Molly’s Birthday - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike talking about Molly’s upcoming birthday. She doesn’t want him to make a big deal about it. Well, he is planning to stick to the step-by-step instruction manual given to him by her. Well, she chooses the color of the daisies that she wants him to gift her. Mike tries to decide on a few things and Molly takes away the paper saying that she should have been more specific. Victoria walks in with her drug dealer friend, Tom and Molly reminds her that Mike is a cop who arrests drug dealers. Well, she tells them that Tom is going to crash in at their house for a couple of days.

His house is infested with termites. The next day, Victoria tells Molly that Tom is her best friend and she has been buying weed from him since the tenth grade. Well actually since ninth; but the first year was free. Tom arrives in a loin cloth and greets the women with a “Namaste”. He has used up all the hot water so he is now going to roll around naked in the snow!! So, now a seven foot nude hippie is going to make snow angels in their backyard. Carl and Mike are having breakfast and Carl is happy that he finally managed to move out of his grandmother’s house. Well, Mike finds it hard to believe that his grandmother stacked all his stuff and threw him out in a car. Carl is now free, and can do whatever he wants.

He slept butt naked in his bed and watched a lesbian x-rated movie. He has made plans with Mike. But Mike tells him that it is Molly’s birthday and he cannot make it. But Carl says that he has already paid for the arrangements and he wants Mike to do whatever it takes to spend time with him. Mike wonders what is wrong with Carl and Sam tells him that Carl has never lived on his own and a little bit of Carl is a big thing to bear! Mike thought that Carl was having a good time. But Sam tells him that Carl called him four times last night telling him that he was sitting butt naked in his new place! Molly arrives home and finds that Tom is giving Vince a massage. This is the last thing they want to see. Molly wants Tom out of the house.

Joyce is pretty happy with him; he makes dinner and gives massages. Molly tells him that Tom is a pot dealer. Joyce tells her that she has not forgotten it; she wants to wait for a while before she starts taking free weed from him. Sam is at Carl’s place and they end up watching the porn film. Molly clearly expresses her dislike for Tom and she feels that he is a bad influence on Victoria. Before Molly could say anything else, he goes inside to get some ice cream. Tom arrives and tells the women that someone got their hands on his homemade gelato; but they definitely don’t know that they are going to be high for five days. Well, that person is Mike. Mike is totally stoned. He wants more gelato. Tom offers to take Mike for a walk, so that Mike could settle down.

But seconds later he arrives and tells them that Mike got away. Molly and Victoria rush to find him. Mike is walking in the snow and manages to scare a dog away! And he is acting crazy!! Molly fears that Mike will lose his job. Victoria thinks that Molly blames her for everything. She just wants to have a good life. Sam and Carl are playing monopoly. Mike arrives at Carl’s house. Carl goes to get him a milkshake. Molly is worried. She cannot go to the cops and Mike is not answering his phone. Victoria accepts that all of this is her fault. She calls herself stupid. Molly did not mean that. She only wants her to make wise choices. Molly learns that Victoria has saved 36k!!

Molly wants to borrow 8k and Victoria thinks they should keep looking for Mike instead of having a sister talk. Carl attends to Mike’s phone. He tells her that Mike is at his place. She tells him that Mike is stoned. But Carl does not notice anything unusual. The next day, Victoria wakes up Molly wishing her happy birthday. Molly is glad that Victoria remembered. But Vic tells her that she saw the big note stuck on the fridge. She then tells Molly that she had gone to college to sign up for some classes.

Victoria appreciates Molly in believing in her. She gives Molly a big hug and tells her that she loves her and leaves. She has a gift for Molly; 20 bucks. Mike wakes up. Molly offers the croissants to him and tells him that after he eats, they are going to the art museum. He says that he is cool with it. Molly realizes that he is still high. The episode ends at this point.