Molly’s New Shoes - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Molly moving all their stuff to the basement, which is where they are now going to live. Mike has lost some weight and wants to shop for new clothes. Mike is donating all his old clothes to goodwill. Later, Carl and Mike are shown walking on the treadmill at the gym. The Captain arrives a little later and says he wants to talk to Mike. The Captain has been dating Peggy for some time now and he says he wants to give up police work and enjoy a quiet, peaceful life with Peggy by his side. The Captain is planning to ask Peggy to marry him. If Peggy says yes, they will sell her house and move to the Captain’s condo in Arizona. Mike isn’t too happy to hear this news and the Captain notices.

Mike, Samuel and Carl are shown sitting in Carl’s vehicle outside Peggy’s house. Mike says he can’t believe Peggy is planning to sell her house. He tells the guys that he was born in that house. Mike reminisces about growing up in the house.

At the mall, while Mike is trying on new clothes, he and Molly discuss the Captain’s plans to marry Peggy. Mike says the whole thing feels a bit rushed. He says he can’t understand why the Captain is planning to uproot her like that. Mike thinks Peggy doesn’t want to go, but the Captain is pushing her around. Molly says pushing someone like Peggy around is impossible. Mike notices Molly seems happy about Peggy moving away. Molly doesn’t deny it and, instead, jokes about it. Mike is outraged and says Molly has no idea what he going though. Molly says she does understand and describes exactly what Mike is feeling at the moment. Mike says she is wrong and storms off. Molly begins searching for Mike all over the mall and, while she is at it, she also indulges in some shopping using his debit card. Mike is walking aimlessly by himself throughout the mall, also searching for Molly, but they seem to keep missing each other.

Molly, while getting her nails done and buying some cosmetics, talks to the sales women at the store about the issues she has with her mother-in-law. The women at the store understands where Molly is coming from because she also has issues with her mother-in-law. Mike has settled down with a snack to have a chat with the mall security. Just like Molly, he too is busy pouring his heart out to the security guy. A while later he sees Molly walk by with a bunch of shopping bags. He calls out to her. She, upon seeing, him dumps all the bags on the floor and says she has been worried. On the way home, Molly informs Mike he is over his credit limit on his card. Mike isn’t too happy to hear that but doesn’t say anything.

Mike and Molly pay Peggy a visit. The Captain has proposed and Peggy accepted the proposal. Peggy goes into the kitchen to get some dessert. Mike refuses to remain silent and makes his displeasure known about the whole plan to sell the house. He storms out in anger. The Captain is shocked and doesn’t really know what to say. The Captain goes out to have a chat with Mike. Mike assures him that he is not trying to cause any trouble. The Captain says he understands how Mike must be feeling. Mike says even though he never used to visit Peggy much he was happy about the fact that his mother lived close by.

Inside, Molly asks Peggy when she will be moving to Arizona. Peggy is shocked by the idea. Molly realizes the Captain hasn’t mentioned his plan to Peggy yet. Peggy, it turns out, doesn’t have a very high opinion about Arizona. An outraged Peggy comes out and questions the Captain about the issue. Mike and Molly make themselves scarce before things get uglier. Peggy tells the Captain he can’t waltz into her life and start calling the shots. The Captain says he just wanted to get her out of the cold weather she always keeps complaining about. Peggy counters that it’s her habit to complain about everything.

Peggy and the Captain inform Mike that they won’t be moving to Arizona after all. Mike is happy to hear that. The episode ends at this point.