The Princess and the Troll - Recap

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The episode begins and Molly is watching a documentary on natural childbirth. Victoria joins her and the two discuss what kind of childbirth they would want. Molly is curious about underwater birthing that’s being shown in the documentary. It is then shown how painful the procedure can be. Molly immediately decides that she would rather be pumped full of drugs and painkillers for her childbirth. Next day, Carl asks Mike if he and Molly have any plans for Valentine’s Day. Mike says they are going to have dinner at home and then sex after. Carl on the other hand is planning to scout for “sad dateless women” who he can pick up.

Carl is going to take Samuel along with him for his search. Mike doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He asks Samuel to instead find a girl on his own and ask her out on a date. Carl feels that’s too much hard work and asks Mike to stop filling Samuel’s head with all the wrong ideas. Samuel chips in with what Carl is saying by mentioning that he has financial restrictions and doesn’t even own credit cards. Carl says that is the exact reason why he and Samuel will “go off the grid” by hooking up with women who are lonely and needy on Valentine’s Day. Carl’s plan is basically to pick up a woman at a laundry mat.

He feels it’s cheaper than going to a club to pick up a woman. Carl’s logic is that in a club a woman can walk away if she doesn’t like you, but in a laundry mat she can’t till her clothes are washed. Samuel agrees with the logic and is impressed. “You sir are a perverted genius” Samuel tells Carl. Later, Mike and Molly notice at the support group meeting that Harry is really lonely. Molly decides to fix him up with Victoria. Mike thinks it’s a really bad idea as Harry isn’t really a looker and Victoria is hot.

Molly feels Harry is a really great guy and if Victoria could look past his physical appearance maybe she could like him. “Victoria is show pony, Harry is three-legged mule with an ass covered with flies” Mike argues. Molly feels Victoria has dated jerks all her life and for a change needs to date a nice guy like Harry. Molly tells Victoria about Harry and she agrees to go out with him. Mike tells Harry that Victoria has agreed to go out with him. Harry is surprised and Mike says he is as surprised as Harry is. Mike has brought Harry clothes shopping for his date. Mike advises Harry to simply be himself with Victoria and assures him everything will be fine.

Harry isn’t too crazy about the idea and points out to Mike that he is “a socially awkward fat man, who has a tendency to talk too much”. Carl suggests Harry shouldn’t talk at all because women like the “strong silent type” like “Harrison Ford or Clint Eastwood”. “There you go, just pick a movie star and try to emulate them” Mike suggests. At home, Victoria is all ready for her date with Harry. Molly doesn’t think the dress Victoria is wearing is apt for the occasion, because too much cleavage can be seen. She feels it might give Harry the wrong idea. Victoria pays heed to Molly’s advice and goes upstairs to wear a bra.

Samuel and Carl in the meantime arrive at the laundry mat. They see that it’s totally empty. Carl feels the women will soon come and they just have to bide their time. While they are waiting Carl gives Samuel a few pointers on how to woo the women. At home, Victoria is still waiting for Harry to arrive. Mike and Molly who are planning to spend a romantic evening at home are also waiting for her to leave. Victoria feels Harry might not show up, but Molly says he might be delayed because of the traffic. Victoria goes upstairs to smoke a joint, because she is tired of waiting. Molly asks Mike to call Harry and ask him where he is.

Mike calls Harry and hears his phone ringing from outside the door. Mike sees Harry sitting on the steps of the house, roses in hand. Harry says he is really nervous, because he feels Victoria is just too good for him. Mike gives him a pep talk and says he and Victoria are both good people who deserve to be happy. He in the end gives Harry enough courage for him to go ahead with the date. Carl and Samuel on the other hand are still waiting for some woman to show up at the laundry mat.

Carl feels they are probably in the wrong location. He concludes the laundry mat near the bus station is “crawling with lonely dejected women”. Carl suggests they try to pick up lonely dejected women from the street, who have just broken up with their boyfriends. The idea seems to appeal to Samuel. The episode ends at this point.