’s he will pay him once Mike is back and Harry says that she can pay him half the money and write down his name on the gift as well so that Victoria knows that the gift is from him. Joyce is very excited about Vince’s new hair. She feels that he is now looking a lot younger with his new hair. Victoria is decorating the tree and Molly arrives saying that they would make eggnogs after Mike arrives and she has also bought DVDs. Mike arrives and notices the expensive Christmas tree.

He then tells Molly that he has something to say and to hear that she might just need a drink. Next we see that they are at Peggy’s house. And her prayer is a really long one!! Molly is running out of patience. She wants to have food and Peggy does have a nice menu but they will have food after attending the Christmas mass. Molly tells her that she would stay home with Jim and “the ham’ while the rest can go and attend the mass. But Peggy wants them to go as a family and so she is coming! Murphy tells Mike that all of them are going. At home, Vince is an emotional wreck after watching the movie. Joyce tries to entice him but he asks her to, lay off. Harry arrives and asks for Molly.

But Victoria tells him that Mike and Molly are at Peggy’s and Harry thinks that Molly is trying to avoid paying him money. Joyce is shocked. She tells him that there are a lot of other people from the credit card companies and Molly owes all of them. This is it; Harry thinks that he is left with no choice. He then picks up the Karaoke machine and tells Victoria that this is for her from him and “only him”. She can repay him once they are under mistletoe. Well, he overstepped the line. At the mass, Mike hands over some ham to Molly that he has slipped into his pockets before leaving for the church. Sam arrives with some pies for everyone at home and Joyce tells him that Molly isn’t home.

However, there is alcohol; so he can join. Victoria and Harry are having a good time singing with the karaoke machine. Peggy asks the boys to take Jim for a walk. She then lets Molly clean the table. She tells her that she and her husband used to lock horns every Christmas which ruined most of them and also a tree or two. She is trying to be nice to Molly and Molly is really touched. So that was Molly’s Christmas present for Molly from Peggy. Murphy appreciates that they came over for dinner. Mike tells him that he hasn’t seen his mother happier in all these years.

He knows that his father never treated her well and he appreciates that Murphy makes her happy. At home, Victoria is singing a Christmas song. Sam is still with them. Mike reads Christmas stories as it is a part of the tradition they followed since he was a kid. Molly seems to like it as she listens to him with a genuine smile on her face. The episode ends at this point.