Carl Gets a Roommate - Recap

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The episode begins and Mike is going through Molly’s high school year book. Mike makes fun of Molly for the things written in the yearbook about her. The two, are busy pulling each other’s leg, while working on the basement, to make it livable for them. Molly feels they should hire a professional rather than trying to finish the basement themselves. Mike feels there is no need for that and says she is a married to a “first class handyman”. Molly gives in and they continue working on the basement themselves. Mike later arrives to pick up Carl from his Grandma’s. Although Carl has moved out, he still comes to do laundry at her place. His grandma isn’t at all happy about the arrangement.

Carl later tells Mike that his grandma misses him and hence he is trying to wean her off slowly. Mike realizes Carl is making excuses, as it’s actually him who is lonely and goes to his grandma’s looking for company. Mike suggests Carl get a dog, but Carl reveals to him the bad experiences he has had with owning dogs. Samuel comes to their table and tells him about the issues he is having with sharing his apartment with 7 other people. Samuel really pours out his frustration. This gives Mike an idea. He suggests to Carl that he ask Samuel to move in with him, for company. Carl says he likes Samuel, but doesn’t want to live with another guy. Mike then tries talking some sense into Carl, but Carl isn’t too crazy about his suggestion.

Later at home, Mike and Molly continue working on the basement. While at it they have a few mishaps, and Molly ends up squirting superglue on Mike’s face, by accident. She tries to wipe the glue off his face and in the process ends up gluing her glove to his face. Later, Mike arrives at Carl’s house with an eyebrow missing. Samuel, who has moved in with Carl, is now doing his laundry. Basically, Samuel is doing for Carl all the things his grandma used to do for him, including shaving the back of his neck. Samuel isn’t at all happy at the proposition of the things that he, has to do for Carl. Later, Carl tells Mike that his suggestion to allow Samuel to move in with him was a good idea. “Feels good to help out a friend” Carl says.

Mike on his part observes how hard Carl is pushing Samuel. Later at home, Vince helps Mike with the work in the basement. But, Vince isn’t being much of a help and is instead busy making fun of Mike’s eyebrow. Mike expresses his irritation and Vince in turn taunts him saying “you are not so much handy as you are handicapped”. Molly from the kitchen hears how much of a tough time Mike is having working on the basement. Mike on his part pretends as if everything is fine, although it isn’t. She discusses with Victoria the issue and Victoria mentions how Mike may not be any good, but he isn’t a quitter. Samuel comes in a little later and asks to meet Mike. Samuel tells Mike he is out running Carl’s errand.

He tells Mike about the unreasonable demands Carl makes of him. “How do you deal with being around him all the time?” he then asks Mike. Mike suggests Samuel stand up for himself and not take everything that Carl has to say lying down. “It’s your place too, you are his roommate not his mail order bride” Mike tells him. Mike sticks Samuel with attending to the work in the basement and leaves to grab a beer. Carl’s grandma comes in with a man into her living room and sees Carl sitting there. She isn’t at all happy to see him there. “What are you doing here?” she asks him angrily. He argues that someone has to take care of her, but she disputes this and feels he is there because there is no one at his house waiting on him hand and foot.

Carl says he gets Samuel to do all his chores. She then asks him why he is there if he is getting Samuel to do all his work. He says he missed her. She asks him to come back on Sunday and promises to cook him dinner and do his laundry. She adds that she doesn’t want to see his face before Sunday. Carl returns home and sees that Samuel has brought a date. Samuel drives Carl out, as he needs some privacy. Carl goes to Mike’s and helps him with the basement. While at it, he tells Mike how mad he is at Samuel for kicking him out.

Mike on his part manages to get the basement work done completely by Carl, who needs some outlet to vent his anger. Later, Molly comes down to the basement and is impressed to see that Mike has finished the work and has done a great job of it. The episode ends at this point.